Survivin and Thrivin

Cleaned and reset the 2 tents

Sitting by the fire, keeping the mosquitoes at bay, organizing the space and just chillin.

Before using the tranquil space for thought cleansing, this is some more footage of me traveling along the forest trail.

After not camping for a few weeks, I return to find doggie tracks.

Discretion has become more necessary as homelessness and outdoor camping become more common.

Some minor changes to the site.

Water hole and update

Entering and exiting the forest can be an inconvenience. In this video I show the 4th entrance, which is the only entrance where I can bike straight into the forest. The disadvantage is that it faces a busy road, and I have to walk through dense bush for about 5 minutes before reaching the campsite.

This is a short intro showing how the site looked before I put in the new tent.

The rainwater accumulated top of the tent and caused the tent to cave in. The weight of the rainwater was enough pressure to break one of the support sticks.

Some of us from the Occupy Cambridge Ontario Canada Facebook page, gathered in real life to discuss the state of our democracy, and how we can improve it. This initial assembly led to monthly meetings, from October 2012, into the late 2013.

Short interview in front of Kitchener City Hall, during the April 29, 2012 protest.

Daniel explains how the Canadian electoral system is dysfunctional, and refers to the Canadian, federal Robocall scandal in 2011 as proof to his claim.

When done properly, fasting is the main method for healing from an injury or illness. Loren Lachman, Dr. Morse and Patty Lager (, and Alan Goldhamer, are all experts when it comes to healing through fasting. They all have numerous videos online. Tanglewood Wellness Center (Lachman), True North Health Center (Goldhamer), are some places you can go for a fasting retreat, and take years off your body, by eliminating plaque and mucus that has accumulated throughout the body (sounds gross I know).

There are many testimonials, and actual data, on alternative-from-main-stream treatments for cancer, so those who might perhaps get offended by this information can research on their own, as to the truth of what is presented in this video. Some resources to check out online for alternative cures are: Gerson Therapy (vegan diet + coffee enemas), Laetrile (vitamin B17), Dr. Simoncini (baking soda), Phoenix Tears by Rick Simpson (cannabis oil), Dr. Sebi (medicinal herbs). Dr. Sebi passed away in 2016, he died of pneumonia while in prison, tragically, and most likely, foul play was involved. He was operating out of Honduras. Left Eye from the group TLC was killed by a car, along with her crew, while she was visiting him back in 2002. There is a chilling video online, documenting her last trip to Honduras, and her untimely death. I personally feel that it was likely foul play, however, the driver of the other car that crashed into them, apparently also died.

Again we have our expert on middle eastern affairs speak about the area as a strategic geopolitical region.

The Truth Tellerz are three young men in the tri-city area who are able to see the truth of what's going on in this world. Having the capacity to see through the deceptions, while remaining calm and composed, the three of us have the extraordinary ability to communicate to others the intricate complexities of the geopolitical world.

Here we have Dave and Fadi explain why they decided to be a part of this video project.

Short interview in front of Kitchener City Hall, where Daniel explains the importance of citizens getting together to discuss common issues, local and global.

The oppression of human society is mostly done through the monetary system of the western world. The federal reserve, founded in 1913, was the final nail in the coffin that covertly sold the United States to several billionaire families. The federal reserve functions to extract wealth from the middle class, to fund the elite families. See G. Edward Griffin's book The Creature From Jekyll Island.

Any information about current events in the middle east must be acquired from sources other than western main stream media. Michel Chossudovsky from the University of Ottawa, created to help westerners sort through the facts. There was no civil war in Syria - the FSA (free Syrian army) were paid mercenaries, not loyalists. Do your own research and consider the work of Susanne Posel, Paul Craig Roberts, Ken O'Keefe, Michael Parenti, and others.

Daniel shares his thoughts on the amazing benefits of eating plant-based and fasting, when done properly. This is the secret to good health that the AMA keeps from the public. Dr. Morse with Patty Lager and also check out Barbara O'Neill N.D R.N. lectures for the scientific details.

Daniel talks about the false propaganda used by main stream media, and the establishment, to discourage people from experimenting with cannabis. Like anything, it can be abused, but the psychoactive and medicinal benefits of the plant cannot be understated. The reason there is a propaganda campaign (conspiratorial) against cannabis is because the development of this plant as a commodity would undercut established markets in medicine and building materials.

In this short video, Dan tells about his path towards a plant-based diet.

Daniel talks about the misunderstanding of capitalism.


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Urban survival is about sharing tips and tricks to living in an urban area by camping outdoors. Contesting with nature while being able to access anemities nearby. This channel also includes Season 1 of the Truth Tellerz series.