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This is a "Surgeon's Approach to Gun Tech." The channel was started on YouTube but is being mirrored/moved at least in part in response to the 4/2018 changes in YouTube's Gun Content policy. These will continue to be practical reviews of Guns and Ammo as well as "how to do it cheap" gun mods and maintenance with some very basic gun safety thrown in. :)

Coming Soon:
(1) How are Guns and Bullets Like Wine and Cheese?
(2) Comparing Muzzle Flash between Gunpowders in Short Barrel Revolver Rounds.
(3) Do 40 Year Old Primers Still Work? A Test
(4) Reviews of Online Sources for Gun-related Items.
(5) Reloading for the Short Barrel Revolver

As Dr D lives in California, the online ammunition purchases have come to an end. We are throwing in a bit of online sources for reloading supplies.