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All those rare metals for the new world order’s digital future has to be mined and processed somewhere.
I’ve never heard Climatards complain about China or Indias industrial waste.. ONLY EUROPEANS. Because they want us to be diminished, controlled and exterminated while they continue on as usual in a Brave New Prisonplanet without us.

It will be fun! (They said) Maybe we’ll see a movie star!
The whole of downtown looks like this, except for one or two areas of the financial district that are police protected… it is truly a lost city, and little by little all major cities in California are following suit

Red Cliffs, 208 AD.. Liu Bei’s forces were out of arrows against Cao Cao’s superior army… so in a serious fog, he feigned a marine attack across the river with boats packed with thatch and mannekins made of straw.. and absorbed not only the arrows they needed but depleted the enemy of theirs. Consider these things and methods of fighting, and teach these things to your children. The “revolution” ain’t tomorrow… teach them what we had and lost

This process not only steals the fresh water, but poisons the ground water forever. The Great Salt Lake in Utah and the Salton Sea in California are also on the chopping block.
Copper mining is WORSE, yet if we all use electric cars the mines would have to increase their capacity 1000% or more…this would make the planet a toxic stinking rock in space devoid of any life in a few hundred years…

Cobalt mining for lithium batteries for electric cars…
Where’s Greta bitching and complaining and “How dare you?” As these ape creatures poison their own land and water forever

Cobalt (for lithium batteries) mine in Africa. Where the fuck is Greta with her “How dare you…”and all that shit?

Good night brothers and sisters.
“Gavotte und Rondo” by Bach, usually played on violin….

Evidently doing better than us,....the almost extinct Whites in Southern California

Iran to Israel: “Now we know where your archers are hiding”
Thumbnail: Parthian Calvary (what is now Iran)

I’m a big fan, and practice it regularly. Excellent for boxing and wrestling and builds core explosive power. It also conditions balance in small group muscles so you are strong even in odd positions. And they are CHEAP and need very little space. 1 or two 20lb kettlebell in a small apartment you will see and feel results quickly.

Battle of Red Cliffs 208AD
The genius of the two commanders was unmatched, but one daring squadron commander changed the entire outcome of the war.

Maybe if they threw their garbage in the FUCKING GARBAGE CAN instead of on the street…

Shut off your barbecue Whitey… and turn in your gas stove… no wood fire pizza ovens for European Whitey…as YOU are SOLELY responsible for the world’s problems . And “Climate Change”

“Hey… this ain’t Pismo Beach….I should have taken a left turn at Albuquerque and a right turn at La Jolla…”
Bugs Bunny

Climate change is only for Whitey. You must get rid of your gas stove and heater. But Pakis can do Fuckall about it and basically whatever they like. You should see their smelting process … stay tuned.

…As nature intended… in a sportsman like and honorable fashion. Too bad he has to go to Southeast Asia to do it on a regular basis. I think the other French guy is a muzzie (Nassim?)
Fairtex used to have a camp in Chandler Arizona in the 1990s. I fought there twice, once in summer 1995 and another in summer 1996.

Could you imagine the racial situation reversed, and the Globohomo media firestorm that would ensue?
Anthony Jones, Typical Dindu Nuffin, will probably get a hearts and flowers story about “mental illness” and “childhood privations” before he is sentenced to a posh mental hospital and ultimately freed in 18 months, while a White man who defends himself and family against a non white intruder in his home with a knife he gets 14 years for murder. (True story)
Back in the 1980’s when something like this “Black the Ripper” was happening there would be Skinheads on patrol….

Drone footage of one of Chinas many industrial areas… just think about the size and scope of this… and the fact that there are over a thousand of them…
now make sure you Europeans separate your paper from plastic, buy an electric car, stop eating meat, and put solar panels and wind farms instead of farming, and live in a pod in a 15 minute city… you are saving the environment. China holds the keys to industry and production. The Alien race that controls our flag flapping marionette politicians gave those keys to them in the 1970’s, while our industry production and financial sustenance was flushed down the toilet to curtail the might of the White European race.

Like Criminals returning to the scene of a crime, they constantly fantasize about being tortured by “Nazis”

Borrowed from Police Paparazzi

Why won’t it load? While Jim Crenshaw can post the stupidest idiots ever at a whiim…Ship breaking in India. One of the most hazardous jobs in the world, and most poisonous industries to marine life next to overfishing (all done by Asians) You can get a ticket for fishing for a few surf perch on the beach in San Diego without a license… while at the same time a Chinese trawler rapes the bottom of the ocean with both doors down collecting everything it can grab…. With no penalty or oversight WELCOME TO CLOWNWORLD 2024

It will be fun they said.
“We wuz Kangs n’ shit.”
When Napoleon got to Cairo, he instituted the same laws about garbage and fresh water as PARIS, and only then did that city thrive. But it doesn’t look like they did anything since he left.

From the European mini series “Generation War” No link…sorry boys. If anyone knows post below…

Everytime he says,”Goodnight Irene” you have to do a shot of Tequila …
ONE Championship is free on YouTube… it is the best of the best in MuayThai on the world stage. And all you fellas that hate the ching Chong music are spared

Farewell to the King
“Some people are only alive simply because it is illegal to kill them”
Tom Metzger
White Aryan Resistance Archive:

Tom Metzger 9 April 1938- 4 Nov 2020
Farewell To The King
White Aryan Resistance Archive


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