If you think that James Corbett's ideas about "spontaneous order" are crazy or ridiculous, it's because they are.

#Qanon #JordanSather #DestroyingTheIllusion

Researching #pizzagate #donutgate and pedogate (for the children's sake) isn't all Random Rants of Ryan does. He also discusses other serious topics such as how much he enjoys licking assholes. Subscribe and donate today. #ASSHOLEGATE

This is what Poppy looks like today. Feel old yet?

Tracy Jo Remington can see you kiddies with her magic mirror.

Former Youtuber Chinada 3 details his life as a pimp.

Donald Marshall outlines his experiences as an Illuminati clone.

Get yourself some popcorn or perhaps some Lucky Charms cereal for this Tight Ass compilation featuring alternate versions and a never before seen animation.

Synthetic excerpt from Isaac Kappy's epic meltdown.

Rach C's full video:

Two investigators go too far down the rabbit hole and a demon is unleashed.

Montagraph makes an assertion that Nathan Stolpman finds quite laughable. #tromagate #assholegate

Stable genius Donald Trump makes a bold claim and gets laughed at by the United Nations

Not even Dustin Nemos is buying dirtbag Isaac Kappy's fantastic #insigniagate nonsense.

How can someone say the Mandela Effect is a psy-op when Nathan Stolpman experienced it first hand? Check mate, haters.

Jeff Censored's original video:


Stable genius Donald Trump can't operate a speakerphone and has completely failed his campaign promise to build a Mexican wall and make them pay for it. Sad!

Alex Jones fights back against the deep state with an animated and vitriol filled screed. It appears that the roots are indeed very very deep. My Lord.
Alex Jones audio taken directly from this video:
Twitter @syntheticrebel1

Back from a night of partying, Dave has a few things to say about... nearly everyone in this exclusive video culled from the synthetic archival vault.

featuring HA Goodman, The Honeybee, and Quinn Michaels.

Fuck Q

Things get heated on the Joe Rogan Podcast as Joe and special guest Joe Rogan discuss the Seth Rich conspiracy theory.

Nathan Stolpman (and producer Doshi) takes down a crazy conspiracy theorist.

The authorities and also God himself have been alerted to my trolling but nothing will stop my art. LOL!

So many unhinged psychos in DC. What is this, folks? We see you.


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