eep state created... Animal Human Hybrids? , The Hollow Earth? UFO Bases in Antarctica? Mancow talks with with the Ultimate Insider David X!

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This week Mancow interviews Timothy Alberino
*Known as the modern-day Indiana Jones, Timothy Alberino is a consummate explorer. His inquisitive mind and insatiable appetite for adventure have led him all over the planet in search of lost cities, lost civilizations, hidden treasures, and legendary creatures. He is also an avid researcher and published author whose scholarly pursuits are as daring as his expeditions. After years of rigorous study, Alberino has garnered an expansive knowledge base that enables him to dissertate with authority on a wide variety of esoteric topics, including theories on alternative history; ancient mythologies, megalithic architecture; giants, Bigfoot, and other cryptids; UFOs and alien abduction; transhumanism and emerging technologies; occult conspiracy; and Christian eschatology. (*from

The Machine Gun Preacher and Roger Stone. Episode 04

Mancow checks in with famed "Machine Gun Preacher" Sam Childers LIVE on the Sudan/Uganda border about the often ignored humanitarian crisis of orphaned children that is still ongoing and Roger Stone comes on to discuss the recent FBI report showing no evidence that the January 6th riot was a coordinated attack on the nations' capital.

America leaves Afghanistan in disgrace, and my SOUL is not for sale
Episode 03 of Mancow Monday's Live on the Mancow Microaggressions podcast.

It's a DARK day to be an American as we leave Afghanistan in disgrace, leaving behind a life of hell on earth for women and children after they made so many advances over the last 20 years. They're just chanting death to america, but they seem friendly at the same time and the American news media is tone deaf. CNN correspondent Clarissa Ward seems to be enamoured with the pro Taliban crowd, and she exclaims, "they're just chanting death to america, but they seem friendly at the same time"

Dr Ted Broer joins Mancow on this episode and warns about the dangers of "The Shot" and explains why HE believes it is a eugenics bioweapon. Don't miss this episode!

GET WOKE, GO BROKE - Episode 01 of the Mancow Microaggressions live Monday podcast series.


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