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, My Name Is Shehab Iam A Video Editor I love to making Gaming Video's / GMV's / AMV's hope you Check My Channel :

▪In This Video I am gonna show you What im doing in this Channel
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Resident Evil 3 - Official Cinematic Announcement Trailer
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis


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Syrex Leon AMV's & GMV's

Welcome to My channel on YouTube!

GMV community by editing videos using different
video games to create something totally unique. Every song featured on my channel are either licensed
under creative commons, or permitted by the original artists. All videos are high quality edited which (As much as possible)

This Channel is for Making (AMV& GMV &Reactions&Gaming ) If you like my video's Please Subscribe and don't forget to Leave a comments and Like's Thank you for passing by ❤️ Love you all My Subscribers