"I came to cast fire on the earth, and wish that it were already kindled!" - Jesus
economic slavery fkn sux.

What I can gather from this strange debate.

Love, duh.

A bit random ranting.
I mean "cojones" figuratively, of course.

Patriots? Globalists? What did Jesus say?

One of Steven Crowder's latest videos makes me think so.

Mike's response vid:
Ed's response vid:

For the gardening vids, just search for "permaculture" on YT and you'll find all kindsa good sht.

The Sanhedrin is attempting to create a league of "70 Nations" to replace the UN, and they want to institute "Noahide Laws" over the global population. Seems the Jews have gained economic/political control over much of the world. But who/what has power over them?

Ablert PIke and the 3 world wars:
"the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view" - wonder wtf that means?? abomination of desolation??

The YT-Vid I showed a clip from at the end:

Aka the "Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil".
The Messiah Jesus said to enter the kingdom of heaven one must become innocent like a little child. Do kabbalist jews seem very child-like to you? Would a child be interested in a book of symbols and mysticism? Would a child hate and reject Jesus? What would be easier for a child to comprehend - a library of mystical interpretations, or the simple 10 commandments?

Here is a picture of freedom: life without symbols or obsession with "enlightenment": the bounty which simplicity brings:

How to fill the void which $ and enlightenment cannot fill: you cannot serve both God and mammon:

The meek shall inherit the earth - Jesus <3

It is an important and fascinating book, but the priestly class in charge of writing and keeping the scriptures was corrupt and impure, and thus the words are best read with discernment and healthy reason. Superstition blinds people to truth.

The modern church is likewise corrupted due to superstitious treatment of the Bible and turning Jesus into an idol, and doing like ancient Israel did taking on pagan practices of the world (ie xmas, easter). Jesus never said he was God - and if he was, who the hell was he praying to? He was "god in the flesh" only to the extent that he did the will of God. God's will was active through him, but he said things like "I do the will of my father in heaven" not "i do my own will because i am god".

Brief intro to the Documentary Hypothesis:

Lecture by Jim Brown about Jesus' fight with the scribes and Pharisees and why they killed him:

some various fragments I put together to show the future and history of religion (in a nutshell)... and the truth behind it all.

In the beginning God created Man.... and now in the End Time we have the reversal: Man creating God (A.I.)

SWP Prophecy Update: Mark and Image of the Beast Technology
Ai - Image of the Beast?
The Image of the Beast = AI
Proof that 666=Ai
Revelation 13 - Your New God - The Image of the Beast - Warning
The Image of the Beast, The Harlot of Babylon:
resurrection of the Antichrist:

AI=Antichrist Blog:

My Christian testimony, I guess.

Is one story a copy of the other? Has anyone died and seen Buddha in Hell?

Some links:
Buddhist monk's Hell testimony:

what is worse than death? to seek it and not find it.

microchips kill pets:


Here's to Nothing! <3
restful living...

Europe is rising, and many are conspiring to destroy the $.
What to do?

This website keeps up with news regarding the collapse of the dollar and the rise of Europe, in case you're interested:

Some trannies admit they have a mental disorder. Other trannies lie.

Drag Queen Teaches Children to Twerk:

stand with the truth - not with a crowd

Just pointing out the obvious stupidity of this idea that the intellectual quacks of the world spend so much time entertaining instead of doing something productive and helpful like growing a fkng garden.

Weeds are Beautiful and People are Fkn Dumb


aka "progress"

The intuitive understanding that the well-being of others is your own is an aspect of higher intelligence. Separation is ignorance and stupidity.

The Matrix is a hollywood fairytale. It's not real, just fyi.


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