Take The Blackpill

Starbucks infringed on the First Amendment rights of Mark Dice. Are we going to let that stand? I think not. Let's fight back my mocking the hell out of them
Marks video https://youtu.be/sxZlCzkpic0

The left couldn't shame Kanye into silence, so now, now they want to kill him.
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In a bombshell post, Q warns people to be careful who they follow. Apparently there are unscrupulous shills within the community trying to milk people for money.This is shocking!
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A 14 year old boy was sexually assaulted at school by a gang of bullies. The principal of the school refused to report the incident to the police.

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WWWN Article http://www.worldwideweirdnews.com/2018/04/2-girls-arrested-for-sexually-assaulting-boy.html

In the second of a series of videos that explore the QAnon hoax, we explore the people who believe QAnon is real.

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Links to original works used in this video
Retired Marine - QAnon Suggest Mueller Working For Trump and Marine Generals! - 12/06/2017 https://youtu.be/VGLzk_QVn2w

QAnon 2/8/18 - Rosenstein is Himmler's Son, Cancer Cure Coverup with Dead Researchers https://youtu.be/jDzUhNk7_Mg

QANON - "The Chair Serves the MASTER. Who is the Master? P=C" (..ITS CLINTON) https://youtu.be/_kaHr_d2bsQ

The first in a series of four videos that explore different aspects of the QAnon hoax
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During his interview on ABC James Comey admitted to having an out of body experience
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Kurt hasn't tweeted since his last Twitter seizure. Where could he be?

Liberals on twitter celebrated the death of a man during a fire at Trump Towers
Link to the original tweet by Crosby

Here are 3 videos made by Nasim Aghdam that were downloaded before they were scrubbed.

Mirroring this in case Eichenwald forces Youtube to delete it. Jims work must be preserved.

I've mirrored this video as there is a high probability that Kurt will get Youtube to have the video deleted.

Hashtag activism isn't going to preserve the 2nd Amendment. Buying guns and teaching your family how to use them will.

The Soyfather and his second in command Vee come out in favour of Black Power and deny the existence of White Peopl


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