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Transitioning to shorter boards, and improving your surfing. The goal of most Beginner and Intermediate Surfers.

What you need to take into consideration is your Perception of the wave. Are you changing that along with transitioning boards? If not, you need to. NEED TO!

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A "pop up" which is the wrong name IMO, it should be called a Walk Up, is a sport SKILL. Skills are built upon foundations of movement and movement characteristics (strength, power, flexibility, etc).

You may just need to work on the Skill and learn better technique.

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Get Your Surf Specific Workouts so you can Improve Your Surfing Fitness. Through fitness, training, and nutrition you can build athletic potential, improve your body, and ultimately boost your surfing. Read More here:

Increase Your Paddle Power - Full Workout

A training sequence, from start to finish, to help your paddling in the surf. Build endurance, shoulder flexibility, strength, and power.

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I'm Surf Coach, My primary goal is to help surfers / athletes/ humans, improve their potential with movement, exercise, nutrition.