21st Century Trump

Tucker Carlson, a voice for America; the 'triune brain' and the Reptilian complex.

Barr's in charge but Schumer doesn't get it; DJT's environment protection reforms prove effective.

MSNBC ignores the riots in DC; Q drops 4429 & 4436; Thomas Gospel verse 113

21st Century Trump 1. Fake news headline 2. Trump accomplishment: DJT calling out Cory Booker 3. Q drops 4. Participatory democracy and Alexander Hamilton

Fake news won't mention the looters but McEnany & Barr give us the real news. The benefits of Trump's criminal justice reform. Quotes from Chaziel Sunz & Burgess Owens. What is community? --> Enrique Dussell tells us.

21st Century Trump 1 Fake news headline 2 Trump accomplishment 3 Q drops 4 Going Forward

CBS fake news contrasted with Forbes balanced approach

Trump's executive order on Dec.21, 2017; Q drops 4296, 4297, 4300, 4304, 4305, 4306, 4307; Jan Narveson vs John Jay wrt necessity of government

McEntee kickin butt at PPO; Q warns us about HCQ propaganda, ulterior motives for undermining this drug; Fox narratives questioned

1 Global News ignores evidence of Flynn's innocence 2 Trump's hire of Mnuchin proves to be a good move

21st Century Trump Q drops 4202, 4206, 4209, 4224; James Madison on checks and balances in government

21st Century Trump 1. John Ratcliffe for DNI chief 2. Richard Grenell shines in his temp position 3. Q drop predicts Hillary to replace Sleepy Joe 4. Alexander Hamilton: reflection and choice vs accident and force.

21st Century Trump 1. CBS fake news headline against the prez 2. Trump makes drug pricing transparent 3. Q drops 4207 & 4225 4. Group Psychology by Sigmund Freud notes

2. Trump launches campaign against human and drug trafficking April 1 2020 3. Q proof #4199 4. Fox News analysis

21st Century Trump 1. Fake headline 2. DJT-Accomplishment 3. Q drop 4. Going forward

21st Century Trump 1. CBC & Obama team up to trash DJT 2. Trump became first U.S. president to enter N.Korea in 2019 3. Q drops 4197 & 4198 4. James 2:26

1. CNN juvenile headline against DJT 2. Trump sees big picture, exposes [DS] 3 Q. drops: "Watch the news." 4. Federalist No.10 excerpts [Madison]

Segment 3 [cont'd]: Q drops 4100, 4101, 4103, 4105. Segment 4: Going forward, let's keep an eye on Fox News as the MSM gradually crumble away...

1 Headline undermining Trump 2 Recent Trump accomplishment 3 Q drops

1 False headlines against DJT 2 Trump accomplishment 3 Q drop 4083 4 Going forward, what to expect

1 Media attacks Trump for his response to COVID-19 even though his response has been perfect 2 Trump is aligned with Ellen Brown's view on how to make use of a federally-controlled federal reserve 3 Q drops regarding Pro-Trump censorship by [DS] players 4 Logos as a motivation to go forward

Trump saves money accommodating and protecting Mnuchin. Trump reveals true origin of Wuhan virus to John Roberts of Fox. Our Good Book needs to be engaged with.

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