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One component of a possible future #SpaceForce that already exists is the space weather prediction center, which makes various observations, including of the Sun, to predict their impact on the Earth and satellites.

One component of a possible future #SpaceForce that already exists is the space surveillance system. This system is used to detect, identify, track, and catalog objects orbiting the Earth, as well as to predict orbit decays and reentry of objects into the atmosphere.

One component of a possible future #SpaceForce that already exists is the space & missile early warning system. This system provides early warning of ICBM and other missile launches.

Some thoughts on things coming from both the right and left regarding Trump revoking the security clearance former CIA director John Brennan.

One component of a possible future #SpaceForce that already exists is the Air Force Satellite Control Network. This network of different systems and equipment allows those who need to access satellite payloads to do so even if a satellite is on the opposite side of the planet.

Suppose we have a proton and some point 0.053nm from the proton. What is the electric potential at said point? Now suppose there is an electron at this point. What is the potential energy of this electron?

What would a #SpaceForce look like? The answer is probably a lot like what we already have.

How does a gold standard work when implemented properly? Does the government purchase gold/silver from suppliers, mint coins, then distribute them to the public? Let's have a quick look.
NOTE: The Mint may be funded directly as described in the video, or indirectly via taxation as was the common case.

Just one thing I noticed with many conversations about the de-platforming of Alex Jones/#InfoWars. There seems to be confusion, and in some cases purposeful ignorance/stupidity/deception, regarding the difference between the term "public" when used to mean a government, and "public" when used to describe a company.

Suppose a bag is filled with a gas until the bag's volume reaches 22.4L. The temperature and pressure of the gas within the bag remain constant at 20C and 1atm respectively. How much gas has been introduced into the bag by the time its volume has reached 22.4L?

In this episode we build a bridge across our undersea canyon to prepare for farm construction. We also take a look at the entryway/exit system that uses soul sand and magma blocks, and also has the side benefit of collecting fish.

Phys in 4 is a series of instructional videos in which concepts from physics and chemistry are explained in less time than it takes to create a video that is 4GB in length.

Let's take a look at the Tanakh to what is said about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, rather than just cherry-picking verses to justify an agenda. While homosexuality is a sin, was it the primary cause of the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah?

Relevant texts:
Genesis 18:1-8 -- God & angels appear to Abraham

Genesis 18:16-19 -- God tells Abraham of his plans re Sodom

Genesis 18:20-21 -- God tells Abraham of the outcry from Sodom & Gomorrah

Genesis 18:22-33 -- Abraham pleads with God for the lives of the innocent

Genesis 19:1-3 -- Lot convinces the two angels to stay with him overnight

Genesis 19:4-11 -- The men of Sodom demand non-consensual relations with Lot's guests, the two angels

Deuteronomy 4:2, 13:1 & Revelation 22:18 -- Do not add to or take away from what is written

*Footnote* text:
Jasher 19:3 -- beds erected in the streets of Sodom

Can electrons move from one orbit to another? If so, is energy consumed or emitted during the move? Let's quickly examine electrostatic charge and Coulomb's law to find out.

What are the parts of an atom and where do they reside within an atom? What is their mass? Do they have electric charges? Let's take a brief look at the Bohr model to find out the answers to these questions.

How can we use the light emitted by an object to figure out the composition of said object? We can do so by splitting light emitted by the object into its constituent components, then by comparing the results to "fingerprints" of chemical elements. This is called spectroscopy.

A brief overview of how segment registers and segment descriptors play a role in virtual addressing on Intel's CPUs.

A brief overview of how Intel's processor segment descriptors are organized. Applicable to the 80286, 80386, 80486, Pentium, and later processors.

***Voice audio is low*** After derping up the first episode's recording, I try again and gether all the fragments and materials to build a mobile vehicle bay and Seamoth.

How might children be educated in an anarcho-capitalist society?

Rather than build my usual vast expanses of farmland, I decide to build a high-rise to house the farms, and top it off with redstone strobe lights.

We take a look at encoders in Minecraft to see how real-world encoders in digital logic work.

In the first episode of this series we disable the watchdog timer, configure the I/O ports for digital I/O, and configure the 8051 to generate and process a 1ms timekeeping interrupt.

Enchant Get! Now that we have an enchanting table, we need somewhere to put it. Let's build a tower for our table, bookshelves, and perhaps even future brewing stands!

Join me as I start a new Minecraft series.


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