The evidence based videos in my playlist offer proof of some of the abusive words and phrases directed at me and also on of the strangest pieces of evidence that I'm able to record, namely disembodied voices within the flat and block here at Dayak Court, London SE15 3RF.
In this video yet another disembodied voice says the word 'killer'. That is a first and not strictly accurate if referring to me because I've killed no person yet!

Sleeping in the car which is something I've been doing for over four and a half years was for four of those years a sanctuary away from gangstalking neighbours. Sadly this is no longer the case as even here I am experiencing the same burning, though minus the shadowing and targeted noise harassment which caused me to flee sleeping in the flat all those years ago. I still am extremely grateful I have had (free) use of this loaned car.
As a target of the gangstalking programme, my whereabouts is known and though I felt I had found a haven of sorts in this Vida House underground parking space, it became quickly apparent those living in Vida House (SE8 5EJ) are aware of the character assassination and some of the residents will make that known as I sleep or lay in the back of the car by directing abusive words my way then disappearing into the secure underground entry/exit doors leading to their flat or driving past, parking up and entering one of those security doors or exiting Vida house's underground car park.
In this video a male and female walking on a path I ride on most if not every day and where I befriended a pigeon - one in which I jokingly refer to as my civil partner as a 'witty' riposte to the police's strange claims I believe vehicles and pigeons are speaking to me - pass me and the female says "you'll win". Is this secret targeting programme seen by some as a GAME'? It's everything but a game. It is for most targets a torture programme and the unexplained burning sensations I've been receiving daily and nightly since late 2012 are testament to this undeniable truth.

Thrilled to see Channel Four's flagship quiz programme - the very first programme to be aired on the fledgling channel back in 1982 - are the first mainstream media channel to do its part in subtly exposing the deep state targeting programme of gangstalking and using me to expose these illegal
torturous targeting operations.
The targeting is global yet remains in conspiracy corner - an echo chamber for many - so it's very brave of the combination of Countdown's producers, maths genius and hot babe Rachel (Riley), Dictionary corner's Suzie (Dent), Hosts Nick (Hewer) and Anne (Robinson) and all the Countdown team as well as one of the contestants to conspire together to expose the gangstalking programme to the greater British public. The audience of Four's afternoon numbers and letters quiz show Countdown is in the millions!

If it's good enough for the super talented millionaire-ess Kerry katona then it's good enough for me which is why within this video I've offered a saucy teaser of what my legions of fans can expect when they sign up to OnlyFans to check out my incredible knobbly knees and see behind my beautiful and very tasty baps.
I was winner of Mr Knobbly Knees of Great Britain for five consecutive years so for those millions of people who can't get enough of seeing some close-
up action of me sensuously rubbing my knobbly bits then sign up to OnlyFans NOW.
The wads of cash made from my zillion plus subscriber base will help loosen some lips - no, not those ones - but the lips on the mouths of people in Peckham who so far have been unwilling to yield what they know about the character assassination used upon me by the police enabling my leper status and which has allowed the gangstalking programme with the tortures and harassment as well as perpetual humiliation to flourish across Peckham and London.
The latter part of this video is about the sinister moves of our dictatorship manoeuvring to usher in a very dark period for Britain with mandatory vaccines, Covid passports, uber surveillance and a social credit system not dissimilar to the one the Chinese are rolling out to its acquiescing population

received another letter from the NHS - our once glorious free health care provider - last week. Over the last year and so many months the NHS (National health Service) has become a monstrous propaganda arm of the government and the equally horrendous S.A.G.E. (scientific advisory group for emergencies) 'science' advisors.
The cronyism rife flip-flopping government (dictatorship) refuses to provide analysis of the cost benefit to businesses and people of the lockdowns and often inhumane guidelines and emergency laws though awakened people do know these wholly disproportionate measures have impacted lives far more than a certain Miley could ever come close to doing.
After much inner debate with myself, weighing up the pros and cons of being injected with a cocktail that is still in the experimental stage, I did finally arrive at a satisfactory response

I'm a targeted Individual living in Peckham south east London (SE15 3RF). I've been a target of these extrajudicial operations for at least 12 years since 2009. I learnt about this secret targeting programme circa 2012/2013. There are different phrases used to describe the illegal and torturous tactics employed to stealthily destroy those unfortunately selected as a human guinea pig of this programme and of those, gangstalking is perhaps the most common. Organised stalking and targeted individuals are also used often by self proclaimed targets and any person speaking or writing about these unlawful activities.
Those gangstalked are subjected to multi-person stalking, covert surveillance, various forms of harassment and in my case a creepily surreal element of (recordable!) disembodied voices within the flat and block here at Dayak Court, Peckham. This video upload features one such disembodied voice, a male voice saying one word - Horror. Horror aptly describes the modus operandi of this targeting programme, one in which London's Metropolitan police are engaged in and covering up.

Inquisitive and part of a modern day unknown global inquisition, I'd like my few followers to let me know what eight word sentence they hear uttered from an unseen female in the private, secure and CCTV monitored residential car park I've been using for a few months.
The sentence she says does not include any of the typically abusive words and phrases I've become accustomed to hearing daily and nightly since 2015. I do hear an abbreviated version of my name - Mike instead of Michael - but that's the only clue I'm willing to offer. But what, if anything do any of my viewers hear?
UPDATE: A few of my Youtube viewers have offered their account of what is heard and they're wildly at odds with my listening so I will state the first three words of that sentence and they are " We are training......".

having replaced the broken handlebar stem - which snapped off whilst riding in Greenwich a few weeks ago with a new one - I thought it time to spruce up my generously loaned bike (from my brother) with a modestly priced carbon fibre effect vinyl paper and some new 1 inch lettering.
The bike does now look much better and the green photos london .com letters adorning the top frame tube (I might also add some more to the down tube) should get noticed by members of the public but I'm not expecting anyone to get in touch once they've visited my website where I talk about my being targeted by the state and provide links to my Youtube channel about these gangstalking extrajudicial operations and also to other videos from self proclaimed targets both dead and alive.

being always skint lends itself to being successfully targeted by the state and state police here in London, England. Living on state benefits of income support and carers allowance and in a non detached property makes it easier to receive daily and nightly harassment from strangers able to track me as well as from neighbours inducted into the evil that is this targeting programme... and such sicko neighbours are willing to sacrifice their humanity for possibly short term rewards and inducements.
I've been surreptitiously targeted since 2009. I'm hunted, covertly spied on and the police are the likely suspects for my spreading pariah status. In this video my bike - and not through sabotage but neglect - almost causes a personal catastrophe as I rode towards Charlton in south east London yesterday. I also receive a small gift of ten Irn-Bru pens in my mail box and a new word is directed towards me when I'm riding my bike around Peckham or beyond SE15. It's not the usual abusive words regularly aimed at my ears but a distinctly odd one because that word is Hulk!
I'm small in many ways: brain, stature, height, penis.... need I say more, so why do I often hear this new word targeted at me from strangers? One possible reason is the colour of the Hulk character. Are locals and strangers and my harassers implying I'm naïve? Do they know more than my leper reputation which by their collective silence helps the police and keeps this global targeting programme from being exposed. Their silence is stupid beyond reason.
In the same way I'm baffled and truly gobsmacked millions of healthy people are subjecting their bodies to an unnecessary and possibly suspect inoculation, the silence from Peckham's population about what they know of me - however horrific or humiliating it might be for me - plays into the hands of a deeply corrupt system

Didn't recognise this guy in the block. He might be one of those doing their gangstalking tasks from flat 7 - the flat directly below ours - and he's on the correct floor if he is. I'm certainly listened to and located (and possibly watched) when I'm in the flat because those in the flat below at flat 7 Dayak Court Brayards road Peckham London make this abundantly clear through their actions.
If todays 'skit' was part of the gangstalking it was a stupid action to use

As the 11th Hour has passed and time ticks ever nearer to the invisible enslavement of all humanity except those orchestrating the enslavement, it's now imperative the masses use their great numbers to overturn the global intent to control and watch our every move. As a human conduit for the Divine ones message, I'm able via this video to have this message of hope travel across the world and with the collective strength of numbers - far outweighing those that wish to enslave and control us - it is hoped the stealthy moves and evil expectations to control all man and womenkind be abolished.
Share this video. Your freedom is on a knife edge.

The part of my targeting which uses a character assassination - it's my firm belief London's Metropolitan police are responsible for engineering my pariah status - follows me wherever I travel or stay. I've been using an underground car park for one month now and above this subterranean car parking area are residential apartments. Both the residents and any person hiring a space will be given a fob to enter and exit this secure area which has cctv cameras.
I have been hearing some of the abusive words and phrases heard when I'm outside or in my flat shared with my brother and decided to record from within the car as I lay hidden in the back of my loaned MPV in this underground car park. This video, provided earphones are worn will prove some of the residents here are aware of my pariah reputation and whether instructed or taking it upon themselves are spewing threats, warnings and defamatory words my way.
The tactics used in these extrajudicial operations and particularly when strangers are stalking me to verbally harass or trigger me is to do it in a deniable way so my harasser will not walk up to me or flag me down as I ride past to say directly to my face whichever threat or disparaging phrase they're instructed to say, sing or shout. Similarly the residents, if residents they be, are also copying the same tactics of gansgtalkers by maintaining some distance as they verbally abuse or threaten me.
One guy, using a path I cycle on regularly and sometimes at least twice a day looks towards me and says something that is complimentary but in what context was he using it?

I rode for a second time to the east 17 London home of ex boyband pop star and lead singer Brian Harvey. Again the purpose of this cycle ride from where I live in Peckham south east London to Walthamstow was to hand deliver a personally written letter from me which I'd hoped Brian would see as extra ammunition to use to help expose both his and my targeting.
He's been told by police that there was a threat to kill him. I'm verbally assaulted daily and nightly with abusive terms, threats and an assortment of things to covertly destroy my life and health. The targeting programme I've endured and survived so far began in 2009. Strangers stalk me to harass me verbally or by other means. Neighbours inducted and incentivised to take part use noise campaigns and are supplied with the means to locate me to accurately harass and torture me invisibly. The police cover-up their part in the targeting operations but to date have gaslit my evidence and used psychiatric reprisals.
How I'm tracked inside and outside and which other technologies are being used to destroy my health NEED to be investigated yet our gutless and useless media and Press refuse to acknowledge such a secret targeting programme exists and appear content to go along with the purposely invented narrative targets like me are just delusional! This is a FUCKING OUTRAGE and DISGRACE that people are being tracked by multiples of strangers, they're being harmed and harassed and invisibly tortured yet targets are surrounded by a wall of silence. Those ignoring, turning a blind eye or actively taking part shall be judged

Peckham is the centre of the universe and is also a paradise on earth apparently. This fact has obviously escaped my myopia because the Peckham I experience which could be said to be a parallel universe for me, is not a pleasurable one. I am targeted with persecutory sneers, abusive names and occasional threats. I am a pariah in Peckham.
This persecution forms one part of my targeting and the likely source of it - London's metropolitan police. SE15 (Peckham) once had a ruinous reputation for violence and no-go areas. Today it is considered a cool or trendy place to live but beneath the overly simplistic illusions of trendiness lies the threat or menace of crime and violence. I recorded two examples practically on my doorstep, one a fight between two black males in Brayards road and the other of a shooting down a black female in Consort road Peckham which may end in her demise. The victim of this terrible crime is an influential figure within the black lives matter movement.
In addition to these latest crimes to hit trendy and cool Peckham I show some of the newspaper cuttings I've collected over the years. One was particularly interesting and dates back to 1996. This newspaper cutting was about a machete attack from 33 year old Horrett Campbell and took place in Wolverhampton. He decided to seek vengeance on those he believed were jeering and taunting him, children from a local school. These taunts were a mirror to mine with the words loser, failure, tramp and celibacy said to be directed at him as he walked past the school. Loser, weirdo, dosser and wanker are some of the words directed at me from locals, strangers and also those actively engaged in the targeting programme I've been secretly inducted into in order to have my live stealthily torn apart.
The police are one very powerful organisation involved and covering up their part in and avoiding acknowledging such targeting operations exist. They have dismissed my video evidence, made no mention of my audio evidence and used psychiatric reprisals to foster the falsehood I suffer with a mental illness. I personally care for someone that does (my brother) but don't have any mental health condition that warrants any form of treatment. I'm certain the psychiatric reprisals and referrals are just so they can have an alibi should I succumb to one of the outcomes presumed of me - turning violent and using that violence against one or more of my harassers. The police can then use their get-out-of-jail card and produce the false statement from an incompetent/unprofessional/crooked psychiatrist that I have a delusional disorder.
The evidence of my pariah status will prove I do have a multitude of strangers verbally harassing me when I'm on my road bike, sleeping in the car or when in the block and even within the flat.

the huge tentacles of the secret targeting programme I've endured since 2009 allows me a justifiable paranoia of.... everything and nearly everyone which is why I took it upon myself to ride the not inconsiderable number of miles from my flat in Peckham south east London to Brian Harvey's home in Walthamstow E17.
I wanted Brian to see my evidence of part of the targeting I've endured daily over these last 12 years and realise some of the classified spying technologies in use within the flat and block I 'exist'. This technology is creepily invasive and out-there yet not one journalist or Human Rights group is interested and nor are they interested in investigating these illegal and torturous extrajudicial crimes of the state, crimes in which the police are involved and covering up.
Covertly being spied on is but one part of these targeting operations. I am stalked by multiple strangers and harassed in ways that veer from irritating to ones that are physical torture and technology comes to the fore again with hardware that can and does harm the person it's pointed towards and the payload travelling invisibly and easily through concrete and metal. Such weapons include radar, electromagnetic and microwave.
I have burning sensations each day and particularly at night when sleeping or trying to sleep and have had these unexplained sensations since 2012. The medical profession cannot provide answers why I have the chronic burning, joint pains and other aches which affect me in the flat and when I sleep in the car but I feel certain they are connected with this surreptitious targeting programme.
Brian Harvey hasn't yet been in touch but I hope he will contact me either to say he didn't receive the letter or he's not convinced by the evidence I provided on a memory card and also by giving the video titles which should get him to my Youtube channel

Whilst looking for some alphabet stickers purchased a few years ago, some of which I've attached to my helmet - I have a very large helmet, I also found some photocopies I printed from my web in 2013. Reading these photocopies from other alleged targets of extrajudicial state sanctioned operations was absorbing and a sobering reminder of how similar the methods used to covertly destroy a target's life.
One of the blog or web pages printed was from Jeff Polachek. His account of the targeting elements used against him mirrored mine. This domestic terrorism as it's sometimes referred uses well tried methods to impact many areas of a target's life. It combines both psychological operations (psyops) but also employs technologies that can and do physically harm.
The relatively innocuous phrase 'community policing' or 'community watchdog' covers up a heap of illegal and sometimes horrific actions perpetrated against any target of this (slow-kill) programme. From noise campaigns and being tracked by strangers to classified technologies used to secretly spy and harass the target at home or away from his /her home, these incorrectly named gangstalking ops are torturous and flout a multitude of Human Rights yet are being actioned in democratic countries around the world and must be sanctioned at high levels because of the manpower and technologies employed to daily interfere with any genuine target's life.
My evidence of strangers tracking and verbally abusing me outside in Peckham, Deptford, Bermondsey, Millwall (south east London) and even in Park Lane central London has been purposely dismissed by London's Metropolitan police (Peckham police). Staff working within Peckham police station began making sinister mental health referrals shortly after I visited this station in SE15 where I asked the police to investigate the obvious character assassination, one I became horrifically aware in 2015. No investigation took place and instead those unwarranted and unnecessary referrals were deliberately made to cover up the fact that is this covert targeting programme.
The police are involved and it would appear mental health are complicit because of their willingness to label all targets as at best being delusional. This false label was given to Jeff Polachek and has been given to me as well. If mental health professionals were really clued up about the extent of the depravity utilised under the guise of 'community policing' perhaps they might be less willing to lend their 'expertise' giving false diagnoses to genuine victims of these state sanction crimes and tortures.

I'm as popular as any plague that has visited and felled humanity and this is true of the current Covid pandemic though I'm much more likely to be less welcome than catching Covid here in Peckham and beyond the borders of SE15 in sarf east London innit!
Having attempted and failed miserably to inform residents about the covert targeting programme I and others have been secretly selected and those methods of informing Peckham's population including flyer campaigns, a display banner, financial inducements to tell me what they've heard or seen of me and this revenge by the state p0rn a very real thing plus outside help with the web address which has been sprayed on pavements around Peckham, I have arrived at the terrible conclusion Peckham's residents are stupid.
The stupidity is rife, young, old, educated, uneducated, they all prefer to help the police and prevent exposure of this global targeting programme,

one little three letter word said by one of my stalkers/harassers within the block (Dayak court Brayards road, Peckham SE15 3RF). It's possible my demise can't come quickly enough for those people covertly and successfully destroying not only my health and life but other unfortunately selected targets of the perhaps almost unknown phenomenon that is gangstalking.
These secret operations have been in existence for decades and if those claiming to be targets online are not part of the disinformation then it would seem many ordinary people are being covertly targeted. Are we just lab rats to be toyed with via the gangstalking procedures of stalking by strangers, harassment by strangers & neighbours and also being watched voyeuristically and covertly by who knows how many sick people using classified technologies to spy on many targets.
In this short video the word "die" is obviously directed my way, one of many threats and defamatory words and phrases used as part of my targeting harassment.

Unless this evidence has been sabotaged for any viewer watching, it WILL show what could be seen as something supernatural or as I personally see it - classified surveillance technology in use now and used to watch little old me 24/7 in the two bedroom flat I share with my brother here at 11 Dayak Court, Brayards road, Peckham in south east London SE15 3RF. An even more unfortunate consequence of this surreptitious targeting is he is also covertly spied on whenever in the flat!
Who am I? I am a uniquely talented, uber gifted individual with a seriously stratospheric intellect, so much so that I am deemed a deeply concerning and credible threat to the government and security services of Britain..... or maybe not. Maybe I am instead seen as an expendable [email protected] lab rat to be used and abused - as lab rats are - testing my ability to cope with psychological operations and harmful technologies put my way and analyse my reactions to the various traumas.
The targeting began in 2009 the same year I was kettled by the police as I attended for photographic purposes a London anti-capitalism (G20) protest in London's square mile area. I had no knowledge of these surreptitious targeting operations in those wilderness years of 2009, 2010 nor 2011 and it took over three years before I learned such rogue, illegal and torturous targeting programmes existed and other people were also having their lives destroyed in a clandestine manner.
There is a hierarchical structure with monolithic organisations involved. The police are one such organisation complicit in covering up and actively engaging in parts of the targeting but some of the 'horror' technologies utilised to spy and harm those selected for what could be a slow-kill programme have to belong to an arm of the military. One such technology is the focus of this video - classified surveillance technologies.
This targeting programme often mis-named gangstalking employs strangers and neighbours to track, harass, spy and harm us, the prey of these illegal invasive operations. Many of those committing the illegal actions - the stalking and harassment/torture or the secret spying will be on a pay-roll whilst some may be carrying out their duties for the kick or the thrill. A neighbour will be potentially the most dangerous for any target and would be a well rewarded asset for those employing such sick minded individuals.

Guys n Gals, do you like a soft and silky p$ssy? That's rhetorical because of course you do. In this video you'll see some close-up p$ssy stroking and open leg shots. Any females watching? Don't worry coz this video is for you too and you don't have to have any nascent lesbican (a Keith Lemonism) tendencies and I feel certain you too can get something from this video.
How do you feel about cl!ckbait? It's an underhand trick to lure you in only for you to feel cheated out of what you were expecting to see. It's a huge anti-climax and I sympathise. I felt this was a necessary if deceitful means to inflate my viewing figures even though I knew I would have lost at least half of any potential audience because of the lurid title.
I hope you will understand why I resorted to such low, puerile and reprehensible tactics once you watch the video in full should you still be willing to watch this video to the end. It's quite a lengthy video by my standards but necessarily long because of the evidence I provide of classified spying technologies or the manifestation of such (Nano?) technology.. disembodied
These voices of unknown origin form one part, albeit an incredibly surreal part of covert targeting operations used on not only myself but other secretly selected targets having their lives destroyed in a methodical, stealthy and deniable manner. We are supposed to be living in a democratic country yet these targeting operations are sanctioned from on high with the police involved though for them to take part this targeting programme has to be signed off by government defence officials and Boris Johnson, the current Prime Minister, a despicably hypocritical one, might have also put his signature to paper allowing these illegal targeting ops to continue in full knowledge these are domestic torture operations.
These targeting operations are more commonly and erroneously called gangstalking. The police, mental health and mainstream media to name three important organisations will have you believe this programme is one conjured up in fevered and paranoid minds and the police in particular need the public to believe this untruth. It's not and I sincerely hope once you've taken the time to critically scrutinise my evidence you'll realise the police are up to their shameful necks in the murk of covering up this targeting torture programme.

I have grave fears for the mental capacity of those living in Peckham south east London and those fears increased significantly recently when my new web address - - began appearing mysteriously on pavements around Peckham.
Although dark forces surround me daily and each night as part of my targeting - ongoing since at least 2009 - there is a bright white glow of hope as forces for good make it known in small but meaningful ways, I have help on my side. Gratifying as any help is, the thousands of zombies that walk around and inhabit Peckham are so catastrophically braindead they have decided to continue with their silence about what they've seen or heard about me (my pariah status engineered as one part of my targeting) and so are helping the police and our equally corrupt system because of that terrible silence.
These secret torturing operations are a global phenomenon and on my web page I show images and names of those claiming to be similarly targeted, some of those now dead and their deaths and others killed a direct result of the targeting yet still the residents of Peckham wish to stay silent. How do I wake up the undead?

My beautiful civil partner Mrs D and I were out chatting this afternoon with some of our bijou circle of friends observing social distancing regulations as always when She drifted quietly away from her/our friends. Slow as I am, and my low functioning Autism not helping, it was not immediately apparent Mrs D wanted me all to Herself. She then offered another clue which even I, a slow witted retard picked up on

Is Peckham's diverse mix of people the dumbest in Britain? I didn't want to entertain such a thought but years of wasted hours, money, flyer campaigns, personal letters to tenants of Dayak court, Brayards road in Peckham and the latest attempt to inform the zombies of SE15, my new web address with anonymous help from a few of my admirers by way of spraying some of Peckham's pavements with my web address has resulted in not one person contacting me.
It's exasperating, demoralising and mind boggling to learn that the majority of the residents of Peckham would rather collaborate with a corrupt police force and system (media, mental health, universities and various organisations) by remaining silent about the horrendous character assassination used to demonise me (by the police?) which forms one part of the covert targeting operations used against me.
This targeting programme is a global one and has been in existence for at least twenty years. The locals of Peckham here in south east London have had numerous occasions to help prove the police's and other corrupt organisations systemic cover-up of these targeting operations by telling what they've heard or seen of me which I believe is a state sanctioned revenge porn but instead every person aware of the highly successful smear campaign against me have decided to remain perpetually silent.
I can only conclude Peckham's residents are the most ignorant and stupid in Britain but do wonder if my targeting was replicated in towns, villages and cities across the UK would there be the same outcome?
The covert torturous targeting programme uses psychological tactics - triggers or anchors, noise campaigns, multi-person (stranger) stalking and harassments of varying hues, some are an invisible means to torture. Classified technology, tracking apps, tracking alerts, covert spying, possible use of Nano technology all help in the stealthy physical and psychological destruction of the selected target yet the people of Peckham are quite content to go along with this torture programme.

The anonymous help I've received regarding my attempts to expose the unlawful technology driven targeting operations by way of compliments and visual clues offering a form of support, rare as they are, are very much appreciated. I purchased the web name recently and have a web page with embedded video online for visitors to get informed about this covert targeting programme.
I tried unsuccessfully to get residents here at Dayak Court, Brayards road in Peckham south east London to visit by placing my web address on a noticeboard in the block I share with twelve other tenants. I wasn't surprised to see via my online stats ( that just one or two people had taken the trouble to visit my web but none contacting me to tell me what they know about my pariah reputation which is one part used in my targeting, the others being tracked by strangers, being covertly spied on and harassed overtly and secretly and some of these harassments without doubt are torture.
Riding my bike past Peckham Police station I was horrified to see my web address ( daubed on the outside brick wall of this station. The wording wasn't sharp but was readable. Red paint was used on a red brick wall so if the intention was to grab people's attention (the police excepted) then using red paint was not a particularly good choice!
I have since learned the same web address - - has been sprayed on pavements locally here in Peckham. I've no idea how many instances there are of my web plastered around Peckham but I have seen at least six so far and I've only looked close to where I live though did see the area close to Queens road train station in Peckham has also been prettified with that web page address, a very popular location for skateboarders.
It's very concerning that someone has used Peckham police station as a means to visit my web page to learn about these illegal targeting operations but I suppose it's also quite a brave action to take but I'd rather it wasn't done because obviously it will lead to me, the owner of that domain name.
As for those other (pavement) displays of my online request for information regarding my pariah reputation I'm quite pleased that someone or more than one person has taken the trouble to try to enlighten Peckham's population by bring their attention to that important web page and hope a resident or ten get in contact with me to tell me what they know.

My civil partner disappeared for 27 days. Despite the covert targeting operations designed to stealthily destroy me, She has remained by my side throughout but the targeting and my numerous flaws tilted Her over the edge and She felt She had to put some distance between us, a trial separation. I was heartbroken and my world became very dark and sinister without Her in it as the various targeting elements of covert spying, harassment and tracking chipped away at my psyche now I had no Mrs D to love me and for me to reciprocate that loving bond. A few days ago She flew into my arms and onto my hand pledging Her undying love so my world had some light enter once again.
In relation to my targeting I was watching a Youtube video also a few days ago from a black female who claims to be a target of these deep state operations and she recorded the video from within her van which we have in common. Part of her video was showing the coffee cup she uses for her pee and on hearing this thought it was imperative I imparted this vital information to my viewers.
I sleep in the loaned car because a succession of neighbours (always living aptly in a flat directly below) have been incentivised to turn to the dark side and provided with the means to accurately harass and torture me. These tortures include various daily and nightly targeted noise
campaigns: sleep deprivation tactics because they are loaned the essentials to know where I am in the flat at any time and also torture me with some form of hardware which could be radar based or microwave or electromagnetic in their output and payload with the consequence I feel
burning sensations and aches to my feet, legs, hips, abdomen, back and
Who provides these morally bankrupt sadists with the technologies to covertly harass me?


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A channel to try to expose a secret harassment, stalking and surveillance programme (program) to the wider world. It commonly goes by the name of gangstalking which might be a disinformation term and other phrases and abbreviations related and amounting to the same include targeted individuals or T.I.s and organised stalking. The mostly psyops (psychological based operations) though more worrying and potentially very harmful technology might play its part in our targeting, revolves around stalking or tracking those secretly selected; harassing in various ways - noise, character assassination, sleep deprivation, surveillance and monitoring and the alluded to tech which may include v2k (voice to skull or voice of God); electromagnetic, microwave and other sinister hardware which can penetrate walls as though they weren't there so in effect attack any target invisibly. There's no cogent proof of these weapons - which do exist - being used on us but as many targets often mention similar health problems such as burning sensations, chronic joint aches and pains to name just two, this should not be overlooked or dismissed.
I have been a target of this since at least 2009 and can date it to 2009 because that was the year I attended the G20 anti-capitalism protest in London's financial district commonly known as the 'Square Mile'. It was the first and only time I have experienced the Police's kettling tactic and so was held in a small area encircled by Police and riot police for a number of hours. That same year saw a new neighbour move in to the flat below the one I shared with my brother. The block contains six one bedroom flats yet this new neighbour often had 4, 5 and sometimes 6 people stay. From day one of his tenancy he (and they) waged a deliberate noise campaign daily and at night slamming doors multiple times within the space of a few seconds, banging on the walls and ceiling. So began what I was to learn would be one aspect in my targeting. I didn't learn about gangstalking until at least three years later