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Honoring Father Damien's work on his 179th born day (03 January 1840) with Knight of Molokai by Eva K. BETZ (1897 - 1968)

Hurricane! Volcano eruptions and fire! Leprosy! Nothing deterred Father Damien from doing the work to which he had been called. Outstandingly big and strong as a boy, he was notably kind as a young man. He needed all his strength and kindness when he went to live at the leper colony of Molokai.

This children’s biography of Father Damien of Molokai was written by Eva K. Betz, a prolific Catholic writer of history and biography books for children. (Introduction from an original dust jacket and Maria Therese)

Larry Lindsey Kimura of Hawaiʻi Island was just a child when he began to sense that the Hawaiian language his grandmother spoke fluently was on the verge of extinction. Ever since, he has committed his life to the preservation and perpetuation of the language, as a teacher and developer of innovative programs, including Pūnana Leo, the Hawaiian language preschools. Original airdate: 31 Mei 2016

Sistah Robi album 1995: Dedicated to Robi's Pops
Guitars and 'Ukulele: Bucky Pizarelli, Barry Gailbreath
Electric Steel Guitar: William Kahakalau
Bass: Bob Carter/"Pops" Kahakalau
Piano: Dave McKenna, Lou Stein
Drums, Bongos, Percussion: John Cressi, Dick Scott
Cornet: Bobby Hacket
Tn Sax, Flute, Basson: Buzz Brauner
Tn Sax, Clarinet: Bob Wilbur
432 hz is based in root chakra (432 hz: http://www.chakrakey.com/chakra-frequencies-and-correlations/ ). in this experiment, the same piece is converted to matching chakra frequencies.
Mahalo nui loa from Sugar Cane Culture Club!
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https://TalesOfHawaii.net/ discovered this podcast and created a few videos of ThisOceanLive.tv's latest audio files; other podcasts will follow to share more stories from Hawai'ian Islands.

https://www.farmeruphawaii.com Today, my guest is my twin brother, Paul Angeleo. For the past 17 years, he’s served in the Hawaii Army National Guard. He started as a lowly, enlisted infantryman and... https://www.farmeruphawaii.com/mentors/

https://TalesOfHawaii.net/ listening to Joy Kalea, Aloha Ambassador at Holualoa, Kona, Hawaii (a.k.a. Mile 5 on Alii Drive in Kailua-Kona)

2:40 Kamehameha the Great dedicates https://Ahuena-Heiau.org/index.html to God of Peace and Agriculture
3:40 kapu system first broken
6:35 After Kamehameha the Great died in 1819, what role did the missionaries fulfill ?
7:52 What is meaningful about hula ?
9:39 hula competition: http://www.MerrieMonarch.com/
10:53 ukulele pronunciation
10:05 Who is speaking the hawaiian language ?
12:45 Where did the missionaries live ?
14:05 http://eu.ironman.com/Triathlon/events/americas/Ironman/World-Championship.aspx
14:41 world's largest outrigger canoe race: https://qlcanoerace.com/
15:05 What feelings come up on stage in front of visitors?
17:30 What is important about the custume ?
19:00 Is there a specific lei to certain music ?
21:00 Are there any wishes ?
24:20 ALOHA's meaning
26:58 What is important for visitors to know?
28:55 What happened to Captain Cook?
32:15 haole definition

https://TalesOfHawaii.net/ listening to Leon Siu, Minister of Foreign Affairs for http://www.HawaiianKingdom.net/HawaiianKingdom.net/Home.html, on 16 November 2017, ocassion of last reigning King Kalakaua's 181st born day, at http://www.IolaniPalace.org/.

Hawaii National Transitional Authority

Legal arguments:

To activate non-citizen nationals of US with practical actions for transitioning to http://HawaiianNational.com/HawaiianNational.com/Welcome.html

Hawaiian Kingdom's Trusts:
To fulfill the intent of Queen Emma and King Kamehameha IV to provide in perpetuity quality health care services to improve the well-being of Native Hawaiians and all of the people of Hawaiʻi: https://QueensMedicalCenter.org/Founder-Queen-Emma

Queen Lili‘uokalani executed a Deed of Trust and established the legal and financial foundation of an institution dedicated to the welfare of orphaned Hawaiian children: http://www.onipaa.org/pages/Queen-Liliuokalani

Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana'ole advocated, in 1921, with the enactment of the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act, and prompted the United States to set aside approximately 200,000 acres of land to establish a permanent homeland for native Hawaiians, who were a landless and “dying” people: http://DHHL.HAWAII.gov/Kuhio/

Princess Bernice Pauahi’s endowment supports Kamehameha Schools, which has grown into a statewide educational system serving more than 48,000 learners annually at 30 preschool sites; K-12 campuses on Hawai‘i, Maui and O‘ahu; and through a broad range of community outreach programs: http://www.ksbe.edu/about_us/about_pauahi/


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Tales of Hawaii are 'talk stories' from the past to the future--the transition of Hawaii. Hawaiians and Hawaiians-at-heart share stories about history, music, culture and more.