Conversations with Consciousness

The better feeling the better it gets,
Trust-Believe, in the feeling emotion.

Your thoughts to the ideas must feel from the vantage point of how consciousness feels FREEDOM – GROWTH – JOY. Make your ideas feel like freedom, and in freedom growth, and in freedom and growth is to feel joy. Then you will have it, this is the satisfaction we are all seeking.

Communication from within is always reflected
Look to your children or relationships they will become as you are being
If you feel abused, it is you thinking you are the victim
Vulgarity creates more vulgarity
Angry creates more angry
Fear creates fear
Fun creates more fun
Happy creates more happy
Feel to which feels better
You will feel it in your emotions to what feels better

Find the love and appreciation of you and see the beauty in all others,
even in all their contrasting issues, for they came into this lifetime experience with love and beauty, they are here to find their own path to themselves. You shine your light and like a moth they will be drawn to this light.

Consciousness gives an emotion of which is felt.
If you are not feeling an emotion, it is not consciousness.
It is you putting out the thought.
It is to become sensitive to the feeling place of emotions.
It is to get to and understand the emotional feeling first.
This is the first step. Get there first and you will be directed to the next path or direction.

Most are looking for love and focusing upon finding someone to complete them. When completeness can only come from within.
The completeness in any relationship is being complete
and then having someone who will enhance your completeness
this is the environment which expansion creates more
and will be an arena of bouncing more ideas and creating together.

All thoughts are magnified and that is liken to itself is drawn.
You will hear the parents say to the child ‘This is just the way it is, get over it’ this is the parent’s bondage and their own thought process, the child has its own intentions, and the child knows better, but for the bondage of the parent it then is drawn into that thought process and they will become as you are being.

Every single person has come here to create,
But not in the way you think your brain is creating,
But creating from the vantage point from your Inner Consciousness
Guiding and encouraging you to the intentions that you have placed into a vibrational escrow over many lifetimes.
You are so much more than you realise.

To trust is to just be, to be you, to be mindful, to awaken the inner you, to tap into the inner you, to dream and imagine and allow this communication between you and you. This is where consciousness sees how you are being, and if you cannot handle the gap, it will give you more of it.

Consciousness lives your dream first, and when you are ready for your dream it will deliver it to you. You are part of this parallel universe, become one with it.

The thoughts you think create the outcome of your thoughts.
Most people keep perpetuating what is by the influence of habit, and by your invitation of the influence of habit you added this influence onto you.
When you say “Yes or No” to something
You include something you do and do not want into your experience.
Because it is the dominate thought pattern.

An experience you are having is your strong asking, to change your thoughts to that experience, it is what you are perpetuating with the thoughts to that experience.
Life is about the powerful focus of thought, and when you understand this, then you can bring anything you want to you.

The arousal within either enhances good feeling thoughts and emotions, or the arousal within gives the indicator to a not good feeling thought and the emotions you feel to the negative thought.
Your emotions are the indicator to how you are doing and how you are feeling.
We have two emotions, the emotion that feels good and the emotion that feels not so good.

My teachings are on the highest elevation of consciousness, I see you all as individual God Consciousness you are not separate from this, even though it is preached that you are, you are not, the buck stops with you, and you are responsible for you, and you create for you, or you can uncreate for you. Some of you are ready to take your thoughts to a new level and some of you are not ready for it, or at all.
Where the energy goes, It flows.
Meaning Where the thoughts are directed
It creates a momentum and the more it becomes
The Kicker is It flows to the wanted or unwanted
Your thoughts direct the flow

Most everyone goes to bed and wakes up in the same thoughts as when they went to bed, these thoughts become murky and what happens to murky water it becomes stagnant.
If you go to bed in happy, appreciative, and satisfying thoughts, then this thought is what you will wake up in and your day will flow.
Most people with the murky thoughts have no conceivable understanding that these thoughts that they are perpetuating and creating mayhem with are the detriment to their life.

The influence on any subject that being health and well-being, relationships, money, environmental occurrences around planet earth, all these occurrences bring about emotional manifestation which you feel, they become more, the more you put thought to it, or speak it, the more it is.
Take attention to what is naturally flowing to you, not what is observationally flowing around you.

Who are we; this is the most asked question, and this question cannot be answered through religion for it is not taught who are you, it is hidden in some of the texts but not spoken about, to speak about it will change the direction of all the followers.
Thoughts and how you feel in the emotion is the creating of you, it is not you-you physically it is the other you the inner energised consciousness of you, to understand this is the major hurdle to all of life.

SHHHHHHHHHH, it is a secret!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do not tell anyone, if the truth were to be revealed we would not have our naive flock, then what! who will pay us, who will support us!
Isn’t it nice to be told you and I are all Gods Psalms 82:6, Isaiah 41:23, John 10:34 and yet the false prophets religion avert your attention away from who you really are. Matthew 24:11 and many more.
Everyone of us is Jesus reincarnated, only you have allowed your thoughts to be controlled by others and then have lost your connection.
Because of my deep connection with consciousness and understand energies and how it creates a frequency which manifests a pulsating vibration, and because of this connection, and looking at it through the eyes of energy vibration I saw these quotes, and I how it was completely not taught, Jesus’s connection is completely the same as me, it is all the same.
Society and religion is prevalent in teaching distorted views from misinformed collection of thoughts for centuries, and then it is being perpetuated into the NOW, and has no relevance to what is occurring NOW but to keep on perpetuating the same old misinformed stories.

Energies are everywhere, and in everything that you are observing is energy first and foremost, you are energy, water is energy, air is energy, animals, bird’s, insects, rocks, trees, this list is endless, you cannot get away from this energy, because it is in everything, and everything is created of what you are observing by energy.
How can all things be energy?
You may have a mediocre understanding of a radio wireless, the radio receives the energy vibration of the tune from a tower, of which is transmitted to the radio, the same process for a mobile phone, it receives the information from the receiver to the phone, you don’t go and find or look for the frequency all you know is the phone rings and you receive the call.

Mathew 24 11 And many false prophets shall rise and shall deceive many.
Many will come in my name and deceive many, those who come in his name are the Ministries of religion the preachers who are at the pulpit and preaching, are those who are deceiving to all others in his name, and declaring they are speaking for Christ. They are in fact the false prophets are yet again religion the christians the preachers who are deceiving many, he prophesized this and saw all these organisations brain washing the flock.
If the bible is in fact true, then that means that all of what you are waiting for the second coming, has already happened.
Mark 10 v34 And they shall mock him, and shall scourge him, and shall spit upon him, and shall kill him: and the third day he shall rise again.
It states you are of two parts the spiritual and the body, the spiritual is the pulsating energy.
1 Corinthians 15:44 It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body.
You are all Gods.
Psalms 82:6 I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.
Isaiah 41:23 Skew the things that are to come hereafter, that we may know that ye are gods: yea, do good, or do evil, that we may be dismayed, and behold it together.
John 10:34 Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?
To be part of Consciousness or God requires an open mind, a trusting mind, a quiet mind, and most importantly it is to know you are all God consciousnesses.

It is the universal law of attraction, that you focus upon becomes, and becomes more, and follows you until you look to a better thought.
Barking dog 24/7 put an end to my podcasting for the week.
It is the universal law of attraction, that you focus upon becomes, and becomes more, and follows you until you look to a better thought.
But what happens in a lot of scenarios most people just become angrier, and then it smoulders to become an emotion, and then to take it out on the dog in some form, this is what creates wars and arguments and illnesses

Religion is the frozen thought of man, out of which they build temples.
: Jiddu Krishnamaurti
You all are spiritual pulsating energy residing in a house of which is you.
If you are pulsating energy then you have come from a pulsating energy vortex, this vortexual energy is receiving pulsating energy from you and you add more to this pulsating vortex of energy by way of the thoughts that are compounding into an emotion, you are the fuel that feeds this energy stream.
When you are dead your energy stream reverts back to this pulsating vortex and then in time or immediately takes form into another human form. Pretty cool that we die and then proceed to live again and then take another run at living life again, over, and over, and over again.
This energy resides nowhere but everywhere, it is not to try to understand where it goes and comes from it just is, and you are part of this stream.

It is a feeling, a feeling of something that can be indescribable, it is a feeling of all things but no-thing, being attached to something that feels greater, an all knowing.
Where do you think this is coming from, and don’t tell me it is coming from a separate God, because you would be very misinformed, why would a separated God out of billions of people on earth, and then this God only speaks to you! Change this mindset because this separate God of which is blasted in all religious organisations is misleading and far from any form of truth.
You are all individual Consciousness/Gods, here to create and expand your consciousness, this consciousness requires a body to live in and to enjoy with what is occurring with your thoughts, and through your eyes, and it is feeling physically through you.

Vibrational frequency energy is the transference of energy from one object to another or converted into form.
Very much disbelieved unless you can see it or touch.
If conceivable and all the people which populate this earth, were to realise they are all transmitting and receiving mechanisms and have this powerful signal which is never detached from them and is holding every desire they wish to become a reality, wouldn’t you really like to tap into this resourceful guidance system.
God is the most misused name ever created, it is bandied around in so many ways and is used for the intended purpose to suit their intentions. And for those who need to refer to God as you are being separate, then keep on doing it and you will be forever wanting to find the reason or purpose of you being here.
Expansion is created by thought, thought is an energy frequency, this energy frequency is felt in your emotions, when you allow this thought to digest you will feel a movement within you, which is letting you know you have attuned to this energy of your Spirit or Inner Consciousness, or the God force within you, whatever word you choose to use is up to you, you will only know in how you feel when you use the word.

Did you know you are all individual gods eager to express oneself in a physical human body.
Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth,
because they don’t want their illusion destroyed.
Illusions have been created and controlled by the narrative and so indoctrinated and become brainwashed.
No matter how knowledgeable bright or intelligent you have become, it becomes nothing if you cannot allow a new thought to a new way, but to express and justify the old way as the only way. In my opinion it is plain outright stupid, when there is common sense to look to a new thought.
Intelligence has nothing to do with ignorance, intelligence is the ability to access information to a new truth and this has to be discovered within, religion prevents the truth, and transcends from the doctrines as being the only truth.
You are a spiritual reincarnation of pulsating energy and reside in the physical body to expand its consciousness, and you are the ways and means for this to be accomplished, mighty awesome if you see it this way.


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In 2007 I experienced a thought voice and it said ‘There is going to be an accident’ within one minute I was in a severe head on car crash with the opposing driver falling asleep at the wheel, and yes! I was pronounced deceased. I woke up to see the paramedics working on the other occupants of the car, and I just knew they thought I was dead. But to put more emphasis to the details it was like I knew I was going to be alright before the bang. Who was this voice, how could I possibly have known and felt the process to all the events? Where did this come from? I started to question I wanted answers, to this unseen non-physical universe, there is something greater here than any person can begin to understand.
If we are from thought consciousness which is from time and space and we projected our energy vibration of thought to this time and space, then the possibility is for this thought consciousness to hold the matter in time, meaning the human matter, at the time preceding the accident. Time stood still; it was all in slow motion.
Since my NDE I went deep into learning and understanding about consciousness, and how consciousness interacts with all of us. I love to teach, and I am greatly inspired in writing because my thoughts are very integrated with my inner consciousness, and the words flow.
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