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Theo Padnos was captured by "moderate" rebels and passed onto #AlNusra in #Aleppo. While they held him for ransom, he was kept imprisoned and tortured in a children's hospital (a deliberate public relations strategy if and when it was targeted).

His story here:

Not satire.


Drone footage of Homs in 2016 by

A clip from the documentary Dugma - The Button.
At the scene of a bombing, a man claims the bombing targeted civilians only to be interrupted by a rebel to tell the truth.


A self explanatory scene from the movie One By One.

Al-Nusra (AlQaeda) video tour of the Sysacco Chlorine plant they seized in Safira, Aleppo September 2012

Facebook will ban you if you're foreign and not your "authentic self" regardless if your content is true and not intended to deceive.

Did BBC personnel collude in the fabrication of an atrocity using British military casualty simulation techniques with the aim of influencing public opinion in favour of war against Syria? Presentation by Robert Stuart at Media on Trial, 19 October 2017, Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, London. Event organised by Frome Stop War. Video by UK Column.

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