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God sent me down to Hoboken, NJ, to minister this day, and I felt a hush and warmth of God/s presence seeking for his connection with the residents here.

Pls Pray for the indigenes of Hoboken, there is a spirit of luke-warmness in Hoboken, Also the grip of Roman Catholiscm and his hold over Hoboken be broken.

We are given only One Name, and That Name is JESUS CHRIST to pray and call on , not Mary, it's time to be bold and get the sheep of God back.

God Bless as you watch or Listen,





This is a prophetic warning I received yesterday focused on the corruption of the local community God sent me to and also the Us and world wide
There is also a general proclamation of judgement on all those who pervert justice in and outside the house of God .
God is calling for repentance it’s time to REPENT

Pls pray , the Lord God is not slack concerning his promise ,
Hosea 4:6 speaks of God’s people being destroyed for lack of knowledge, it’s inportant that we all seek the true knowledge to make it past these trying times. That knowledge is the word of God.
God Bless

Awake , awake , Awake , put up strength, for the hour of man's greatest redemption is here, Wash your garments in the power of the blood of the Lamb.
Go to Jesus if your garment is spotted and get it clean , while the master is stilla vailable to clean it for you.

Go ye into the world and preach the gospel, the true living gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pls Pray for New York City ,NY
God’s Judgement is on NY because of all it’s sins and God is commanding repentance, 2nd Chronicles 7:14 is very crucial.
Pray for your town and Battle as we are called to battle through Prayer,Fasting, Evangelizing, Midnight Prayer, Declaring God’s word , Prayer Walks (silent and open as led by God) to reclaim NYC and your city , town,country or nation especially the United States for God, interceding and supplicating for Confession, Repentance and Salvation

God Bless


Psalm 29:4

God Bless you all, Pls support my outreach

Light Of Your Life- Street Evangelism, This is a message God gave me to share, but i first shared it to the world.
I will be recording a closed version for you , without all the noise and distractions.

Pls take the Torch and Light your cities up, Light your Town, Village, State and Nation,
The Battle is raging but we must all battle, I challenge you to start small, you may not have the boldness to stand and shout , but you can use your hands and feet, walk on your feet, and fill your hands with tracts and get to the Lord's business.

The Lord Jesus Christ is hiring, and there are many openings, anyone with a heart for him is hired. will you apply your heart and share your salvation, so it can receive newer life from God, instead of becoming dead and religious.

God hates religion, he want's faith, because Faith in God has Power, Religion is dead. Where is your faith,

Light of your Life- What is the Light of Your Life, is it Jesus Christ, if you have light then share it, and let it shine..
What's Lighting your Life up, is it Jesus Christ or the world, is it the lust of the eyes, pride of life, lust of the flesh.
these don't last, only the Light of Jesus Christ Last's for ever , because his life is eternal, and his light is everlasting.

God Bless You All, Please share you thoughts and leave comments , if you will, also pls support my outreach oin anyway you can
prayers, donations, and fellowship are appreciated.

Maranatha !

This Was at Word Trade Center,NY,NY
Time to be Bold , This is what the Gospel is really about , Sharing what you have received not sitting and being a hermit and then being a religious nut.

Time to Evangelize your city, town, neighborhood Jesus Christ instructed his Disciples to go to the cities to evangelize, because cities are always filled with the unsaved.
Question : Will you go ?
God: Go to my vineyard and till for me
1st Son": i won't go
2nd Son: I will go

End of Days" 1 st son goes and reaps a whopper of souls
2nd Son doesn't go and dies an out cast for Eternity

FYI, there is a Prophecy Alert included in this video , God Bless

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God Bless



This is an update to Targeted Individuals : Overcoming the Enemy .
God bless

Yes God Does and Can furnish a table in your wilderness, regardless of how things may be trust God and see his work in your life.

Are you free in Jesus Christ
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God Bless you

Be ye perfect even as your heavenly father is perfect

in your Wilderness, is much dryness, but in that dryness abides God's table,
let him furnish a table for you in this wilderness


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Reaching the multitudes in the valley of decision for the End time Revival. I am believing God for billions to be saved and raptured, I am believing God for revival and spiritual kingdom of heaven reformation . The Gospel of the kingdom is the Gospel of salvation and repentance only in Jesus Christ .Join God's endtime army by breaking off the shackles of Babylon and going out and evangelizing wherever you are , praying and engaging in spiritual warfare to claim back the ground the enemy has taken away from Christians who have become complacent and are now captives of Babylon . It's time to BATTLE ! ! ! Pls pray for me for protection provision , guidance

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