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hibideedideedeiideee thats all folks!

Linktree with all the below links along with some new places to find me: https://linktr.ee/Omg_Sugoi

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tumblr - @omg-sugoi https://omg-sugoi.tumblr.com/
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ALSO if anyone cares I unfortunately wasnt able to upload this in the usual HD format because bitchute couldnt properly process a video with a file size as big as the HD version was. So there's a minor drop in quality

uh oooooohhhhhhhhhh

lemme get some "oof"s in the chat yall
also this is a fixed audio version because you really couldnt hear the episode audio well

yeah these are def episodes

can you say best episode? (snow day not the other one)

oi oi wots all dis den

still cant believe her canon name is fucking volleyball like wtf #SheDeservedBetter



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My youtube channel got shut down rip
heres all the su future reactions because they were too long to go on my dailymotion (https://www.dailymotion.com/domomaniac)