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Andrew Scheer is not entirely to blame for Conservative electoral challenges. The party’s policies don’t mobilize enough Canadians to win.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has a rough few months ahead of him. Despite an increase in votes and seats, his election performance is being panned by many. He gained votes and seats while losing personal appeal and popularity – a difficult result upon which to base a “trust me” appeal to party members. Whether Scheer will last as leader until April, when the party holds a formal leadership review, is an open question.

But Conservatives need to look beyond the leader and the fresh wounds of the six-week campaign. A visceral disdain for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, combined with a hubristic belief that this election should have been won, risks blinding Conservatives in a diagnosis of what really went wrong and what must now be confronted if this regionalized, marginalized and perennial minority party is actually going to win power across the country.

Politics is a game of addition. You win by adding new voters to your coalition. So, why do federal Conservatives focus on their core vote all the time? When you turn your base from a floor into a ceiling, you will lose every election every time. Seeing politics from a “movement” perspective has you cater to “values voters” and mobilization of supporters, not adding to your overall voter pool.


ast week, we discussed – some say ridiculed – the New Zealand police for begging criminals to comply with the law. We thought this was a one-time aberration from the New Zealand’s Commissioner of Police and he would get back to doing his job – arresting criminals and putting them behind bars.
We were wrong.

New Zealand’s decision to pander to criminals instead of arresting them gained traction around the world.
In Sweden, rival drug gangs clash violently as they battle over turf – much the same as they do in every major city in North America.

And what is the crime-fighting tactic of choice for Sweden’s Malmö Chief of Police Stefan Sentéus? [i]


They Voted Democratic. Now They Support Trump.

Two-thirds of battleground state voters who chose Trump in 2016 but selected Democrats in the midterms say they will return to the president next year.
Yet success in the midterms might not mean as much for Democratic presidential candidates as the party might think. Nearly two-thirds of voters in six battleground states who voted for President Trump in 2016 — but for Democratic congressional candidates in 2018 — say they intend to back the president against each of his top rivals, according to recent polling by The New York Times Upshot/Siena College.


PM taps Anne McLellan as western adviser

The Prime Minister has brought in former federal cabinet minister Anne McLellan as an unpaid adviser to help his government respond to growing western alienation and deal with the Liberal Party’s failure to win any seats in Alberta and Saskatchewan in last week’s election.

The Prime Minister’s Office announced on Tuesday that Ms. McLellan – an Edmonton-based lawyer – will be an adviser in coming weeks as Justin Trudeau forms a government against a backdrop of rising anger in the western provinces. Mr. Trudeau will also receive advice from Canada’s ambassador to Paris, Isabelle Hudon, on dealing with his party’s falling fortunes in Quebec, PMO spokeswoman Chantal Gagnon said.


The unravelling of Pelosi is a sad sight

That same day, she got into a heated argument with Chris Cuomo, an anchor at Dem-friendly CNN. When asked about the damning memo, she called the document a “total misrepresentation” and said it should be reviewed by intelligence officials before it is made public.

At one point, Mr. Cuomo asked Mrs. Pelosi why FBI Director Christopher A. Wray has not objected to the release of the document if it’s so awful. Mrs. Pelosi lost it. “Let me just say this with all due respect: You really don’t know what you’re talking about right now,” she spat at Mr. Cuomo, then proceeded to stammer and stutter through a list of weak reasons why the memo should not be released.


Federal Government Introduces Bail-In Legislation: Bill C-15

On April 20, 2016, the Canadian federal government introduced Bill C-15, which is legislation that provides for, among other things, a bank recapitalization or “bail-in” regime for domestic systemically important banks (“D-SIBs”).


For those unfamiliar with this feature of financial services regulatory reform, the basic concept of bail-in is that certain stakeholders of a bank that finds itself in the remote circumstance of being in severe distress will be required to support the viability of such a bank by mandatory conversion of their respective instruments into the common equity of the bank. This mandatory conversion would occur upon a regulatory determination that triggering such conversions will absorb losses and that, together with such other measures as regulators may determine to be necessary, such conversions will be sufficient to re-establish the viability of such a bank.


P.E.I. minimum wage to hit $12.85 an hour in 2020

P.E.I.'s minimum wage will increase by 60 cents to $12.85 per hour on April 1, 2020.

The current minimum wage of $12.25 an hour came into effect in April of this year.

Ole Hammarlund, the Official Opposition critic for economic growth, said in a statement the increase is "a step in the right direction."

"While the increase is clearly not a living wage, any investment that lifts Islanders is good."

The Employment Standards Board reviews minimum wage annually and provides its recommendation to government after the review is complete.


Trudeau criticized for tweet to Trevor Noah pledging $50M charity gift

Canada will contribute $50 million to a global charity for children's education, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted to comedian Trevor Noah, a pledge that quickly drew criticism both for its content and its form.

Celebrities gathered in Johannesburg on Sunday for the Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100, a charity concert honouring Nelson Mandela a century after he was born.

Trudeau tweeted to Noah, who is hosting the festival, that Canada would give the money to Education Cannot Wait, an organization that funds education for children affected by conflicts, natural disasters and other crises.


INSANE: Trudeau Gives Away $50 MILLION In Canadian Taxpayer Dollars To Make Celebrity Think He’s Cool

Justin Trudeau has just promised to give away $50 MILLION more in Canadian taxpayer dollars.

This time, he did it to look cool in front of a celebrity.

Here’s what Trudeau tweeted:

“Hey @Trevornoah – thanks for everything you’re doing to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s legacy at the @GlblCtzn festival. Sorry I can’t be with you – but how about Canada pledges $50M to @EduCannotWait to support education for women & girls around the world? Work for you? Let’s do it.”


The Trump Organization is looking to sell the Trump Hotel in Washington for $500 million

The Trump Organization is "exploring" selling the rights to the Trump International Hotel in Washington, Eric Trump, the president's son and an executive vice president of the Trump Organization, told The Wall Street Journal in a Friday report.

"Since we opened our doors, we have received tremendous interest in this hotel and as real-estate developers, we are always willing to explore our options," the younger Trump told The Journal in a statement.


A minority government is a win for Canada’s climate agenda — but communication will be key

With the Liberals, NDP and Greens working together on policy, there is a chance to push a progressive climate agenda — if the right stories are told.
By then it was clear Trudeau would remain prime minister, with the Liberals winning 157 seats, 13 shy of what they needed to regain a majority government. The Conservatives, though they received nearly 250,000 more votes than the Liberals overall, earned 121 seats, the Bloc Quebecois 32, the New Democratic Party 24, and the Greens three.


‘Marching towards separation’: Wexit Alberta applies to become registered party

The group behind the political movement “Wexit” applied to become a registered party Monday, its leader said.

Peter Downing told CTV’s Your Morning that Wexit Alberta had taken the first steps to becoming a federal party and filed paperwork with Elections Canada.

“We’re sending in over 500 signatures, over double the required 250 signatures,” said the founder. “We’re going to do for Western Canada what the Bloc Quebecois does for Quebec.”
Wexit, a portmanteau of “western and exit,” is a western separatist movement that has appeared to be gaining momentum since Justin Trudeau’s Liberals won the 43rd federal election. About 700 people reportedly attended a rally in Edmonton over the weekend where Downing and others were seen wearing blue “Make Alberta Great Again” hats, a nod to U.S. President Donald Trump’s successful 2016 campaign slogan. A Facebook page for the group created in June has more than 30,700 likes.


Wexit party registration drive coming to Saskatchewan

A Saskatoon-based Wexit organizer says plan A is challenging Premier Scott Moe to hold a referendum on separation. If he doesn’t, they intend to form their own provincial party.
Wexit activists are planning to launch a registration drive in Saskatchewan they hope will give them leverage when they issue an ultimatum to Premier Scott Moe.

If he doesn’t agree to hold a referendum on separation in time for the next provincial election, they vow to form their own Wexit party in Saskatchewan.


New Conservative MP says party needs to rethink LGBTQ positions

A newly elected Conservative MP from Ontario says his party should rethink its approach to LGBTQ issues if it wants its messages to resonate with voters.

“I think we need to work on how we make ourselves a modern Conservative party, and that includes being more inclusive on that issue,” Stormont—Dundas—South Glengarry MP Eric Duncan said Monday on CTV’s Your Morning.

“I’m looking forward to playing a role in that and helping shape that a little bit more in the coming months and years.”


Drag Queens Fundraise for Planned Parenthood with ‘Slave-Style Auction’ of Christian Pastors

A left-wing activist group based in Spokane, Washington, organized a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood featuring drag queens, who held a “slave-style auction” of Christian pastors and activists who protest at Planned Parenthood clinics and Drag Queen Story Hour events.


Encana moving to the U.S., changing name as Canada becomes a dirty word in the oilpatch
The oil and gas producer is dropping the link to Canada from its name and will be known as Ovintiv

Canada’s beleaguered energy sector suffered another morale blow as Encana Corp. — one of its marquee companies that was born out of the 19th-century railway boom — announced plans to move its headquarters to the U.S. and drop the link to Canada from its name.

The Calgary-based company said Thursday that it will establish a corporate domicile in the U.S. early next year, pending various approvals, and rebrand under the name Ovintiv Inc. The shares fell as much as 9.3 per cent in Toronto, the biggest drop in a year.


So How Stupid Is Justin Trudeau?

Perhaps the Question Asked in the Headline can be Answered by the Following . . .

Justin Trudeau Is No More Stupid Than The People Who Voted For Him.

Trudeau’s Father . . . Pierre Elliott Trudeau, was Famous for trying to Stick it to the Americans. And in Senior Trudeau’s LEFTIST Philosophy . . . He Adored Castro, tried Desperately to make Trade Agreements with the Europeans, South Americans & Arabs, in Place of the United States of America.

In Short . . . Pierre Elliott Trudeau was such a Disaster for Canada, that much like the Nightmare Obama has left for America, Pierre Elliott Trudeau left an even Worse & More Sustaining Nightmare Legacy for Canada.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau was given far more Credit by the Media, Intellectuals & Elitists, for being much Smarter than he Really was. In fact, Pierre Elliott Trudeau was far more of a Vicious, Calculating, Machiavellian Politician, than he was ever a Good Leader for Canada, for which the Trudeau Scars . . . 45-years Later, are still Evident.


Why Justin Trudeau shares his dad’s love of murderous communist despots like Castro

There should have been no surprise at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s colossally disingenuous statement on the death of Fidel Castro. The Trudeaus have been at this for six decades, flirting with the murderous icons of communist oppression since the 1950s when Trudeau the First expressed his admiration for elements of Stalin’s Soviet Communism. In the 1960s, a 41-year-old Pierre Trudeau visited Communist China during the great famine and co-wrote a book hailing Maoism and denying the existence of a national food policy that killed 38 million people. He never retracted his China views. But, in the 1970s, he cozied up to Fidel Castro, who until his death Friday has held the Caribbean island in a form of political slavery.


The Trudeau family’s love of tyrants

Political blind spots are inevitable when you have warm thoughts for oppressors

Back in the summer of 2006, Pierre Trudeau’s youngest son, Alexandre (Sacha) Trudeau wrote a fawning happy 80th birthday column in the Toronto Star in praise of then Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. The piece included tributes such as how the revolutionary leader was a “great adventurer…a great scientific mind,” someone whose “intellect is one of the most broad and complete that can be found. ”


Are Canadian Conservatives actually conservative?

What governing vision does the Conservative Party of Canada offer Canadians this election?

This is a fundamental question that the party has not yet answered. In a recent column, pundit Andrew Coyne wrote:

“Conservatism in Canada now amounts to, at best, opportunism. They are in favour of whatever is unassailably popular, opposed to whatever is indefensibly unpopular … just so long as no one asks them to take a risk, a stand, or a decision, to … explain how it differs from the left’s.”

The same cannot be said for the federal Liberals and NDP. The Liberals proudly wrap themselves around a heavily left-leaning economic and social agenda, while the NDP are trying to outflank the Liberals on the left.


Trudeau and the Liberals just won’t stop saying things that anger the West

When the PM and his closest confidants open up on the oil industry, are westerners supposed to assume he means some other oil industry, not theirs?

The prime minister knows they speak English in Alberta and Saskatchewan, right?

I’m serious. Late in the just-concluded election campaign, as the Bloc strengthened and Quebec’s seats came into play, keen bilingual observers were listening very carefully to what the party leaders said in both official languages, looking for variations subtle or gross.


After 3 years with no settlement, Fort McMurray woman wants Insurance Act changed

‘We are still paying a mortgage on a pile of ashes,’ homeowner says

After struggling for three years to get a settlement, a Fort McMurray woman wants to see changes to the Insurance Act.

Jamie Harpe lost her home in the May 2016 wildfire that destroyed 15 per cent of the buildings in Alberta’s oilsands city.

“Three years into it, we are still paying a mortgage on a pile of ashes, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight,” she said.

After the fire, Harpe said, she was able to settle a claim for the cost of her home’s contents with her insurance company, Aviva.

But the house claim remains unsettled.

Aviva declined to comment on the case, but Harpe said she will opt for a formal dispute resolution process.

‘How could this be possible?’ Fort McMurray condo board struggles to find insurance

In wake of 2016 wildfire, Winchester Greens building denied renewal by its insurer

After the 2016 Horse River wildfire that burned down more than 2,400 structures in Fort McMurray, residents of the 40-unit Winchester Greens condominium building considered themselves among the lucky ones.

Their apartment-style units didn’t burn, but the condo board did claim $246,000 of smoke damage on its insurance.

Three years later, the condo board is struggling to find insurance coverage, in part because of that wildfire claim.

Justin Trudeau, the great unifier, has one big regret

Elected to forge consensus and bridge divides, he has bequeathed a Canada of fresh regional and cultural estrangements

What these gruelling election campaigns tell you — or should tell you — is that Canada is too big and diverse to be governed by one size fits all solutions. The Fathers of Confederation recognized that power was best exercised close to home and divided jurisdictions so that health, education and other crucial services were the domain of provincial governments.

Trudeau, it seems, does not hold with that strict division of powers.

Justin Trudeau may have won re-election, but Canada’s divisions will make his second term harder

Justin Trudeau claims Canadians rejected division at Monday’s election.

His supporters say the fact the Prime Minister secured the most seats and will now form a minority government is a sign the country backs his progressive agenda.

But is it really?

Yet, at time of writing, the Opposition had only managed to translate that into an estimated 122 seats.

Mr Trudeau’s team snatched roughly 156 — 14 short of a majority.

This is only possible because different parts of Canada seemed to vote for different things.

Far from a rejection of division, this election has served to highlight the nation’s rural-urban, east-west fault lines.

Canada’s Trudeau wins second term, but the nation is more divided

With results still trickling in early Tuesday, the Liberals had 157 seats — 13 short of the 170 needed for a majority in the 338-seat House of Commons — while the Conservatives had 121.

Still, Trudeau’s Liberal Party won fewer raw votes nationally than the Conservatives did, and his party failed to win a single seat in the western provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan where the Conservatives dominated.

No more ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ for Air Canada in-flight announcements

The insistence that biology divides humanity (and almost all other multicellular creatures) into two sexes is now regarded as old-fashioned, according to the social revolutionaries of the Left. They are “science-deniers,” to use a favorite term of the warmist cult, a term far more appropriate in this context than when applied to those who question the predictive validity of computer models that have forecasted catastrophes, none of which has appeared.

There is nothing new about leftists inflicting bizarre theories on the rest of society, but what is remarkable is the speed with which the major institutions of advanced capitalist societies have capitulated to the demand that biology be superseded by political and social fashion.


Dick’s Sporting Goods Lost Millions Over Anti-Gun Policies – Here’s How Much The Backlash Cost

Dick’s Sporting Goods took a loss of an estimated $150 million in sales last year after the company heavily restricted firearm purchases and began advocating for gun control.

The company made various policy changes after a school shooting in Parkland, Florida, left 17 dead. It announced it would no longer sell modern sporting rifles or high-capacity magazines and increased the purchase age for all firearms to 21.

Trudeau Has ‘Secret Plan’ on ‘Sweeping Gun Ban,’ MP Clement Says

Blair says government is “prepared to consider whatever measures will be effective” for safety.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a “secret plan” to order a “sweeping gun ban” early next month aimed at hunters, farmers and sport shooters, said Tony Clement, an independent member of parliament.

He declined to identify his source for the information.

“We are prepared to consider whatever measures will be effective” for safety, Minister Bill Blair, in charge of exploring mass gun confiscations for the past nine months, replied to Clement in the House of Commons today.

Outdoors community injects $13.2 billion to Canadian economy each year

The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) and the Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association (CSAAA), with support from 30 other organizations and companies, commissioned the Conference Board of Canada to quantify the overall economic footprint of fishing, hunting, trapping and sport shooting in Canada.

The resulting study determined that millions of Canadians participate in these activities, they spend billions of dollars, and they make an enormous impact on Canada’s economy.

Study highlights include:

2.97 million Canadians fish, 1.27 million hunt, 45,000 trap, 1.4 million participate in sport shooting
$18.9 billion in total spending
$13.2 billion to the Gross Domestic Product (0.6% of Canada’s economy)
support nearly 107,000 jobs and labour income of $6.4 billion
boosted federal and provincial tax revenue by $6.1 billion in 2018

Justin Trudeau Promises To LOWER Minimum Age For Anal Sex

Get your freak-on, King Justin. Prime Minister Trudeau told a homosexual news agency his government will be “moving on” lowering the age of consent on anal sex for consenting unmarried partners from 18 to 16 in Canada’s Criminal Code.

According to NDP Member of Parliament Randall Garrison, Bill C-32 would repeal an archaic section of section 159 of the Criminal Code. Adopting Bill C-32 would remove a longstanding point of discrimination against gay men by eliminating the UNEQUAL AGE of consent for anal sex.


If you lie to an employer during hiring, you can be fired. Shouldn’t that apply to Trudeau too?

There is no question that Trudeau’s failure to disclose that he wore blackface would be cause for termination if he was a CEO

James Courtright had a secret and wanted it to remain just that. It was an embarrassing truth that he hoped would never see the light of day.

He was under police investigation for influence peddling. This fact was particularly hazardous given that he was, at the time, seeking a job as a lawyer for Canadian Pacific in a position involving regulatory work.

If you lie to an employer during hiring, you can be fired. Shouldn’t that apply to Trudeau too?
Liberals’ camping scheme an exercise in stupidity that takes nannyism to new heights

What with blackface, photo-shopped coffee cups and free camping trips, voters this election could be forgiven if they opt for the Rhinoceros Party

At a Conservative campaign rally the other evening, local candidate Krystina Waler talked about her goal for her riding: “To make St. Catharines the best place to live, work and raise a family.”

That seemed to me to be a pretty good encapsulation of what governments should aim to do – lay solid foundations upon which citizens can build fulfilling lives.

Frequently though, governments overreach, spreading their tentacles too far into the lives of their citizens, wasting their money in the process. The impossibly optimistic Ugandan space program under Idi Amin comes to mind – ranked by Time Magazine as one of the “100 worst ideas of the 20th century”.

Trudeau’s camping pledge is peak privilege

Now Justin Trudeau’s privilege truly is showing.

I’m talking about Trudeau’s announcement Thursday that the planet can be saved and the plight of the urban poor reversed if only we would spend gobs of taxpayers’ dollars getting underprivileged urchins out camping. The alleged climate “crisis” and chronic poverty whisked away with some tents and sleeping bags and, of course, government-subsidized trips to the woods.

This is at one and the same time one of the most patronizing and one of the most naive policies ever proposed during a Canadian election.

GUNTER: Trudeau’s camping pledge is peak privilege
Clear Majority Of Canadians Want Trudeau Liberals Booted From Power

Fewer than 1 in 3 Canadians say Trudeau should be re-elected

There’s a strong mood for change among Canadians, with a new Ipsos poll showing a clear majority of Canadians want the Trudeau Liberals to lose power.

According to the poll conducted for Global News, just 32% of Canadians say the Trudeau government deserves to be re-elected.

By contrast, 67% say it is time for another party to take power.

Those are bad numbers for the Liberals, particularly because the 32% ‘deserve re-election’ number is far below the 39.7% of the vote they won in 2015.

Why Canada Could Break Apart If Trudeau Gets Back Into Office

We know that much is at stake in the upcoming election.

With Canada more divided than ever before, and with Separatist sentiment rising in Western Canada because of Trudeau’s anti-Canadian energy policies, the stability and even future survival of our country could be on the line.

Notably, the Trudeau Liberals have doing everything possible to rig the system in their favour, by putting restrictions on social media ads that make it tougher for the Conservatives to utilize their financial advantage, and even threatening to shut down social media if the networks don’t do what the Trudeau government demands.

Why President Trump’s huge rallies are important

President Trump has big rallies. He always has. He talks about his rallies, especially the size, every time he has one. He even talks about them when he hasn’t had one in a while. It’s important, and not just for the sake of stroking his own ego.

More than 20,000 at Trump’s Controversial Minneapolis Rally

President Donald Trump held a rally on Thursday, October 10, 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and more than 20,000 people showed up to support him. The rally was held at the Target Center, which has a capacity of a little over 19,000. The Target Center was filled to capacity and even more people were in overflow areas, attending the rally for his 2020 campaign.

More than 20,000 at Trump’s Controversial Minneapolis Rally [CROWD PHOTOS]

I missed a Leaf game for this debate? (They lost, just like Trudeau)

So if there was a knockout punch Monday night, that was it, delivered by Trudeau unto Trudeau, always delicious to see

There may not have been a super obvious winner — though five of the leaders had their moments — but there sure was a single clear loser.
That would be the current prime minister.

It was Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s turn — the format of the leaders debate was bizarre and complex, at least to my tiny mind — to ask any of the other leaders a single question, whereupon the recipient of the question got a minute to answer and then in turn, chosen randomly, the others yelled over one another.


That wasn’t a debate. Nor was it national. It was tokenism, and feeble at that

The issues of this vast and highly differentiated country cannot be shoehorned into a two-hour shout fest, chopped down to nuggets

From the perspective of simple utility, how it assisted voters to make up their minds, Monday night’s exhibition — the so-called debate — was a waste of time. I came away from it with one dominant impression: that the only purpose such debates may claim is to provide journalists with a once-in-four-years opportunity to over- and mis-use the most stale cliché in all reporting history — the “knockout punch.”

E.g., “Mr. Singh had a good line — Mr. Deny and Mr. Delay — but it wasn’t a knockout punch.” Or, “Mr. Scheer came on really strong against Mr. Trudeau in the beginning, but it wasn’t a knockout punch.”

Why journalists are addicted to a boxing metaphor — boxing being a competition between two fighters (obviously) fighting each other — for a spectacle involving six politicians firing over-scripted talking points at each other, while displaying their powers of equivocation and evasion — is a mystery not worth the effort to solve.


Supreme Court Allows Blind Man’s Lawsuit to Proceed Against Domino’s Pizza for Online Accessibility

Guillermo Robles filed the lawsuit in 2016, claiming Domino’s website was not accessible to him as a blind man

The U.S. Supreme Court allowed the lawsuit filed by a blind man against Domino’s Pizza to proceed forward on Monday, as announced in a court order.

The justices revealed that they were declining Domino’s appeal of a lower court ruling of the lawsuit, filed by Guillermo Robles in 2016. By rejecting the appeal, the lower court’s decision allowing Robles to move forward with his claims against Domino’s remains in place. The case will now proceed to trial.

Domino’s released a statement on their website on after the ruling, according to USA Today.


Ocasio-Cortez Attacks Israel Then Admits She Has No Idea What She’s Talking About

Hoover then pressed Ocasio-Cortez, “You use the term ‘the occupation of Palestine.’ What do you mean by that?”

The 28-year-old socialist struggled, “Um… I think what I meant is … like … the settlements that are increasing in some of these areas and places where Palestinians are experiencing difficulty in access to their housing and homes.”

Hoover: “Do you think you can expand on that?”

Ocasio-Cortez fumbled, “Yeah… I mean, I think … I’d … also just— I am not the expert on geo-politics on this issue.”


Ocasio-Cortez speaks like an ignorant high school student, and thinks like an economically illiterate communist

As noted by Grabien News, during a recent appearance on the late-night show of another political genius, Jimmy Kimmel (enter sarcasm here), Cortez sounded more like a clueless hipster than a national leader:

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night, those things were “like,” “yeah,” and also, “um, for sure.”

Ocasio-Cortez is from New York, but sounded like a character from “Clueless.” Throughout the interview, she repeatedly used Valley girl filler words such as “like” and “yeah, yeah.”


Liberals dig up old anti same-sex marriage video of Scheer

Liberals went trolling Thursday for young, progressive-minded voters with 14-year-old video footage of Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer speaking out against same-sex marriage — a tactic that prompted Jagmeet Singh to vow that New Democrats won’t prop up a minority Conservative government.

The “disgusting prejudice” against gay, lesbian and transgendered Canadians exhibited in the video is “exactly why, if Canadians deliver a minority government in October, I will not prop up Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives,” the NDP leader said in a statement.


Justin Trudeau’s Globalist Circus is Destroying Canada

In 2013, when asked which other country he admires most, Canada’s Liberal prime minister Justin Trudeau replied with the baffling response:

“There is a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say we need to go green, we need to start, you know, investing in solar. There is a flexibility that I know Stephen Harper must dream about: having a dictatorship where you can do whatever you wanted, that I find quite interesting.”


San Francisco Board ‘Sanitizes’ Language For Criminals; Hopes To Change Views About How ‘Justice-Involved’ People Are Perceived

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, a “convicted felon” released from prison will now be known as a “justice-involved person” or simply as a “returning resident.” There’s a big difference between a “convicted felon” and a “returning resident” folks. Just saying.


Canada’s Treacherous “Faustian Bargain”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, it seems, adheres to the principle of globalism, according to which the world is borderless, and the idea of sovereign nation-states is both reactionary and obsolete. In this borderless world, the governing body is the unelected, untransparent, unaccountable and deeply corrupt United Nations and its agencies, which possess the authority to legislate international law that is then enforced by member states.


I voted for Justin Trudeau and I’m sorry

In 2015, I voted for Justin Trudeau.

I was a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed youngster. At 19 years old, not having worked a full-time job, and still living in my parent’s home, never really paying taxes or having to worry about rent, I decided that my vote should go to Justin Trudeau.

I was hungry for change, and Stephen Harper did not represent that to me. I wanted to see real change. I knew the world was unfair, but I didn’t fully understand why.
I was young, naive, and wanted change. Justin Trudeau tricked me into supporting him, and I still regret casting my vote to the Liberal Party to this day.

When the prime minister becomes a joke, who’s the joke on?

Without a doubt, much hilarity ensued when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted out a photograph of his riding’s youth brigade chowing down on delivery pizza with a sizable pile of plastic cutlery posing front and centre.

Only days before, Trudeau announced his party’s high and mighty ban on a potpourri of nasty plastics that include bags, cutlery, straws, fast-food containers and even balloon sticks — “where supported by science,” he added — putting “as early as 2021” as a soft date for their banishment.

Andrew Scheer Releases Strong Statement In Support Of Hong Kong

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has issued a strong statement in support of Hong Kong and the fight for freedom against Communist China.

Here’s what Scheer said on Twitter:

“As Beijing amasses troops at the Hong Kong border, now is the time for everyone committed to democracy, freedom, human rights, and the rule of law to stand with the people of Hong Kong, including the 300,000 ex-pat Canadians. Now, and in the coming days, we are all Hong Kongers:”

Canadian Experiences Fund

Categories and Criteria

Investments made through the CEF focus on five categories:

Expand winter and shoulder-season by funding projects like onsite experiences development, tours, excursions, special events and tourism facilities
Grow tourism in rural and remote communities by investing in projects such as destination development planning, adventure, eco- and agri-tourism, local product development, or rural and remote tourism facilities
Increase Indigenous tourism by investing in such projects as market readiness, onsite experiences development, developing a line of consumer products, tours, festivals and special events
Promote LGBTQ2+ communities, by supporting train the trainer programs, projects such as attractions, special events and festivals as well as market readiness

An unprecedented spending frenzy could give a clue about where the election battles will be fought

Stuart Thomson: For August alone, the Liberal government’s tally stands at 4,545 spending announcements worth about $12.8 billion


Liberal promises will lead to four more years of deficits, each above $20 billion

That’s despite new revenues including 3% tax on digital giants and luxury tax on $100,000 plus cars and boats

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, fighting for his political life three weeks away from an election, is seeking a second mandate from voters to increase the nation’s debt to deliver tax cuts and spending.

In a costed platform released Sunday, the incumbent Liberals detailed a $57 billion plan over four years — worth about half a per cent of annual gross domestic product — and pledged to pay for it with fresh borrowing, should they retain power.

At Bernier’s First Western Canada Visit, Cheers for Call to Cut ‘Big Fat Government’

People’s Party of Canada supporters packed into a Surrey Sheraton hotel on Wednesday to cheer, hoot and whistle as leader Maxime Bernier promised to defund the CBC, abolish the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal and pull Canada out of the Paris Agreement on combatting human-triggered climate change.

The business town hall was hosted by the Surrey Board of Trade as part of a series of public events with federal party leaders. Andrew Scheer of the Conservatives, Elizabeth May of the Greens and Jagmeet Singh of the NDP made appearances earlier this year.

UCP government orders school boards to remove ‘public’ from names

The Alberta government has ordered a number of school divisions to remove “public” from their names, and while the education minister says it “changes nothing,” others are concerned about the future of public schools.

In a ministerial order effective Sept. 1, Education Minister Adriana LaGrange changed the names of multiple public school divisions:

In a statement posted to her Facebook page, LaGrange said public divisions can continue to use their current branding.

An Edmonton Public Schools spokesperson told CTV News Edmonton it will continue to use that name, and it will only have to change its name on legal documents.

Colorado city ends topless ban after spending $300G defending it in court

Fort Collins, Colo. formally removed a public ordinance that banned women from going topless in public in a win for the ‘Free the Nipple’ movement.

The city decided after spending more than $300,000 defending the ordinance in court against two women who sued for discrimination that it wasn’t worth the cost, NBC News reported.

“The money was just better spent on other city priorities,” a Fort Collins government spokesperson said.

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in February that the law discriminated against women, writing it reinforced “negative stereotypes depicting women’s breasts, but not men’s breasts, as sex objects.”

Yes, Quebec is a nation, Justin Trudeau says July 5, 2016

Yes, Quebec is a nation – now let’s move on, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says.

“Canada is a nation, Quebec is a nation,” Trudeau told reporters Tuesday when he was asked about the controversy that erupted over a video he posted on his Facebook page on Canada Day.

In it, Trudeau said that on July 1 Canadians celebrate “when the people of this great land came together, and forged one nation, one country — Canada.”

That infuriated some sovereignists with Parti Québécois leadership candidate Martine Ouellette describing it as “a direct insult” to the Quebec nation.

Quebec to get $13.1 billion for 2019-2020 in federal equalization

Equalization payments are among four types of financial support to provincial and territorial governments – including Canada Health Transfer, Canada Social Transfer and Territorial Formula Financing – “to assist them in the provision of programs and services,” according to a Department of Finance website.

British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Labrador have not received equalization payments at least since 2010, a trend that will continue in the 2019-2020 period, according to Department of Finance data. Ontario joins those four provinces for 2019-2020 and will not receive equalization, a first since 2010 for the country’s most populous province. Its last equalization payment in 2018-2019 came to $963 million.


The Trudeau government is surveilling your social media for anti-immigrant and anti-Trudeau views

According to internal emails obtained by True North from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, the Trudeau government appointed a team of staffers to surveil the comments of Canadians for “bigoted” immigration criticism.

A total of 12 “communications and social media staffers” were involved in a “social care” team which was tasked with surveilling tweets and Reddit posts by Canadian citizens.


Desperate Liberals try blaming Trudeau’s unpopularity on bots

Whenever something negative about Andrew Scheer is trending on Twitter—like #scheerweakness—Liberals are glad to tweet about it.

Yet, whenever a negative hashtag about Justin Trudeau starts spreading, the Liberals start whining and complaining about “bots.”

The latest example is an article posted on Medium that tried claiming a bunch of people were bots because they had tweeted and retweeted criticism of the PM:

“BOTS, AGAIN! 🤣 In a boosted advertisement that has gotten him suspended from Twitter, a Liberal activist has again tried to spin anti-Trudeau campaigns as “bot driven.” His “watch-lists” include the NCC and election fellow @SpencerFernando”


A Globalist is a Globalist is a Globalist: Canada’s Trudeau

A nation is a nation only to the degree with which it maintains geographic independence, official language(s) and the values of its historical culture as tap roots to keep the country firmly anchored to bedrock, able to withstand attacks (foreign and domestic).

“We are a country where everyone is equal, regardless of our sexual orientation or our sexual identity,” Trudeau, July 1, 2017.

The Trudeau Regime has other ideas. Once elected PM, Trudeau wasted no time. His first declaration, “There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada” surely reassured his globalist patrons their efforts were not wasted: Trudeau is out to remake Canada as, in his words, “the first post-national state.” Even the New York Times thought that statement to be seriously radical.


Trudeau is a Globalist, a Traitor to Canada!

Canada installs Chinese underwater monitoring devices next to US nuclear submarine base

Ocean Network Canada confirms addition of hi-tech sensors built by Chinese scientists to its marine observatories in Pacific Ocean
US state department has ‘nothing to say’ on matter
While the eyes of the world have been on the strategic tussle between Beijing and Washington in the South China Sea, Chinese scientists, with the help of the Canadian authorities, have succeeded in positioning four monitoring devices in waters just 300km (186 miles) off the United States’ Pacific coast.


Actually, this federal government has raised taxes on Canada’s middle class

Consequently, the elimination of these tax credits resulted in higher personal income taxes. In fact, when you compare the value of Mr. Trudeau’s tax-rate reduction with the loss of tax credits, 81 per cent of middle-class families (with household incomes between $77,089 and $107,624) experienced an increase in their federal tax burden since 2015. In other words, slightly more than four out of five middle-class families now face a higher tax burden.


Unprecedented Blow To Justin Trudeau’s Globalist Agenda Occurs In Canada

The Quebec provincial government has passed a controversial immigration reform bill which will scrap thousands of ongoing applications to live and work in the province.

Bill 9 was voted into law by the ruling Coalition Avenir Quebec party after a marathon 19-hour session in the National Assembly in the early hours of Sunday June 16.


Kim Campbell apologizes for offensive Trump hurricane tweet

Former Canadian prime minister Kim Campbell apologized for tweeting that she was “rooting” for Hurricane Dorian to hit U.S. President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach.

Campbell, who spent four months in 1993 as Canada’s Progressive Conservative prime minister, came under fire for the controversial tweet with one Twitter user criticizing the former politician for showing “extremely poor taste.”


The Unauthorized List of Trudeau Untruths: Outright Lies, Evasions, Non-Answers, and other Equivocations

Have you ever looked at Daniel Dale’s “Unauthorized Database of False Things” said by U.S. President Donald Trump and said, “Boy, I wish our media would apply the same level of scrutiny to our leaders”? Of course you haven’t, because nobody has looked at Daniel Dale’s list in the last year. We just content ourselves with the fact that it exists.

Here, then, because Daniel Dale doesn’t have time to make one, is the definitive and continuously updated list of false statements Trudeau has made. Here are the rules:

Justin Trudeau vs the truth

Can Liberals shift focus from their favoured minorities to the majority?

That Canadians perceive the divisive nature of Trudeau Liberalism is evidenced by the Liberals’ decline in the polls

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a big believer in the advice of foreign experts.

In the months after the 2015 election Liberals were addressed on several occasions by Sir Michael Barber, a British expert of “deliverology,” who advised on ways to keep the avalanche of promises they’d made. Later they heard from David Axelrod, a key strategist for former president Barack Obama, who was invited to “motivate and inspire and focus” party members mulling a platform for re-election.

As election nears, Trudeau’s plan to sway B.C. is spend, spend, spend

Joseph Katalinic, the guy who won $60 million in the Lotto Max last week, says he plans to spend like a boss and “live like a king,” and I say good for him!

But the retired Richmond fisherman has got nothing on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who’s been spending money like water as he fishes for votes in B.C.

British Columbia is a crucial battleground in the approaching federal election and Trudeau has been splashing money around like a high-rolling gambler on steroids as the Oct. 21 voting day draws closer.

The Mass Shootings & Psychotropic Drugs Connection

What Do All Mass Shootings Have In Common?

Opinion – Mass shootings seem to have become commonplace in today’s society.

This is a hotly debated topic with a major political ripple effect.

Over the past 20 years, practically every mass shooting, including isolated shootings and suicides, have one concerning thing in common.
Psychotropic Drugs

The evidence is overwhelming.

Psychotropic drugs (SSRI’s) are the single largest factor in all of these shooting incidents.

All of these shooters were currently or were at one time taking these powerful drugs.

This commonality can not be overlooked.

Psychiatric medications, not guns, triggering mass shootings

Psychiatric drugs are the common thread in nearly all school shootings. Yet, the media exploits every school shooting to push its agenda of repealing the Second Amendment and confiscating guns from law-abiding citizens but leaving all weapons in the hands of the criminals.

They also refuse to to consider the mind-altering effects of psychiatric medications, which emerge in nearly every recent school shooting. The website PsychDrugShooters.com details over 100 school shootings carried out by individuals who were taking psych meds.

Trump reportedly wants to buy Greenland. So did the Truman administration

It’s something that President Trump has repeatedly asked his staff to explore in recent weeks, bewildering top aides. But he’s not the first to ponder the question, which was first floated in the 1860s, when a report commissioned by the State Department under President Andrew Johnson concluded that the icebound island’s abundance of fish and mineral resources could make it a valuable investment.

And in 1946, President Harry Truman’s administration went even further, offering to purchase Greenland from Denmark in exchange for $100 million in gold.

“People have forgotten about how important places like Greenland were in the Cold War,” said Ronald E. Doel, an associate professor of history at Florida State University and a co-editor of “Exploring Greenland: Cold War Science and Technology on Ice.”


Southwest Airlines is formally allowing miniature horses on its planes as service animals

Southwest Airlines has finalised its policy on the kinds of animals it will let passengers fly with — and it is formally allowing people to fly with trained miniature horses from next month.

From September 2017, the airline will only let dogs, cats, and miniature horses in the cabin, according to a statement on its website.

The new policy also includes a list of animals that are not eligible to come on board, which features insects, spiders, rabbits, ferrets, or rodents.

Trudeau broke law in SNC-Lavalin scandal, refuses to apologize

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed the media after the bombshell report dropped hours earlier by the third party Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion, which confirmed what many Canadians already believed; that Justin Trudeau had inappropriately pressured then-Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould in what would soon be known as the SNC-Lavalin Scandal.

Trudeau addressed the media at Niagara-on-the-lake, Ontario, in a much-anticipated response. Media pundits speculated whether the prime minister would apologize, with many iterating that this would be the first time Trudeau would have to face the verified fact that Trudeau acted inappropriately.

Trudeau says he thinks Liberals will pick up seats in Alberta

With only 100 days left until the election, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau likes his chances of picking up seats in Alberta.

“We are going to, not just bring back our MPs, but bring back more MPs to Ottawa,” he told a crowd of supporters in Calgary on Saturday.

The Liberals only have three seats in the province right now, two in Edmonton and one in Calgary. Of the 34 total seats in the province, the Conservatives hold 29.

Seats the Tories occupy are often secured by a wide margin. For example, in the 2015 election Kevin Sorenson, running in Alberta’s Battle River–Crowfoot, had the second-highest share of the popular vote. He also received more votes than any other candidate across Canada.

The prime minister may predict big things for the province, but the current poll numbers don’t seem to support his theory.

Will the Liberals even win a seat in Alberta this time?

In today’s Big Story podcast, Alberta’s disdain for Trudeaus runs pretty deep. In part two of our Lay of the Land series, we visit the Tory stronghold and examine the electoral landscape. The province wasn’t a total loss for Trudeau and his Liberals in 2015, but they could easily be completely shut out here this fall.

What’s at the root of Alberta’s anger at the federal government? How much of that is their fault? And if Andrew Scheer can’t knock off a few Liberals in the suburbs this time, what does that say about the national vote?

Gun Sales Surge After Mass Shootings

Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, many first-time buyers are seeking concealed weapon licenses, purchasing handguns, and taking concealed carry classes.

According to the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, there are 393,300,000 guns in the United States already, which amounts to 120.5 guns per 100 people. Despite these astronomical figures, more and more people feel it is not enough.


Democracy Watch says Trudeau’s staff should also be found guilty of violating ethics rules in SNC-Lavalin case

The biggest news story in Canada this morning is the ethics commissioner’s report declaring that Justin Trudeau violated the Conflict of Interest Act.

Mario Dion concluded that the prime minister’s actions didn’t conform with section 9 when he tried to influence former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould to reconsider the prosecution of SNC-Lavalin.

This section prohibits public office holders from using their position to seek to influence a decision of another person so as to advance their own private interests or those of a relative or friend, or to improperly further another person’s private interests.

Flashback 2017
Trudeau guilty, just before Hell was about to freeze over

Federal Ethics Commission Mary Dawson has given Canadians an early Christmas present by formally finding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau guilty of breaking the law with his Yuletide vacation in 2016 to the sun-drenched private Caribbean island of the Aga Khan.

Most of us thought she was waiting for Hell to freeze over before making her ruling, although she did come close.

Her last day on the job is Jan. 8.

During the two years the Trudeau Liberals have been in power, it has become increasingly obvious that the PM and his cabinet cohorts have a tin ear when it comes to issues involving ethics.

Media freedom under Trudeau’s Liberals is worse than ever

According to Reporters Without Borders’ 2019 World Press Freedom Index, Canada has fallen to 18th in the world in terms of media freedom, well below Jamaica and even Costa Rica. We were 8th in the world in 2013. Such a decline in integrity signifies a major shift in our government’s position on freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and their overall approach to, and growing acceptance of, censorship.

As Reporters Without Borders explains, “Despite recent positive steps, like the establishment of a Commission of Inquiry to investigate Quebec police surveillance of multiple journalists, and the adoption of a federal press “shield law” to protect the confidentiality of journalists’ sources, his [Justin Trudeau’s] first two years in office have been an overall disappointment.”

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson comes out as gay after 40 years

In a column published in the Ottawa Citizen on Saturday, Watson writes that it was a “mistake” not coming out sooner.

He writes that he was worried about how his family, friends and colleagues would react and he struggled coming to terms with his sexuality during his childhood.

Watson says he was inspired to write the column after he raised the pride flag at city hall during the 2014 Olympic Games in Russia to show solidarity with LGBTQ athletes who feared the Russian government’s views on homosexuality.

Watson says he was also convinced to come out of the closet after he was approached by a man in a park two years ago who told him he shouldn’t go to the Ottawa Pride Parade, calling it the “fag parade.”

Liberal ‘One-Percenter’ bemoans family’s wealth: ‘This much money is wrong’

A liberal man who claims to be part of the “One Percent” has recalled his suffering from wealth anxiety in a tone-deaf illustrated essay, saying, “I think having this much money is wrong.”

Adam Roberts, a Boston community organizer working to help wealthy young people “become transformative leaders,” published an illustrated essay at the left-wing Vox outlet explaining the difficulties of being a progressive and wealthy due to his family riches.

One-of-a-Kind 1939 Porsche Predecessor Fails to Sell After Auction Blunder

A bulbous race car from the 1930s was expected to be the most expensive car with the Porsche name ever sold at auction. But the sale was marred by a confusing mix-up on the auction stage.

Technically speaking, the Type 64 isn’t really a Porsche because the company didn’t yet exist when Ferdinand Porsche created the car in Nazi Germany. But its role as the ancestor of today’s Porsche sports cars is clear, and it was expected to sell Saturday for as much as $20 million.


How the New Democrats could create 300,000 new green jobs

As part of our federal election coverage, CBC News is assessing the truthfulness and accuracy of statements made by politicians and their parties.

The Claim: “Our plan to fight climate change will create at least 300,000 new jobs.”

— A central pledge from the NDP’s Power to Change: A New Deal for Climate Action and Good Jobs

The Facts:

The federal New Democrats are promising to create at least 300,000 “good jobs” over the next four years if elected. And the party’s climate change strategy makes it clear that those employment gains would come in the sectors of infrastructure, transit, housing and renewable energy.

Mélanie Richer, the party’s communications director, says the figure is a “conservative estimate” of the jobs that will be created by the $15 billion in green investments that an NDP government would make over its first mandate, including $6.5 billion for mass transit, $3.5 billion to spur the transition to renewable energy and $2.5 billion targeted at making communities and homes more energy efficient.

What colors make the color white?

By mixing red, green and blue you get white.

TMX board approved additional $5M in future bonuses for federally owned project

$3M will go to Crown corp’s executives and $2.48M to employees in 2021

Months before the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project was approved a second time, the leadership of the new government-owned pipeline company approved $5 million in future bonuses for top executives and employees to keep them onboard.

At a 2018 board meeting a week before Christmas, while the fate of the Trans Mountain expansion project was still up in the air, the board of Trans Mountain Corporation unanimously approved a package of bonuses for its executives and non-executives as an incentive for them to remain with the company through 2021.

Trans Mountain Corporation CEO Ian Anderson and nine other members of the executive management team will share $3.01 million as part of the long-term incentive plan, according to documents obtained by CBC News under Access to Information.

What kind of Conservative is Andrew Scheer?

You can ask Andrew Scheer about where he fits among his Conservative peers and predecessors all you want. Just know that whatever the question, the answer is going to be Justin Trudeau needs to go.

That was the tenor of Friday’s news conference at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, where Scheer ducked a series of pointed questions on conservative-minded politicos in the question-and-answer aftermath of a health-care announcement, pivoting each time to lash out at Trudeau’s Liberals.

The headline news at the event — a Scheer “guarantee” to maintain and increase federal health-care and social-program transfers by at least 3 per cent annually — turned out to be the previous day’s news: A restated version of a pledge he had announced on Twitter, embodied in a letter to Canada’s premiers.

Andrew Scheer slowly revealing policies that appear neither scary nor weak

It’s fair to say the “scary” Andrew Scheer meme has not really caught on.

As the Conservative leader pointed out at this year’s Press Gallery dinner, “It’s like trying to waterboard the Pillsbury Doughboy.”

Instead, a motley collection of unions and leftists, Engage Canada, is launching a new front – an attack ad claiming “weak” Andrew Scheer will cut taxes for “his wealthy friends”, cancel child benefits and privatize Canada’s health care system.

This is the same group that warned if Stephen Harper was re-elected in 2015, it would be the end of history.

Thankfully, reforms to the elections advertising rules mean Engage Canada will have nowhere near the firepower it had four years ago when unions like Unifor and the United Steelworkers contributed more than $400,000 each. The new rules limit third parties to a cap of $1 million in the pre-campaign period, from June 30 until the writ drops.

Kenney stoking Alberta separatism notions

As election season begins to heat up ahead of this fall’s federal election, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney says he would rather see Prime Minister Justin Trudeau leave office than the province leave the federation.

In a video shared on social media Saturday, Kenney said it’s a challenge facing Alberta in the next three months.

“Rather than focusing on Alberta separating from the Canadian federation, I’d like to focus on separating Justin Trudeau from the Prime Minister’s Office,” said Kenney in the video.

But Mount Royal University political science professor Duane Bratt said Kenney stoking the flames of separatism could be a dangerous precedent.

“It’s a dangerous game to play to say, ‘well if the Liberals are elected we are separating’,” he said. “Kenney did not create this fire around separation, but I think he is stoking it by saying, ‘I’m not a separatist, but if I don’t get my way the only other alternative is separation.’”

New Alberta separation group meets in Calgary: ‘It’s time to take control’

Peter Downing is on a tour of Alberta, drumming up support for the province to leave the country.

On Saturday, the founder of Wexit Alberta told people gathered in Calgary that it’s not just a Liberal federal government issue; but the way Confederation is set up that favours the east politically and economically.


The trouble with environmentalists

Environmentalists can be a demanding crowd. They variously want to save endangered species, save habitats, prevent damage from GM food and, of course, prevent catastrophic climate change. Worthy goals all, but often in conflict - both with each other and with humanity's basic needs for comfortable living standards and enough to eat. Widespread concern for animal welfare and promotion of vegetarianism can be thrown into the mix. We're left with a flurry of incompatible goals, and a cacophony of confused guidance on living ethically.


"Hippies Crying Over Dead Trees"

In 2008, some wonderful soul uploaded a video titled "Hippies-Crying Over Dead Trees" to YouTube. It is glorious. Enjoy.


Bills C-68 and C-69 and the Consideration of Sex, Gender and Other Identity Factors

Over the past couple of months, several of my colleagues have posted comments on Bill C-68 and Bill C-69 (see here). My focus in this post is on one section that is common to Bills C-68 and C-69, which provides that when making a decision under the relevant Act, the decision-maker may or indeed must consider, among other things, “the intersection of sex and gender with other identity factors” (see proposed section 2.5(i) of the Fisheries Act (“may”), section 22(1)(s) of the proposed Impact Assessment Act (“must”), and sections 183(2)(c), 262(2)(c) and 298(3)(c) of the proposed Canadian Energy Regulator Act (“must”)). The preamble of Bill C-69 also states that “the Government of Canada is committed to assessing how groups of women, men and gender-diverse people may experience policies, programs and projects and to taking actions that contribute to an inclusive and democratic society and allow all Canadians to participate fully in all spheres of their lives.”


Trudeau blasts Scheer for not marching in Canadian Pride parades for third straight year

Sunday’s Vancouver Pride Parade saw Prime Minister Justin Trudeau march through the city’s West End for the fourth straight year, the first sitting prime minister to do so.

Alongside him were NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May — but not Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer.

Trudeau couldn’t help but comment on the absence of his chief rival in the October federal election, bringing it up twice while talking to reporters.


Indian Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. I-5)

Act current to 2019-06-06 and last amended on 2017-12-22. Previous Versions

Taxpayers are generous to First Nations

Canada’s taxpayers have been increasingly generous to Aboriginal Canadians over the decades but that reality is not often the narrative one hears from selected First Nations leaders. Instead, the oft-stated opinion is that taxpayers should ante up ever more.

For instance, former Assembly of First Nations chief Phil Fontaine once wrote that any “argument that enough money is already being spent must be regarded as thoroughly uninformed, or worse, shockingly mean-spirited.” Last year, at the Assembly of First Nations’ special chiefs meeting, out of 47 approved policy resolutions, 22 resolutions asserted inadequate funding, called for additional funding and/or called for exemptions from payments and taxes normally due.

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Self-inflicted socialist wounds crippling Canada’s economy

Justin Trudeau has Canada headed toward another fiscal calamity, through a series of policy decisions that mimic his father’s misguided choices

Like father, like son, the old adage goes. It’s never been truer than in the case of former prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau and his son Justin, Canada’s current prime minister.

The parallels start with an ideological attraction to communism. Pierre was asked for his views on democracy and communism, and stated that a one-party state would be the ideal government under certain conditions. He added: “I wouldn’t be prepared to think I would be successful in arguing that (communism) for Canada at the present time. But such times might come, who knows?”

That might sound familiar.

Trudeau announces hundreds of millions in foreign aid for women’s health, amid ‘attacks’ on abortion rights

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced hundreds of millions of dollars in new foreign-aid spending for sexual, reproductive, maternal and child health on Tuesday, helping to fill a global funding gap left by the United States’ rescinding of international abortion spending.

Mr. Trudeau said Canada must push back against attacks on women’s rights, particularly abortion rights, at home and abroad. Canada will fund this effort by gradually increasing its international funding for women and girls’ health and rights to $1.4-billion annually in 2023 and maintaining that yearly amount until 2030

Canada’s Treacherous “Faustian Bargain”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, it seems, adheres to the principle of globalism, according to which the world is borderless, and the idea of sovereign nation-states is both reactionary and obsolete. In this borderless world, the governing body is the unelected, untransparent, unaccountable and deeply corrupt United Nations and its agencies, which possess the authority to legislate international law that is then enforced by member states.

Where’s a Russian to blame now that we need one?

It was a year ago Friday that the government of Canada declared Kirill Kalinin and three other Russian diplomats persona non grata and sent them packing for using, in the words of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, “their diplomatic status to undermine Canada’s security or interfere in our democracy.”

Nobody bothered to commemorate the expulsion on the anniversary except the former First Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Canada himself.

Canadian PM Warns Of Russian Interference In Upcoming Parliamentary Elections

“We’ve seen over the past number of years an increase in the interference or the implication of foreign actors in democratic processes,” Trudeau told a Toronto news conference on April 5.

“We saw very clearly that countries like Russia are behind a lot of the divisive campaigns; a lot of the divisive social media, you know, spreads [and has] turned our politics even more divisive and more anger-filled than they have been in the past,” he said.

Justin Trudeau: Maybe he is just really, really stupid

Most Canadians who do not spend their evenings drinking the Liberal Party Kool Aid do not like the way Justin Trudeau is running the country. They realize as leaders and politicians go, he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. But it is possible even these people are actually overestimating his intelligence. As far as his mental abilities are concerned, he is probably a lot worse than most of us think he is.

In a Toronto Sun column, Lorne Gunter wrote everything Trudeau does is done because he is “naïve.” The major problem with the columnist’s thinking is he is being too kind to the selfie-taking Sock Boy. As far as naiveté goes, Trudeau is looking at it in the rear view mirror. The reality is he is simply not bright enough to hold any job requiring more intelligence than his work experience before entering politics required; part time drama teacher, snowboard instructor and bouncer.

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Advisers warned B.C. premier that blocking pipeline against the law

British Columbia Premier John Horgan, who has vowed to use every possible means to thwart a Kinder Morgan Inc. pipeline expansion, was told by legal advisers last year before taking power that blocking the project would be against the law.

That hasn’t stopped the 58-year-old former pulp mill worker from digging in his heels to stop the $7.4 billion Trans Mountain expansion project, sparking a national uproar and drawing sharp rebukes from his counterparts in Alberta and the federal government.

Houston-based Kinder Morgan threatened over the weekend to walk away from the project that was approved by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2016. That prospect has catapulted the contentious expansion into a symbol of fragile national unity as critics call B.C.’s obstruction of a federally sanctioned project an assault on Canada’s political system and the rule of law.

Horgan disappointed in pipeline ruling, but accepts project will move ahead

“Although I regret the federal government’s decision, it is within their authority to make that decision,” Horgan said. “It is now up to (Environment Minister) George (Heyman) and I and the government of British Columbia to ensure that as this project proceeds we have no impact on our marine life, no impact on our natural environment and we do not put at risk one of the hottest economies in the country.”

Trans Mountain pipeline “will not be built,” vow First Nations and allies

First Nations leaders in British Columbia and their allies swiftly responded to the Trudeau government’s recent approval of the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline, reiterating their long-standing opposition to the “climate polluting” project.

Once completed, the $9.3 billion Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project (TMEP) will boost the flow of diluted bitumen from Edmonton, Alberta, to the Westridge Marine Terminal in Burnaby, British Columbia, from the current 300,000 to 890,000 barrels a day. The project will increase tanker traffic to more than 400 tankers per year, from the current 60. The project will also expand the Westridge Marine Terminal to accommodate the inevitable increase in pipeline capacity and tanker traffic.

Justin Trudeau and the Dismantling of Canadian Identity

hus far in his tenure, Trudeau has been far more explicit about what he does not want for Canada than he has been regarding the kind of nation he envisions for our future.

One thing he does not want, as publicly stated shortly after taking office, is a Canada based upon “national identity.” This bold assertion, in effect, tells us Trudeau does not believe in a Canada defined by a national heritage developed over 148 years of history. From Canada’s early pioneer settlers, to our cultural roots as an English and French Canadian society, through to the struggle for an identity independent of American cultural domination — Justin Trudeau has deemed these symbols of our nationhood to be irrelevant.

Trudeau Arrogantly Dismisses Canadians Who Oppose UN Global Migration Compact

Apparently, Trudeau thinks that being against giving control of our immigration system to the UN somehow equals opposing immigration.

With more and more Canadians – and people around the world – turning against the sovereignty-robbing UN Global Compact on Migration, the Opposition has officially called for the Trudeau Liberals to not sign the agreement.

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Singh invokes Tommy Douglas to pitch 2019 election platform

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh summoned the legacy of Tommy Douglas — the father of universal health care in Canada — while unveiling his party's 2019 election platform today, pitching voters on a plan to dramatically expand that system to cover drugs, mental, dental, eye and hearing.

"Seventy-five years ago yesterday, Tommy Douglas was elected the premier of Saskatchewan, where he led a movement that gave us medicare and, ever since, being Canadian means doctor visits, hospital care — without having to worry about how to pay for it. That was a powerful dream, but we know that dream is not complete. We can take it further," Singh told a crowd of supporters in Hamilton on Sunday morning, netting a standing ovation.


Trudeau’s Globalist Circus is Destroying Canada

There is a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say we need to go green, we need to start, you know, investing in solar. There is a flexibility that I know Stephen Harper must dream about: having a dictatorship where you can do whatever you wanted, that I find quite interesting.”

This should have been one of many warnings of what Trudeau’s ‘leadership’ would bring to Canada


Trudeau announces hundreds of millions in foreign aid for women’s health, amid ‘attacks’ on abortion rights

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced hundreds of millions of dollars in new foreign-aid spending for sexual, reproductive, maternal and child health on Tuesday, helping to fill a global funding gap left by the United States’ rescinding of international abortion spending.

Mr. Trudeau said Canada must push back against attacks on women’s rights, particularly abortion rights, at home and abroad. Canada will fund this effort by gradually increasing its international funding for women and girls’ health and rights to $1.4-billion annually in 2023 and maintaining that yearly amount until 2030. Half of that yearly spending will be dedicated to sexual and reproductive needs. That is up from $1.1-billion spent right now, $400-million of which is spent on sexual and reproductive needs.


Trudeau Gives Billions To Foreign Governments, While Rejecting $19 Million For Canadians With Autism

Once again, Trudeau puts Canada last

As I’ve reported, Canada’s foreign aid has reached an all-time record under Justin Trudeau. By some estimates, the government now takes $10 billion of our money and gives it away to foreign governments every year.

This is despite the fact that foreign aid does more harm than good. That’s the point that was made by Angus Deaton – one of the top authorities on global poverty. As the New York Times reported, “Angus Deaton, an expert’s expert on global poverty and foreign aid, puts his considerable reputation on the line and declares that foreign aid does more harm than good. It corrupts governments and rarely reaches the poor, he argues, and it is high time for the paternalistic West to step away and allow the developing world to solve its own problems.”



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