jews from hell. jew bankers from hell. governments from hell, which are dogs of jew bankers. created three trusts/corporations using your name. they stole your identity and fradulently created those trusts. then they are cashing it, millions. i have heard this tens of times. this is PROOF, from Judge Anna VonReitz, judge of supreme court of usa. she explains it well. the main video is several hours. i extracted just that part which is 8 minutes. go to her website and read EVERY thing. and watch ALL videos. they are tens of hours. you will learn how they are stealing from you. COURTS are caves of Satan. majority of judges and lawyers are dogs of Satan. YOU ARE ROBBED. learn, fight back. Moses 29 Jun 2023

how you can fight back?
you must learn.
enemy has governments, they have police (dog of government)
a- they are brainless. they cannot think. they do what their master tell them. and they have weapon and training

b- enemy has government (dog of jew bankers), that has army. same as police, brainless, trained with weapon.


wtf can you do?

you CAN fight back.
you must learn.
go to my telegram and read EVERY thing. and watch all Sermons i gave you. learn, and FIGHT BACK.

learn how to fight: my telegram and website (
learn law:

you have been warned
you have been given the weapon, (knowledge and tactics)
use it and FIGHT, or they will kill you all without a fight. you have choice.

this is poison. this will kill you. watch this 9 minutes video and show it to your doctor or dentist and remove the graphene with a simple magnet to the buttom of the container. he shows it in the video. it is a simple thing to do to NOT DIE. DEATH to all pharma and governments of hell. FIGHT.

you are in the middle of war.

Moslems, Christians, Jews (real ones, God worshipers, not zionist Satan-worshipers) Learn. You must FIGHT or else in this life, you will be killed with pain and misery and then go to hell for the reward of cowardness. Read ALL previous posts in our telegram to learn how to FIGHT:

Title describes the content. This what you need to do. (1)- KILL all capitalists, billionaires and technocrats. (2)- restart correctly. Moses

God, Disprove, nullification of disproof, Proof of the existence of God.
- 19 methods to disprove the existence of God and nullification of them.
- Notifying the seeker to read and learn 7 solid proofs in the last book of God, Holy Vegan Earth. PDF is FREE. (if you do not have money). A printed version is available if you have money. All revenue will be used for Animal Rights Activities. (for the book) (for communication)
Moses 22/11/ 2022
Vegan is not about food. Vegan means Justice for animals.

17 Jun 2022

Website of God:

The only social media in Telegram:

Last Book of God:
Holy Vegan Earth (pdf is Free on the website)

Only one slide in the Sermon: Q27/66 (Knower of resurrection time)

How these beams from 5G towers will kill you:
18 GHz, 26 GHz, 60 GHz
The solution in the Telegram page.

JEWS started the WW3
Therefore: FIGHT

Sermon 31
Who was Jesus? No one is coming to help you. New World Order is the government of Satan. Vatican is the cave of Satan.
Christians - Jesus comes back to help you
Hindus - Krishna comes back to help you
Moslems - Emam 12 comes back to help you
Americans - Q will appear to help you
All the above are fake hope created by Satan and Rapture is a scam of Satan. Rapture is a lie that will not happen. You are on your own.
FIGHT or they kill you without a fight.

17 Jun 2022 - night of 97
read what is 97 in the book, Holy Vegan Earth - PDF is free in the website - no registration, no email required. it is the last book of God.

learn content of the book, and when you are ready for FIGHT, join our telegram group to learn how to FIGHT

110 - we will win. learn what is 110 in the book.

Satan worshipers Jews and jesuits and capitalists and billionaires and governments of HELL are killing you. God is also planning and has his actions. And we will win. however, you MUST fight.

17 June 2022

join our telegram to LEARN how to FIGHT

Watch this+Setmon 30.Learn how to Fight. Moses

goto the website. download and keep these Sermons: 17,26,29. Rise for JUSTICE for your own life.


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