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Police Privilege at its finest

barely satire


Is this video proof of Jeffrey Epstein alive on his island? My guess is a worker who looks like him, let me know what you guys think.

live map update

Trump is only here to give us false hope and optimism nothing will be done and nothing will change, he's just another politician.

The FBI will not investigate the FBI

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4 chan user posted in detail about epstein's death before the mainstream, the details if true are alarming!
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Trumps either a lame or jewish controlled op.
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Hopefully they got the people connected to this whore

Please Watch the whole video it's very important, YOU WILL be charged with TERRORIST THREATS if you go outside with your firearm! it's not a stretch this is the precedent they are setting.
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Will they ban "bullet proof" vests, let me know what you think down below!

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big mikes guns and ammo is being sued by up to 15 people after the tragic garlic festival shooting.
big mikes friend has setup a go fund me asking for a measly 10k help him out if you can!
Original article here


Reading PJWs recent articles and discussing the possibility that mass shooters are lonely weirdos on pharmaceutical drugs, have nothing to do with muh white supremacy.

Gary J. Willis Maryland resident gunned down by police in his own home, he is the first victim of Red Flag gun laws and gun confiscation. Read the original article here

Police demonstrate the power of a "laser gun" seized from a protester, burns through paper in 10 seconds!
*UPDATE* This was propaganda from the police department to charge a young man if you haven't seen my update video i recommend doing so.

demonstrators mock police, hilarious!

Man describes situation in Kashmir, military checkpoints, no ATMs, cell service, internet and curfews.

J.P. Morgan Chase a few month ago


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