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Rob tries his hand at Chi Chi's Pro Challenge Golf and well lets just say it doesn't go too well for the lad

The boys might not be that bright but they sure are consistent. Reaction to Till vs Whitaker and more in this episode

Rob thinks cutting weight is like taking PED's, the boys look ahead to Till vs Whitaker and more. Enjoy

The guys play Al Unser Jr Turbo Racing, Rob goes 99.9% on his UFC 251 picks while Mario FakeNews goes 20%...woomp woomp

Its that time again boys. In this episode the lads pick the winners for UFC 251 and react to Patrick Mahomes 10 yr deal

Rob cant serve for shit, the boy's talk about some MMA, some NBA and more in this episode

Mario Fakenews gives his top 3 all time best sports movies, Rob talks about Blaydes win and yells at Mario for not watching MMA

You know the drill, this is a shitpost.. Reaction to UFC on ESPN 10 and more sports

Reaction to the main and co main of UFC 250, looking ahead to 251 and rambling shit on this short but sweet episode of TalkSports PlaySports

Thoughts on Woodley's loss, looking ahead to Nunes vs Spencer and more on this episode of TalkSports PlaySports

In this episode we play R.B.I Baseball for the NES. Rob gives his unbeatable starting 5, Mario FakeNews goes over Connors Goat list and more

Reaction to Glover v Smith and Reem vs Harris

The Last Dance has been....danced

It was good to see some competition during these unusual times. Rob and Mario FakeNews give their reactions from UFC 249

UFC 249 Predictions, a little ramble about the last dance and more on this episode of TalkSports PlaySports

Packers will be moving on from Aaron Rodgers sooner than expected, Rob confesses that he was never a Jordan fan and more on this godforsaken episode of TalkSports PlaySports

Mario Fake News asks Rob the hard hitting question

Rob and MarioFakeNews talk about Gronk going to the Tampa Brady's and more while playing a game that has nothing to do with sports whatsoever.Nothing makes sense anymore boys just enjoy the ride

The ramblers keep on rambling

Reaction to the NASCAR news and the untimely death of Tarvaris Jackson

Sorry for the late upload, it seems the site was having a issue.This is Part 1 of David Cranes Amazing Tennis. The chaps react to UFC 249 being cancelled and The Virgin XFL vs The Chad AFL

The boys get side tracked from sports and choose the GOAT

The lads ramble about who should have gotten the spin off from Breaking Bad

Looking ahead to UFC 249. Duncan, KG and Kobe headline the 2020 HOF Class and more

The Tampa Brady's will win the SB, Rob wouldn't sign AB and expresses his love for Claire Danes


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