This week features Black Sabbath on their Hawaii vacation, The Jetsons, Bugs Bunny and more!

This is our first episode featuring Daffy Duck, Pink Panther and more!

Teaser trailer for the upcoming Felipe's Fairy Tales featuring a rare look at tower one dustifying in slow motion right before your eyes. Scheduled relese at the end of summer 2019.

When visiting the Gooler estate, Felipe and I notice weird clouds forming prior to getting douched big time by a geo-rainstorm. Witness a new drain system overwhelmed by this deluge.

This is a rare CBS excerpt from their morning show featuring a teacher from Stoneman Douglas high school in coward county Florida debunking the "official" story of Nick Cruz being the school shooter. She describes the armored police doing the shooting.

A timely video showing detailed overhead views of strange holes throughout the entire complex. Featuring tower six, five and tower two. Also included is a fake news propaganda clip exposing their stupidity, and perhaps their complicity.

Jeannie intercepts a broad-wave transmission sent from the evil swamp from the District of Columbia.

George W. Bush welcomes Ahmed to America.

Unverified video of WTCC dustification.

See the town crier, George Snuffalufagus reply to Jackie Judd's question on where all the debris went at the World Trade Center Complex the days after their dustification. Also, focus in on one piece of tower one that turns to dust right before your eyes. Data calls Felipe long distance.

A dramatic look at tower one dustifing. Flash images of WTC overhead, tower six and close up of tower four.

Another banned video from "you know where", featuring a largely unseen clip of electromagnetic field encompassing the Sphere and weird unexplained damage. Also showing close up shots of the Cross and its molecular disassociation binding the two solid steel I beams forming this marvel. Original "The End in a Nutshell" included at the end...

A banned jootoobe video featuring the "Not Freedom" tower (One World Trade), under construction at high speed and also the Oculus transportation hub. Date for Pt six is incorrect, and will be published Summer 2019.

Video opens with official rocket launch and R2-D2 head falling captured on video as produced by Space X. Also includes AZ fox 15 news clip with actual video of launch and analysis.

A close look at the World Trade Center Complex gallery. Great ground level views of dustifying metal pieces and the Sphere. Introducing Jerry, a poor soul going in and out of the tower prior to falling under strange circumstances. Weird broken windows and ejections from tower seven.

Several different views of the WTC from street level, 20 story apartment and across the river. Most footage not seen prior to 2006.

This will excite the building seven crowd. A much closer look at the destruction of this tower.

Contrast and comparison of the London tower fire vs the dustification of tower one at the World Trade Center Complex.

A teaser trailer to announce the next "Felipe's Fairy Tales: A Toddlers Guide To 911" release of part six for summer 2019.
High speed dustification of Tower One from across the river. Viewer discretion is advised...

Remember, kids eat free!

Felipe and Carlmania read fan mail and steal a flying disc from illegal aliens. Hemorrhoid topic will have be re-scheduled.

Video featuring selective burning in Santa Rosa, CA

Sir Richard Branson gets bad press despite his humanitarian efforts...


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