Statistics evaluation on Sweden relative to other European countries and the US mainly focusing on Coronavirus death rates. Dr D explains why he thinks Sweden will be shown to have limited death when Covid 19 becomes a thing of the past.

Dr D makes the case for the "less-than-experienced' gun operators to consider an inexpensive CZ 82 as a home defense gun.

Dr D's Glock 19 with an AmeriGlo site got a bit tweaked in the safe. AmeriGlo replaced it at 3 years without even being asked to do so. An old fashioned warranty and entirely unexpected. Thanks!

Dr D pokes sarcasm at the Wound Care that we see in the movies...the stupidity of it at times. In one of the Rambo movies here, Rambo does some really stupid stuff to a wound about which Dr D spouts off. This kind of Wound Care would more than likely lead to injury or death, so Dr D is understandably bothered by it in a purist sense. Know any more movies with Wound Care Stuff that Dr D might bitch about? To the Comments section! :)

A simple two minute video on how a J Frame novice can improve his or her accuracy in shooting. Compares trigger excursion and force with that of a Glock 19.

A brief comparison of muzzle flash with several different powders between 38 Special and 357 Magnum cartridges in a Smith Model 60. Powders included were Titegroup, Hodgdon Universal, Winchester 231 and Be-86. This specifically limited to the short barrel revolver.

38 Special Titegroup 01:29 Win 231 01:34 Universal 01:39 Be-86 01:47

357 Magnum Titegroup 01:51

The second universal load (Hod Uni) was a very light 357 Magnum.

Dynamic Targets can be made quickly and cheaply for range shooting if you are tiring of shooting paper. :)

Choosing Guns and Ammunition is a pairing of sorts...Dr D talks about pairing practice and hollow point ammunition for the Short Barrel Revolver.

Dr D tests some primers from the 70's. Will they still work? Will they ruin Dr D's trusty Smith and Wesson revolver?

I bought a 500 round ".357 Premium Mix" projectiles from American Reloading which for a total of $45 shipped. I received a mix of jacketed and hollow point projectiles and provide a brief review of my experience. :)

Aluminum cases are supposedly not reloadable but technically is it possible? Dr D does some in 38 Special and talks about accuracy and durability.

Feeding an Airweight 38 special an accurate load can be difficult. I show you the SWC (semi-wadcutter bullet) with which I am quite accurate (show you some range targets) and the formula for their production.This was an early load in my reloading experience. I have put together quite a few more potent ones that I might share on an upcoming video.

[Cat Visit 0:09 ] [SWC Target Results 1:42 ] [My SWC Reload Data 2:26 ] [The SWC Projectile 3:05 ]

357 Magnum Snub Nose revolvers offer power as well as options for ammunition..namely 38 Special or .357 Magnum loads. What should you put in there and why? As far as I am concerned, you need to hit the target to be of any use.

The Smith and Wesson 642 J Frame Revolver is a reliable gun for close range self defense purposes. Some easy upgrades:

[ Grip Modification 0:48 ] [ Cheap Sight Improvement 2:47 ]
[ Ammunition 4:23 ] [Cleaning 6:12 ]


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This is a "Surgeon's Approach to Gun Tech." The channel was started on YouTube but is being mirrored/moved at least in part in response to the 4/2018 changes in YouTube's Gun Content policy. These will continue to be practical reviews of Guns and Ammo as well as "how to do it cheap" gun mods and maintenance with some very basic gun safety thrown in. :)

Coming Soon:
(1) How are Guns and Bullets Like Wine and Cheese?
(2) Comparing Muzzle Flash between Gunpowders in Short Barrel Revolver Rounds.
(3) Do 40 Year Old Primers Still Work? A Test
(4) Reviews of Online Sources for Gun-related Items.
(5) Reloading for the Short Barrel Revolver

As Dr D lives in California, the online ammunition purchases have come to an end. We are throwing in a bit of online sources for reloading supplies.