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#AMB a.k.a. [Assigned Male at Birth] Appreciation Day 02 December 2018.

This movie is a Bunch of #Sexy #Male #Photographs Mixed up and published with a lovely #QAnon style music choice a.k.a "Background" "Soundtrack" on Sat 12 May 2018 to draw attention to #AMBAppreciation on .

2 December is #AMB Appreciation Day

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Raw Footage of the Sun in Perth Western Australia. 12 May 2018.

Creative Commons copyright use with credit.

The long and secret info wars against Q and how he stayed alive. You really need to know this and move on.


This is Footage and still photographs for Sky enthusiasts, taken in Perth Australia March-April 2018

We live in a Great Deception. You tell me if these clouds are totally normal-normal?
I am not a fan of ChemTrails. Get your heads out of your'e Iphones and start looking at the world we live in.

Anyone who wants to copy and use this video is free to do so. esp with credit.

We live in a Great Deception. You tell me if these clouds are normal?
I am not a fan of ChemTrails. Get your heads out of your'e Iphones and start looking at the world we live in.
This is Footage and still photographs for Sky enthusiasts, taken in Perth Australia including the Super Moon 2017 & Clouds 2018.
Anyone who wants to copy and use this video is free to do so. esp with credit.

A "On Our Selection" of #AntiFeminism & #MGTOW memes set to the sublime #WilliamTell #Overture by #Rossini.

Anyone can copy and use this footage. Just post us a link so we can enjoy the fruits of your labour.

This is the Link to the #QAnon #Mega #Meme Drop.
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This video is a compilation of #Memes collected from the #QAnon, Research Board and other sources, relating to Project #Bluebeam

Overlaid upon the #Memes are a series of "impossible" questions that have answers that #WeThePeople really have no coherent access to. We can "conspire" amongst ourselves for answers all we like but this far down the food chain, the academic misdirection, lies and general fog generated by the controllers means that ALL of our hypothesis remain unable to be "proven".

The #QAnon Maxim, "future proves past" should be remembered here. Sadly, for the really big questions perhaps the "truth" will "coincidentally" appear to everyone just in time for us to watch the sky fall aka the net blackout and the #FakeAlien "Invasion"! KEK

In short #ProjectBluebeam describes technology used to project holographic images into the sky which suggests motives that add up to something not being good for us. Deception is always a double edged sword and to this end this video starts from the premise that whether you're a "globey or a flattie" we're all being lied to. All establishment ideas and school books are indoctrination brainwashing programs.

Ergo what if Project #BlueBeam doesn't just project "sky art" but is the active component the controllers use to Cover Up Advanced Technology aka The Secret Space Program? What if Bluebeam is cloaking technology hiding "skyships" above our heads in plain sight?

BTW perhaps a sign of "authenticity", is that ALL self respecting credible discussions about the so-called Fake Alien Invasion Conspiracy, need to address the hidden truths about Antarctica, because isn't that where the action is? Maybe that's the secret location where the controllers "build and store" the REAL #SecretSpaceProgram s? Plus isn't that where the Germans decamped to after WW2?

This is a compilation of photographs of Historical Aviation in Australia, including shots from Solomon Islands and early flights across the Continent.

The Music is William Tell Overture by Rossini.

This is a compilation of #QAnon #Memes: "What if Mind Control Already Exists".
Contains graphics that highlight the Link between #MKUltra, the #MockingbirdMedia #MSM #BigPharma & FOI Released Mind Control Patents.

"The Truth Can be Used for the Wrong Reasons"

This is a Silent #Meme Movie expanding from the #QAnon Research Flat Earth including the #FlatEarth Deception And Globalist Conspiracy.

A Snarky Mystery Tour and Snide Remarks on Important Secrets being withheld from Humanity.

The images are a complication of Memes collected on the Net and from the #Qresearch Board.

This is a post Same Sex #Marriage What's Next Video that raises some very tough questions that about #LGBTI #DomesticViolence and The #GayMethCrisis along with Drug Dealing in Public Housing that definitely will not be shard or supported by the Community. This video is shadow banned on Youtube ergo the SJWs don't want these topics raised. i.e. Feminists don't want to talk about Gay Male DV because then they have to talk about Lesbian Violence and that throws a rock right through the glass house as the Lesbian Stats are Clear, over 40% of Lesbian Relationships are Violent.

Please us these hashtags: #EndDrugDealingInPublicHousing #EndLGBTIDomesticViolence #EndGayMethCrisis #SilenceEqualsDeeath #HaltTheAIDSGravyTrain #EndGayStalking

This is #GayStalking in Action.

The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs #NCAVP states that in one-third of Gay Male reports the Victim is arrested instead of the Perpetrator. Is this caused by a culture of Denial? Do Investigators, Support Services & #HousingProviders ignore the catastrophic consequences of #LGBTI Domestic Violence precisely because #Lesbian Dominated LGBTI Groups tell Police etc that there is no such thing as LGBTI Domestic Violence?

In Australia One Man is killed every 10 days in Domestic Violence. How Many are LGBTI? How many Men have to die before the Community Says No to Violence Against Men? #auspol #wapol #QandA

#EndTheCoverUp The coverup is because leaders do not want to make the community look bad. How many Gay Men have to die or suffer years of Stalking from #SexualPredators before the Lesbian dominated Community decides acknowledge the existence of or do something to prevent the horrendous rate LGBTI Domestic Violence.

Is the Cover Up due to the fact that the #CDC reports that ocver 40% of "girl on girl" relationships are violence. Given that the Australian Bureau of Statistics #ABS states that 40% of Women Abuse their Children, what about the Children?

#EndDrugDealinginPublicHousing #EndGayMethCrisis #EndGayStalking #EndLGBTIDomesticViolence #SilenceEqualsDeath

This is a musical #meme montage from the #Kek - #QAnon "Family Photo Album" commencing with the National Anthem of #Kekistan, (Please Stand), and finishing with the Hymn Great is Thy Faithfulness, from https://archive.org/details/GreatIsThyFaithfulness.

Thanks to the Anons and Bakers who created these Memes. This video may be copied and shared etc.

#Shadilay from https://archive.org/details/youtube-zAx0t3O55Zo

#QAnon posts can be found here https://qntmpkts.keybase.pub// The Research Board is here: https://8ch.net/qresearch/index.html

The #QAnon Revelations have demonstrated not only that #BigTech cannot be trusted but there are many people whose slumber is more important than their safety.

This, adapted from Youtube Video, is a "Straight Critique in Memes of #Grindr and the '#Gay #Meat' Culture plus a nod to the "Its OK to be White" movement ETC.

A "collated" Life in #QAnon #Memes featuring Hillary Rodham Clinton aka #CrookedHillary or #HRC, and her "lovely family album" collected from the Q Research Board, Twitter and Gab.

The aim of making this little #HRCVideo is to provide a resource with which to red pill normies. This work is considered Open Source.

This has been made to create a "historical" record of the phenomenon currently underway and thanks is given to the genius autists who created this magic.

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"They Shall Not Divide Us - Together we are One" - Мэри Джейн Сестра

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell