I didn't make this video. But I decided to upload this video, because it does have "some" interesting information in it.

There are other Hollywood films that gives some clues on hidden facts especially Hitchcock's films such Rope (1948), Stage Fright (1950), Vertigo (1958), Psycho (1960) and Marnie (1964).

Life Kreationz's videos are available here -

The documentary "Adolf Hitler: the greatest story never told" is available here -

My videos including "White Native Americans!" are available in the below link for downloading.

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The religion of Old Testament is called Hebrewism (aka Judeanism). Christianity is the continuation and fulfillment of Hebrewism (aka Judeanism).

This was a video uploaded by Mr. E. But the video got deleted along with Mr. E's account.

Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the creator of this video. Luckily, I was able to download it before this video got deleted.

This was another video by Russianvids that got deleted as well.

This was a video by Russianvids that got deleted. I liked the video and I thought I should upload it here. Here is the documentary "The Beast as Saint: the truth about Martin Luther King Jr." which shows the truth about Martin Luther King Jr. -

This video focuses on linguistic Invasion of Spanish over English in United States of America. Miami, Florida is a great example of this.

Jews gained control of American government through Federal Reserve Bank (established in 1913), American media, etc. Through Jewish Multiculturalism, English spoken in America is falling apart due to the increase in Spanish. If Spanish takes over English in America, then Americans will become totally powerless due to the fact that they lose their last existing power (the power of communication) which is English (also represents Freedom of Communication).

The idea is to replace Naturalism (the creations of God) with Unnaturalism. More human beings (created by God) are being replaced with trannies for New world order. In terms of language, English is a language with natural gender while Spanish is a language with genders on non livings. If Spanish replaces English, then it will deceptively help in promoting unnaturalism among human beings through its genders on non living things.

In the Bible, we can see Nehemiah the Governor getting angry at Judeans abandoning the teachings of Bible by marrying the women of Ashdod, Ammonites and Moabites and their children not being able to speak the language of Judeans (Aramaic). Nehemiah also beat them and curse them as well (Nehemiah 13:23-26). Our christian morality depend upon the language we speak.

Hispanic cultures usually favor their cultural traditions over Christian morality. Just like the Pharisees favored Traditions of the Elders over Old Testament.

There is a deliberate suppression of English in favor of Spanish in USA due to the rise of Hispanic population. When anyone points this out, then he/she is immediately called a racist by Hispanics and Hispanic supporters.

English is one of the very few "most agreeable languages" in the world due to the fact that it doesn't clash with other cultures. This is not the case with languages like Spanish, French, and other languages with grammatical gendered nouns.

Let me share why Spanish is a racist language.

Spanish is a language that is developed based on the thoughts of Hispanic culture. These thoughts clashes with other cultures who live in America and other parts of the world. The rise of Hispanic population in America has become a major problem due to the fact that Spanish is being favored over English by Hispanics in USA and it is affecting the lives of Americans (White Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, etc.) who only speak English. When anyone questions the promotion of Spanish over English in USA, then he/she is immediately called racist in order to suppress the truth.

The table (la mesa) in Spanish is feminine while in German, the table is masculine (Der Tisch). So Spanish clashes with other languages especially in terms of grammatical gendered nouns.

On the top of that, Many cultures (English speaking cultures, many african cultures, many asian cultures, uralic cultures, etc.) throughout the world who don't use grammatically gendered nouns have a hard time understanding why grammatically gendered nouns are used since the grammatically gendered nouns have no logic. With English, you don't have to worry about these types of nonsenses. It takes reality as it is.

Freedom is applied equally to all American citizens which means English should be spoken among all American citizens. Favoring Spanish eliminates the rights of English speaking Americans.

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This is the trailer I made long time ago for the documentary "Adolf Hitler: the greatest story never told."

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