MSNBC propaganda-whore, Cal Perry, is left with egg on his stupid (masked) face, on the streets of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, after attempting to shame people for not wearing masks.

Quote from original video:
"This was the first man to break a window at autozone. A move that started the string of looting and damage to businesses. He is seen wearing all black and carrying an umbrella to conceal the hammer he is holding in the same hand. No one knew this man, he didn’t protest, when confronted he ran the other way. And by the looks of it- his boots- are military grade. Meaning this man is either in some form or militia or he is WITH THE POLICE."

"We're taking genetically modified organisms and we're injecting them into little kids' arms."

Dr Vernon Coleman - "I work hard at avoiding conspiracy theories. I've always believed cock-ups are more common than conspiracies. But I've long given up thinking that the global response to the coronavirus is a series of cock-ups. The evidence makes it clear to me, that we're being manipulated."

"I was one of the very first people to start on this new thing called 'The Internet' . . . I was warning people that all these terror attacks - even pre-9/11 - were inside jobs . . . Dec 12th 2002: the Secret Service and the FBI surrounded my house. They had something like 40 cruisers going down the street. People in the neighbourhood thought it was a drug bust."

Full interview:

"Sadly, I have a long history of predicting things that come true. In the second wave you're going to see massive blackouts, internet shutdowns - because they're sick and tired of us exposing their little plans - water supplies will be poisoned. I'm not a lockdown fetishist, but in September they are going to have overhead dissemination of this using drones. You're going to have to have your windows sealed. There is going to be wide-scale death starting in September, and peaking in November just in time for the Trump election . . . People have to shake their neighbours and their family members. I've got members of my family who don't want to hear this stuff. 'You're going to get the biggest fucking you ever had in your life if you don't want to hear it, so congratulations.'"

"There has been a quantum leap, in the last 6 months, of the electrification of the Earth - it's called 5G. They now have 20,000 radiation emitting satellites - just like the radiation-emitting thing in your pocket that you use all the time. That is not compatible with health. That is a water destructuring device. The susceptibility has to do with how much metal you have in your body, as well as the quality of the water in your cells. If you start injecting alluminium in people they become receptors for absorbing increased electromagnetic fields, and that is a perfect storm for the kind of deterioration of the species which is what we are now experiencing. DOES ANYBODY WANT TO MAKE A GUESS AS TO WHERE THE FIRST COMPLETELY BLANKETED 5G CITY IN THE WORLD WAS?"

"THE REAL GOAL OF ALL OF THIS IS TOTAL CONTROL: ABSOLUTE DOMINATION OF HUMAN BEINGS. You take away our freedoms and say that we wanted it. Divide and Rule. It is our children who will lose more. Their right to school will only be granted with a bracelet to get them used to probation; to get them used to slavery, involuntary treatment, and to a virtual concentration camp . . ."

"As a medical doctor with half a century's experience I had foolishly assumed that providing facts would be regarded with approval by the Youtube censors. I had mistakenly filled my scripts with supporting evidence derived from medical and scientific journals and government departments - but not verified by Youtube's team of undoubtedly highly qualified people . . . They want to protect you from facts, I think: so that you're not overladen with information."

"You guys are a bunch of fucking dumbasses. You think I'm some kind of uneducated prick? Get the fuck out of here!"

TTAV2020 "Vaccine Roundtable" (Part 1)

On December 3rd Dr. Vandana Shiva sat in a press conference to discuss the topics of climate Change being the cause of refugees and terrorism. She also references the Bill Gates jargon being fed through the media and how we can protect ourselves from their language and answer back with ours.

TTAV2020 "Vaccine Roundtable" (Part 2)

"The actual Resolution number is 6666 . . . This act is to allow individuals to come into your house, if somebody in your family has a cough, fever, or anything they determine that shows you have Covid-19 regardless if you've been tested or not. Remember: testing has already shown there to be a high rate of false positives . . . They're going to use that to pull you or your loved ones - especially your children - away under pretence of 'public safety'. Wake up and pass this information on . . . "

Nature fights back.

“Plandemic The Movie” What you're not being told about Dr. Fauci - Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD Interview

"Twenty five thousand people did not die of the coronavirus in Italy. It's not true. It's a way to terrorize Italians and impose a dictatorship."

"The US patent on the coronavirus was applied for in 2006, by a company called ‘Kyron’, then bought by GlaxoSmithKline - one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, which specializes in vaccines. The patent on the vaccine was applied for in 2014 and granted in Nov 2019. There was also a European patent [EP3172319A1] owned by the Pirbright Institute who are funded by . . . Bill and Melinda Gates."

The third banned London Real interview with David Icke which hit a million viewers during livestream.

California Police STAND DOWN After Marine Vet Challenges Their Integrity

"Over 1 Million People - The Largest Livestream Of A Conversation In Human History. We will not be silenced, we will not be censored, and we will not be stopped."

"I've got news for you guys: the heads of these corporations - the decision-makers - do you think you will be safe in the streets forever? Do you think you are untouchable? Hey Gates, didn’t you get a pie in the face once? You’re a human being just like the rest of us and you can get touched. And I want to remind everybody that during WWII Mussolini and his mistress thought they were f**king untouchable. They weren’t were they?"

If this is a tree what's it doing to us?


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