Aka the "Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil".
The Messiah Jesus said to enter the kingdom of heaven one must become innocent like a little child. Do kabbalist jews seem very child-like to you? Would a child be interested in a book of symbols and mysticism? Would a child hate and reject Jesus? What would be easier for a child to comprehend - a library of mystical interpretations, or the simple 10 commandments?

Here is a picture of freedom: life without symbols or obsession with "enlightenment": the bounty which simplicity brings:

How to fill the void which $ and enlightenment cannot fill: you cannot serve both God and mammon:

The meek shall inherit the earth - Jesus <3

Some trannies admit they have a mental disorder. Other trannies lie.

Drag Queen Teaches Children to Twerk:

Just pointing out the obvious stupidity of this idea that the intellectual quacks of the world spend so much time entertaining instead of doing something productive and helpful like growing a fkng garden.

aka "progress"

If we lived in a peaceful world, would people be spending their time playing stupid sht like Grand Theft Auto? Would little kids be playing Mortal Kombat?
Maybe I'm crazy, but I think fkn not.

why do people think it's cool to be an inconsiderate asshole?

Is that what we really want?


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