This short video introduces the FunDEXit cryptocurrency crowdfunding mechanism, and the Legacy GOLD Lifeline Ecosystem powered by the PortalX digital asset management app.

The ecosystem and platform are in early development, and are a co-creative effort of a diverse global community.

The Legacy GOLD Lifeline Wholeness Ministry seeks to grow its global membership and reach, and urges likeminded individuals to learn the many benefits of getting involved and also becoming a benefactor.

We also encourage active participation in co-creating the New Earth by creating your own FunDEXit projects, joining our weekly Saturday Zoom meetings, or inviting others to also get involved.

The goal of this ecosystem is empowerment, sovereignty, and limitlessness of humanity with emphasis on the preservation of humanness and the realization of oneness regardless of our diversity.

To learn more about how to get involved or to donate, contact us here: https://fundexit.fund.

The London anti-lockdown anti-Covid-19 fraud protest during the second World Wide Demonstration 2021 on May 15, 2021 show protesters shaming the BBC for lying and failing to report about Covid-19 facts.

Mainstream news media outlet, the Daily Mail, reported a false report claiming these protests were against the attacks on Palestine which RT had reported on five days earlier.

Notice in the Daily Mail’s piece, the wide angle drone footage in some clips is so high that the signs of protesters can’t be seen: https://youtu.be/yWHPeIAFh9g, which means they have likely tried to use footage from both protests and mislead the public into believing they are the same protest.

Here is three full hours of the London anti-Covid-19 fraud protests on May 15, 2021 in case anyone wants to try to refute these were not freedom protests: https://youtu.be/r1D2xkEihNY

Here is RT’s report on the pro-Palestine protest from five days earlier: https://youtu.be/SouIcY272JE.

All it takes is a little digging to find the evidence that the mainstream media lie and create propaganda to scare people into giving up their freedom.



Top Secret Biotech Illegally Sold To China by Harvard Professor...

Arrested Harvard Nanotech Specialist Received Millions from DoD, NIH, and Wuhan University. Why?

This is a video I was smart enough to download before the entire channel of the person who posted it was removed, so unfortunately I am unable to give proper credit.

This video has some very concerning information and raises questions that the mainstream media refuse to ask. But it is clear that we may not be dealing with a virus at all. When big money from the Department of Defense and NIH are granted for nanotechnology research then one should be thinking “bioweapon” until proven otherwise.

The fact that this specialist was simultaneously doing the same research for Wuhan University of Technology and that it was revealed that Harvard had received $1B in support from “China” should raise all sorts of conflict of interest flags.

The lecture at the end of this video of Dr. Tian Xia of UCLA describing nanoparticle toxicity which is nearly identical to the symptoms of severe Covid-19 should also raise an alert. We are not being told the truth about this “pandemic”. Why are doctors who have been curing the symptoms of Covid-19 being severely censored?

Because it’s an illusion.


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The Legacy GOLD Lifeline Ecosystem was the inspiration of Dr. Debi Thomas, whose past experiences range from being a World Champion and Olympic medalist in figure skating to being an orthopaedic sub-specialist in hip and knee replacement. But her pursuits did not end there, as life experience and the forces of the Universe change our course to get us on the path to our true purpose.

The Legacy GOLD Lifeline service started out of necessity for helping lost and disgruntled affiliates of an affiliate based gold saving program which had the goal of bringing financial education and physical gold assets to the masses. What started out to be a very successful system morphed into disaster when cryptocurrency and advanced technology projects were brought into the system. Though this move ended up being a blessing for Debi who quickly learned about how she could benefit financially from 21st century digital asset management, she realized the steep learning curve was devastatingly rough for many affiliates who lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in value of their digital assets, because they simply kept following hype and did not learn the information and skills they needed to be successful.

Debi was able to help some affiliates who found their way to her avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of losses, and is still helping others try to regain losses with smarter digital asset management, as she has been able to help people with similar losses in other programs as well. After making conscious efforts to try and help project developers better serve their supporters, but meeting resistance to help, she decided to create her own ecosystem which has a main focus on empowering individuals to achieve sovereignty, self-sufficiency, and spiritual growth through exposure and analysis of hidden knowledge and truth by vetting and incorporating the best of the best resources on the planet in a co-creative capacity to achieve these goals.

In addition to being an “out of the box” thinker, creator, and connector, Dr. Thomas is a study of quantum metaphysics, and has been able to successfully help a globally diverse community begin to realize their “oneness”, and how focusing on both individual wholeness as well as collective oneness there are infinite possibilities and that together through enlightenment and commitment we can co-create a wondrous new earth.

We hope you will join our community and learn new and better ways to shift wealth, abundance, and prosperity into the projects that we want to see thrive through FunDEXit cryptocurrency crowdfunding: www.FunDEXit.fund.

Our goal is to create and support a global network of well connected pods and ports of innovation and human advancement. The Legacy GOLD Lifeline Wholeness Ministry aims to restore humanness and nature through future eco educational retreats, and thus a global network of awakened and informed individuals needs to have the courage to join forces to form a community commuted to “united non-compliance” with tyranny against free will and human limitlessness.