Vampyr - Part 6 - The Eye Was In The Tomb. Also a skill reset.

Vampyr - Part 5 - Blackmail In Whitechapel

NoneLet's play Vampy - Part 4. The "A Rat In The Hospital" quest and the Sewer Beast boss fight. This one gave me a lot of trouble until I decided to spend some points to level up.

Let's play Vampyr - Part 3. Exploring Pembroke Hospital and meeting the NPCs.

Let's play Vampyr - Part 1. Night Shift. Checking out the morgue and the John Doe boss fight.

Let's play Vampyr - Part 1. Eternal Thirst.
Becoming a vampire and learning the game. William Bishop boss fight.

My son and I are moving our ants into a new nest.

I was seeing if they like chicken, egg, and rice.

They do not seem to be interested in sweet stuff. If I put a drop of honey in there they cover it up with whatever they can find.

I think they are Aphaenogaster picea or Aphaenogaster rudis.

Using an Arduino to control a mini-fridge. Testing that the relay turns off when the temperature drops to 50 °F

More info here:

I was testing OBS and decided to record the trip. It is kind of nostalgic watching it now.

Playing hib on the Gareth (Classic) server.

I was cleaning my office and I found some old RvR videos I never released so I put them together


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