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An archive of all of the cutscenes from Metroid Prime, only in the Susion Suit, unlocked buy linking a Gameboy Advanced with your Gamecube after beating both Prime and Fusion. (Trilogy Version)

An archive of all of the cutscenes from Metroid Prime. (Trilogy version)

An Archive of all of the cutscenes from Kirby's Epic Yarn.

An archive of all of the cutscenes from Finding Nemo the game for the Nintendo Gamecube.

An archive of the cutscenes from Defender 2002.

An archive of various cutscenes and scripted events from Another Metroid II Remake.

An archive of the Piraka Flash Animations from

An Archive of all of the cutscenes from Age of Empires 2.

So what I’ve done here, is I’ve essentially re-created the original Bionicle “Hero” Music video from 2005 by All Insane Kids, using various clips as shown in commercials, promos, character vids, etc. the only edits I’ve truly done to the source footage are, recoloring, re-cropping and retiming. I haven’t imitated the original perfectly, but I’m satisfied with the results. Hope you enjoy the nostalgia.

Just a little clip that I pulled out of an upcoming animation because I like the way it turned out, and the full animation won't hold on it for very long.

A while ago, in school, I had to create a book for an art class, so I created a very short wordless graphic novel. I've been planning to pack it into a video and add sound for a while now, but only just got around to it.
Full book:

A very simple animation test I did in order to figure out the best way to import sprites for use in Toon Boom Harmony. A more tedious and time consuming task than I would have liked, but a workable one.

This wasn't planned. I wanted a clean shot of the bit with the gunship at the end without the outro credits and such, but while I was taking stuff out, I accidentally removed all of the music.
I found that the less foreboding and more peaceful atmosphere made an interesting seperate video, and I figured it was worth re-uploading, at the risk of being a bit spammy.

If you haven't seen the original with the music, it's here:

Only EPIC Bionicle fans will understand this joke.

I found this picture, and since I'm obsessed with rain and Metroid, I thought I'd edit it up a bit and add some animated effects as well as some sound. I could fall asleep to this. :D Enjoy!

Music: Torvus Bog: Metroid Prime 2 Echoes.
Original Artwork by: FoxDragon.

I've decided that I'd like to do a quick video to showcase some of my animation each year starting with 2018.

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On this platform, I'll mostly upload video game cutscene archives. Other than that, I'll be uploading mirrors of my animations and potentially some other projects.