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Once I lived lifeless,
a disturbing mess
of a man that
in death found happiness.

Oh it feels so good
not being able to move!
In necrosis feel loved
breathing the end.

My misery re-began –
I live... again!

[guest solo – Henry Torm]

She found another...
Justify – don't bother!
No more joy for me;
your life, too, will be bleak.

The dead cannot die
but you surely can,
so kiss your ass goodbye –
you won't live again!

[solo – Kevin Marks]

Be sure I cannot die,
believe me I tried.
Forever standing corpse.
I live again...

[solo – Kevin Marks]
[solo – Ivo Laanelind]
[solo – Ivo Laanelind]


Tankist is:
Kevin Marks - guitar, vocals
Ivo Laanelind - guitar
Joonas Kisand - drums
Rauno Marks - bass

Additional crew: design by Fengarm and production by Henry Torm


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The avanthrash assault unit.

2014 saw the beginning of our concert activity and the release of demo album „Mortuary“, soon to be put on cassette tape by a local label Trash Can Dance. In 2015 a merciless speed-thrash EP „Be Offended“ was unleashed. After shooting out a few singles and a cover for the international project „Trench Art – A Tribute To Loits“, we've reached our savage debut LP “Unhuman” in 2017 - sharp thrash metal led by the spirit of old-school, saying fearlessly what's wrong with the modern world, injected with adventurous violence and miserable thoughts. The hundred riff long journey surges along the edge, staying true to the principle: “fucking-fist-in-the-face songs, brutally honest whole”.

The war machine is operated by:
Kevin Marks – guitar and vocals
Martin Väinmaa – guitar, backing vocals
Margus Traumann – bass, backing vocals
Simo Atso – drums