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Wingsuit Basejumping.
Song:Hybrid - Disappear Here


A documentary by an Israeli Jew about the purposefully cultivated antisemitism industry.




Former OPCW engineer Ian Henderson appears by video conference at a UN special meeting 20 January 2020 on the manipulated OPCW report on Douma.

An "debate" that took place in London on the 20 October 2018 for the Centre for Investigative Journalism.

Very hard to watch without cringing. Higgins reveals what he is, intellectually vacant loud mouth bigot.

Grand Mufti Hassoun of Syria addresses Irish Parliament 2016

Hala Jaber interview with President Assad

Investigation by SourceFed.

Reportedly blocked by YouTube in 28 countries.
Abby Martin and Max Blumenthal disect and dredge through the horror that is modern Israel and its descent into Fascism

The New World Order - 2018. The Film of Vladimir Soloviev Global trends all point in one direction - and it’s a positive one. Russia is climbing out of a hole and making strides on the international arena. Being friends with Russia means something again and this transformation has a lot to do with Vladimir Putin. In this interview, Soloviev asks questions about Putin’s plan - whether he had one at all and how he managed to accomplish so much in so little time. Personal details about Putin’s life and speculations about Russia’s future now that it has bucked the New World Order agenda
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Video posted to YouTube by Al-Qaeda (HTS) 18 September 2017 on the "training" of women, to be mindful of their station in life and know their place in the Islamic Emirate of Idlib

Posted on YouTube on 10th November 2017.
A demonstrator is shot by unknown gunmen in a rebel controlled part of Syria in Aleppo Governate, what is curious about this is the attending ambulance that appeared was neither from the "famed" WhiteHelmets nor carried any of its branding.

A review of the BBC Panorama documentary Saving Syria's Children broadcast in September 2013 the very week before UK parliament was due to vote on the UK joining the US war machine chafing at the bit to bomb another country.

Colonel Abdel Jabbar al-Okaidi now recently appointed member of opposition negotiation team in Geneva (1 Dec 2017) better known as the Saudi funded, hosted and organized "Syrian HNC", here describing the west-backed "moderate" Free Syrian Army's amicable relationship and fighting partnership with the blood thirsty death cult ISIS.

Buried by US and UK media, Professor of History and Political Sciences at the European School of Brussels Pierre Piccinin who was tortured and held hostage for five months by rebels in Syria appeared on French channel RTL to recount how he overheard communications that undermine the western narrative on Ghouta and even though he was a pro-opposition sympathizer it is his "moral duty to state it is not the Syrian Regime of President Bashar al-Assad who perpetrated the Ghouta chemical attack".

Back in 2012 even Sky News was giving a voice to Christians in Syria but one suspects this was because the west was comfortable in their belief that Syria would fall like Libya.

Theo Padnos was captured by "moderate" rebels and passed onto #AlNusra in #Aleppo. While they held him for ransom, he was kept imprisoned and tortured in a children's hospital (a deliberate public relations strategy if and when it was targeted).

His story here:

Not satire.


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