I have had a predicament, owning a smart phone and not wanting it to hear me. I have tried putting it right in the other room, burying it in a bunch of clothes, stuffing it under the bed, throwing it in the closet, it could hear just about every word I said, even buried in a bucket of sand. Then it dawned on me, there is a movie known as "A Quiet Place" where these alien creatures are hunting with sound and wipe out most of humanity. However, in one of the scenes the father is with his son under a waterfall that is very loud, he and his son no longer have to whisper or use sign language, so they yell in peace. In this case, I put the phone in a faraday cage under a loud fan, as you can see, you cannot yell, but a normal inside voice, even a slightly louder one cannot be heard, let alone a whisper, which it has proven the ability to record at arguably excessive capacity. It pisses me off, I don't need the phone to pick up on that much, and anyone that payed any attention to Snowden or surveillance in general at all should understand why this is and what it is doing. Well, there's literally no videos on the issue, I'm amazed that knowing all we can know, especially considering how many complain about surveillance who simultaneously own a smart phone, that nobody has anything to say in relation to this idea. You know, disabling its literal capacity to hear you. It does this even on airplane mode. The bots know. The state knows. Zucc knows. Been fucking anyone? "They" heard the whole thing. Probably wanked even. Is this idea buried by the algo's? Who knows. Either way, here's a solution to that shit, easier to sleep with than loud music. FYI, you need a LOUD fan. Lots of them out there for less than 100. I recommend a faraday cage inside of a faraday cage, those shits are not perfect, everyone knows that. Can't put a price on peace of mind. I know, step 1, don't get a smart phone, but in today's world, sometimes you're stuck with what you got for whatever reason. Here's a solution for those in that situation, and information for those who haven't considered it or tested their phone's hearing capacity (hint, it's creepy). Instructions: Step 1: Throw that shit in a faraday cage, and maybe the faraday cage inside of a faraday cage/bag//boxwhatever. Step 2: Place it UNDER the fan, so that the full volume drowns out the noise. Step 3: Do not make a loud cough volume. All I can say is, you either do this or throw them shits outside at night.

Nice obscure old gem I found.

Don't even get me started on the dykes!

Intended for mature audiences, this would be rated R so viewer discretion advised. Believe it or not though it's a science based presentation. I would ask, why do the elites do this? I think it's because: higher rates of infertility, and increased emotional reactivity, the hegelian dialectic is enhanced in its efficacy and of course the population is more easily reaching that 500 million threshold.

Here are the URL's so you don't have to type them:

Soy in ALL the food:

Soy can make you grow tits and break your dick:

Bpa is an artificial estrogen that causes cancer:

You also absorb it through your receipt, we are introduced to BPS, a very similar chemical toxilogically and structurally, common in "BPA FREE" products.

Human exposure to BPA is higher than we know:

BPA in all these products and in the urine of 93% of Americans (you think this doesn't play a crucial role in public psychology?):

BPA is very likely changing public psychiatry:

BPA also lowers testosterone

Veganism Enhances the Potency of BPA:

BPA Fish Infertility

BPA Contorting Fish genitalia and development:

BPA, fish sexual confusion, and beastiality:

Hermadaphrodite (BPA) FIIIISH:

Feminized (BPA) Incel Mice:

BPS and BPF, basically the same thing as far as what it does to you, common in your "BPA free" products.

Another Plastic Ingredient that makes you gay:

Just a little extra effort from one of the most famous elites:

The fucking MASKS are doing it:

Xenoestrogens, they're everywhere, your clothes, your soaps, your food, etc; they are basically fucking everyone up. (over 90% of people)

Bill Gates funded media demonizes testosterone (almost as though they want to legitimize what they're doing):

I say it's a rather fantastic adventure.

They weren't erect. 😡

A good work hype song ngl

I hate it when my kids find my secret stash...

Period blood on my face drives me fucking crazy!

No place is safe...

Podesta/Gates spitting some bars right here.

You're kidding yourself if you think I give a fuck.

Beware of the big scary man shitting in your drawers...

You bet your ass that he is the relbest!

Sometimes, you just wonder what you've done with your life.

This is what happens when the corporation catches you slip. I found out that the sampled tune was a song known as "Soulful Strut" by a group known as "Young Holt Unlimited".

Might just have slash my wrist with my car keys...

Knick-Knack patty whack give a dog a bone
Dinner better be ready when I get HOME!
Keep hitting me bitch I'll hit you with a stone
I try not to think about if I was alone

"If you don't respect the man then respect the technique." #wordstoliveby

A rolling stone gathers no moss. Keep working or get hit by the boss.

If the guy isn't getting fucked then it's rape because reverse rape.

Original Creator: nana825763 on youtube. Figured why not reupload it? Good art to archive if the internet ever gets shut down/destroyed.

Learn the importance of cooking by the book, with help from Lil Jon!!!! ^ __ ^

The legendary first iteration of Donald Mcdonald and his talent for musical shit or whatever you get the idea. The ran ran ruu empire was born about 10 years ago today, though the source of the commercials are probably older.

A message from Donald McDonald regarding abortion.


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I have been shadow-banned, though for whatever reason it seems my videos still stand. I do not know if you can even see them, but if you have, congratulations on finding this obscure channel. All I can do is like/dislike things and add them to playlists now, cannot comment or upload. What I do know is that I argued with the literal nazis (not the neoliberal definition of nazi) and I wonder if BitChute is actually a very sinister anti freedom of speech platform masquerading as a haven for freedom of speech. You're free to be fucked up, or make bitchute money. Other than that, good luck if you take on the payed trolls on bitchute, I think they want to play onto the "everything but commies are nazis narrative" as msm has labeled bitchute users all nazis and all these scumbags are running free and unopposed, to gaslight I think the audience of bitchute and anyone who will defend free speech. The last comment I left though was about the efficacy of boycotts on a channel known as the conscious resistance when they were complaining about forced workplace vaccines. I pointed out that it's the easiest thing anyone can do and literally a minority of the population can make it work just like black people did in the mid 1900's with the busses. I notice there hasn't been much promotion of those who propose solutions rather just people who are capable of bitching about the situation. I was given no notification. I have also noticed The comments on my videos have been scrubbed for whatever reason. I have been memory holed, even when I pointed out the mathematical absurdity of racial collectivism and all that shit. I guess I'm just leaving this here as a warning: don't trust this platform. Ever notice the really important videos don't play? like protest footage from australia, globalists talking about engineering meat allergies, and doctors breaking their gag orders? Shadow banning. It's rampant. Here's a video by someone who knows the owner of bitchute and has a lot of unfortunate things to say about his disregard for freedom of speech etc: Seriously I say, don't trust this platform. It's not freedom of speech, it's a fraud, and unlike fakebook it's even less transparent. Probably a commie intelligence operation.

Below is my original description.

Pretty much reuploads of other things, some of my own content, and whatever else. I guess it goes without a say I'm all about alternative tech, truth, and a free humanity. I post what I feel like and hope this doesn't become monotonous. Fuck theytube, fakebook, and twatter. Also, fuck china. Don't forget to fuck human traffickers because everything they do is rape. Fuck all that shit.

Not all clowns are pedos.

Support Wikileaks

A good clown mantra for transformation time is "the human is dead the clown is alive". Recite this at least a dozen times or so.

Fund this guy to fight mask-holery:

Have you ever fucked a clown?