BOOM: Mark Wahlberg BREAKS SILENCE And Slams Every Trump Hating Celebrity In EPIC Interview
If you don’t like the USA, please leave and take your comrades Alec Baldwin, Cher, Madonna, Rosie, Jennifer Lawrence, Miley Cyrus, Mark Ruffalo, Sean Penn, Robert De Niro, Barbra Streisand, Matt Damon, Oprah, Colin Kaepernick and the whole lot of rich losers with you. The U.S. has an open door policy that swings both ways. Leave the rest of us alone to rebuild our nation as it was intended by our forefathers.

There is an Immortal Power pulling the strings from the Darkness, Manipulating Governments and World Leaders at will. His Plans are so perverse and ambitious, and his Power has wielded it for Millennia.

#USA Kamau Kambon (African Studies Author) says 'Exterminate the whites'

“We have to wipe white people off the face of the planet to solve this problem…the problem on the planet is white people”

😲 Wow ‼️ AMAZING #NATURE 🔥 🔥 she better not went down to dive

ΤΙ ΕΙΠΕ Η Alexa;;; World War begins 3 November 2023

ΤΟ ΑΡΘΡΟ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΑΝΑΔΗΜΟΣΙΕΥΣΗ ΑΠΟ ΤΙΣ 27/1/23 (πρέπει να μπει σήμερα σαν δήλωση στο πεδίο των απεριόριστων δυνατοτήτων)

Οι μαύροι προγραμματίζουν τον ΝΟΥ, λένε πολλά ώστε να ρίξουν την γαια μέσα απο τον ανθρώπινο ΝΟΥ σε χαμηλή δόνηση, στο φόβο, στον τρόμο, διαχωρισμό, αβεβαιότητα, μίσος, πόλεμο, καταστροφή κτλ…

Alexa is World War 3 November 2023
I'll give it to you again
Alexa is World War 3 November 23, 2023
From 6:05 pm
Answer: Russia 🇷🇺 will attack Germany 🇩🇪

#BREAKING: Now the #ISS camera captures another strange elongated luminous object during its live recording passing the edge of planet Earth

It is the 2nd Image revealed this week, what is happening

I'm curious from which angle the kabbalists would look now!!


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