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DARPA is coming up with new technology all the time , one of the technologies is to alter the way the mind works through DNA modification, this is done by a simple injection. Sorry about the sound on this video
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George Galloway interviewed me on his Sputnik slot for Russia today, he wanted my take on the driver shortage

Sad pitty oh I mean Chris Whitty got pulled about a bit in a park , do I feel sorry for him ? Do I fuck

When a fat Marxist racist meets a thick woke leftie , this is the BBC new attempt at being funny, or just humiliating a dumb white woman.

I left the most biased platform in the world

Take Bill Gates for instance, he does a talk on stage laying out what he thinks will come next, coincidence?

So I called 101 spoke to a call handler, she said no police have called to your property, so who did visit me.
Rejoin team up with volt to push Londoners to rejoin Europe

The Police came round to see if I was ok???? Apparently my details are on a far right site, but it seems they where fishing or it's a precursor to something else.

Amazon want to put technology in the vehicle's it owns to watch and monitor its drivers, man drivers are angry, but if they dont go along with it they will be out of a job, truth is truck drivers have had this for some time now

The leftie nutcase leading New Zealand into oblivion has cut security ties with the five eyes to join forces with China the new cold war enemy of the west.

Paid shill Dr Hilary salgs off a pub landlord who booted Keir Starmer out of his pub for personal reasons, hilary then Wade's in calling him names and trying to belittle him.

The death of George floyd was used to cause racial unrest, and the conviction of the arresting police officer for murder was nothing short of a political conviction carried out by a compromised jury and a weak judge.

He was a bad man and heard why

This is one of Sadiq Khan shitter ideas

200k NHS staff say no to the covid jab though why they have is unknown

This is child abuse, this is harmful, and the parents are using this kid to look virtuous infront of their woke mates.

This guy comes out and says jews are better than us and that's a fact, and you just have to accept it, then he goes on to say he must indoctrinate the kids as early as he can....

Kids as young as 4 who have not tested positive could be made to isolate at home in a room away from the family for 14 days in Canada.

So many thick people who have been dumbed down by the system they can no longer think for themselves, they need to be told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.
They are all dead behind the eyes.

Morrisons has police in the doorway checking masks and meat heads and Karen's enforcing power over others , it's a total lack of empathy, it's like some boot camp

What happened to the red squirrels may happen to us in England

Anything digital can be hacked right, so is crypto safe

Facebook is tracking your online activity, here is how you can turn it off.

This rather lovely doctor goes through mortality and its causal factors, the doctor goes through data on the net and compares it to other countries and breaks it down in layman's terms so we can better understand the data, the end result is that you come away felling you understand the covid situation much better and why there are spikes in mortality, and its not the reasons you think.

These are some of the most gullible fools i have ever encountered, ffs come back to reality you bellends you are no use to anybody atm


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