As i'm busy sorting through a zillion of my photos, editing and uploading the better or more interesting ones to my website though doing very little of this within my flat because the flat is not and has not been a safe place to live since I and my brother moved in back in 2013, I asked my better half and civil partner Mrs Dovey whether she would like to narrate this latest of my videos about extrajudicial (gangstalking) operations. She flapped her lovely wings ecstatically and so without any input from me put together this latest video on my channel.
Her narration covers the gangstalking programme I and others have been secretly selected to endure with its various elements and technologies used to stealthily destroy our health and lives. She draws an analogy of the tracking and secret surveillance as a warning that the technologies involved in this could be rolled out to the wider population and the parallels with the pandemic the world is beholden to.
Mrs Dovey also puts forward the theory that my attendance at the G20 2009 anti capitalism protest in London on April 1st might not have been the catalyst that caused me to be secretly placed in this evil targeting programme but an earlier protest from 2007 or 2008.

I'm a very shallow person, not prone to deep thinking about anything which is surprising given the fact I've been majorly f*cked over by the state for over 11 years by an assortment of tortures most of which are covert and potentially very harmful physically and mentally. My inability to concentrate for more than a nano-second is my excuse for the delay in requesting a Metropolitan police subject access report. Today I have finally emailed my request and provided the necessary documents to prove my identity.
Will the local police admit to knowing about my pariah status? Will they state this fact in writing? Are they willing to potentially perjure themselves to atone for their wrongdoings thereby cleaning up the mire the whole British police force is wading in by covering up these illegal and wholly anti Human Rights operations they are involved in along with other organisations?

As I'm (permanently) skint and need money to help expose the state sanctioned crimes erroneously named gangstalking and also to pay the glut of bills piling up I've decided on a wizard wheeze of a plan to make a great amount of money in a very short time. It's a line of work I think I might quite enjoy too! The profession I'm thinking of becoming a member of (member the operative word) is as old as the hills and could be exceptionally lucrative. I will have a very rigid strict and narrow criteria which might hinder me a little bit but once I've made a few regular contacts with my rich clientele things will go up and up and up!
Before embarking on my new career I'm selling all that I own (next to zero) on Ebay to help pay the endless bills. My brother has been an essential help financially and I have a litany of I.O.U.s around the flat ready to be paid off when the money comes rolling in via my new highly paid vocation or from the millions of pounds owed to me by the state for fucking with my life in various spiteful, malicious, harmful and evil ways over these 11 plus years.

Great news!!! One of my many admirers working within the gangstalking programme has donated to my GoFundMe cause. That cause is of course to expose these crimes of the state or system that suppresses this indubitable truth and in which this person is involved.
WE SHALL OVERCOME..... it will just take a little time

Please note, there is no irony whatsoever in this video

Link to my GoFundMe page:

Please share this video. It might bring about a minor miracle - reaching the £1250 I've set as my target - which will be solely used as an inducement for potential witnesses coming forward to tell me what they've heard or seen about me which has made me a pariah locally and beyond Peckham here in south east London. If I get these much needed confessions it will prove the police are covering up what they know and are very likely partly responsible in covering up and this horrific element used as one part of the illegal gangstalking operations. Don't forget they've also made unwarranted mental health referrals knowing there's nothing wrong with my mental health but needing a psychiatrist to make a false mental health diagnosis - in my case a delusional one - which can then be used at a later date by the police should they feel the time is right! Also never forget they've stated in a Merlin report the totally bonkers sentence that...
'.....he has the belief things such as a vehicle passing or a pigeon are talking to him...' !!! As John McEnroe once famously said " you cannot be serious". I still am not sure whether by stating this the police are deliberately helping me or actually believe this nonsense.

As with a presidential candidate who will remain unnamed (rhymes with 'so widen') I'm inarticulate at the best of times finding it exceedingly difficult to string a few sentences together unless I read from a script I've written or typed and then I can sound quite eloquent. Eric (Karlstrom) along with many targets of this state or deep sanctioned stalking, spying and harassment programme has no problem speaking intelligently which is why I've added a shortened video of him speaking about gangstalking. It's an old video and no doubt has done the rounds of Youtube and other media platforms but I like it and so I'm adding it to my channel too. I also mention in this video Dr Vernon Coleman whose videos I enjoy listening to and recommend others watch to hear an alternative view to that given by mainstream media and the government and because of his some would say controversial views, he's been shunned by MSM .

Video of the extrajudicial crimes of our state commonly known as gangstalking. Here I show the display banner I purchased some months ago and flyers to use with this display banner and because of the Lockdown initiated by governments around the world my alternative means to expose these illegal torturous operations involving many people who together spy, harass and stalk those of us targeted... or selected for covert destruction.
The Police are involved to some degree. Mainstream media won't air this subject so are complicit through their silence and then there's the people that are actively engaged in these unlawful operations who track, harass and spy on us. Technology is a massive aid for such people and the tech used helps in the multi-person tracking, the various forms of harassment and in the secret watching and voyeurism.

I provided three links to three of my evidence based videos of these illegal mostly covert targeting operations erroneously called gangstalking. The senior Housing Officer of the housing association that rents us our flat was the recipient. I gave links to the first two videos about a week ago and these two videos focused on proof within the flat I reside and also the public areas of the block. Her reaction to the first video was that I must contact the police because amongst the insults that are a daily reality and element used via these operations were some threats. Contacting the police is NOT an option unfortunately because as I have proven via my some of my other videos the police are part of the problem. When not dismissing or gaslighting my evidence - as I suppose they must - they make sinister referrals to mental health! So cops are NOT to be trusted which is a terrible indictment and admission to have to make.
My Housing Officer's response to the second and admittedly surreal video which showed evidence of voices within those public areas of our block here in Dayak Court, Peckham south east London and also the flat (torture chambers) directing mostly insults my way and those voices 'disembodied' had her contacting Southwark's Safeguarding team. I tried to dissuade her via email from doing so but she was determined this was the correct action to take. I don't know whether she has actually watched any of my videos. She hasn't admitted to doing so.
The final video which also features in its entirety in this upload shows evidence of the character assassination and that I am somehow tracked away from the block. The insults vary but typically include the words weirdo, wanker, loser and even paedophile or derivations of this extremely loaded word. My Housing Officer's reaction to that video evidence is to ask for my GP's (Doctor) name and address!!! Again I have no idea whether she actually watched and listened to that video and thus far there has been no explanation for asking for my GP's details. Most targets aware they have been selected for the stealthy destruction of their life know the police, mainstream media and even mental health show no willingness to engage openly or helpfully and often do the opposite. I am one of the few targets to offer some proof but the police are gaslighting my evidence. I supposedly live in a democratic, fair and free society. My reality since at least 2009 however proves this is NOT THE CASE. The technologies used to spy, track and harass are very likely classified and the scariest part for me personally is a neighbours involvement and a close neighbour can and is turned with the lure of rewards to become a sadistic and important amoral aid to help destroy the physical health of any target unlucky enough to have such a turned neighbour. My previous neighbour Daniel Mesfin was one such tenant as was Negash Teshome and his sick family. Christine Smith and her partner who i call muscles seem to be following this sick and sadistic tradition and it's because this sounds so unlikely and unbelievable that consecutive neighbours are turned to actively take part in noise campaigns, sleep deprivation and worse with the help of loaned hardware (from who?) that those targeted are called delusional or worse but as I have evidence of a few of the elements used in my targeting - the character assassination and my being stalked by strangers - then this should at the very least have intelligent and good people accept such a scenario of neighbours being turned or deliberately moved in as a distinct possibility.

a scholarly approach to the subject of how one (lil old me) could have been secretly selected for the steady life destruction via the deep state's illegal targeting programme which uses spying, harassment and tracking via a multitude of strangers and some very deeply sick and twisted neighbours as well as technology to help in the destruction.
This video hypothesises on two potential and very plausible reasons for the selection and it's my firm belief that this selection dates at least to 2009 or possibly earlier. The first reason for my unwitting induction into this UK based torture programme was my attendance at a number of protests in London but one particular protest (the G20 anti-capitalism demo in April 2009) where I was kettled - a form of outdoor imprisonment - by the police and riot police - might have been the catalyst that led to some scrutiny into my life and for someone to give the green light for me to be targeted by our deep state ever since. The second potential catalyst is a thought provoking hypothesis, rational, exceptionally plausible and difficult to argue against and so well thought out that should anyone try to argue the case against I'll get my imaginary friend to beat you to a pulp.

my polarising inner voices on my targeting vie for attention. One, the sensible voice sensibly tells me to stay calm, stay rational and soon these crimes of the (deeper) state will be exposed so I and other targets of these illegal operations will be proven right after years in the wilderness being ignored or pilloried.
The other voice at the extreme end of the polarising wants me to get justice now and reminds me constantly how after 11 years of targeting I and others are no nearer to getting the crimes of the state exposed. This dominant voice states how over all these years my sleep has been deliberately targeted; I've been plagued by targeted noise campaigns and that I have to sleep away from the flat because it's unsafe to sleep or be here. It prompts me about the humongous character assassination spreading like a Coroanvirus yet no one locally or further away from my locale will tell me what they've heard or seen though I don't need any memory nudging on this because it's a daily occurrence.
My once good health has been in steady decline since the targeting and now I'm riddled with joint and muscle pain, burning sensations when in the flat and veins have appeared on my head, feet and legs which were never present prior to this targeting. The voice castigates me for my impotence in finding any form of justice and goads me into seeking some justice because if I leave things too late I may never get any and then I'd feel absolutely destroyed.
So these are the conflicting inner voices vying for my attention and the dichotomy is which will become the dominant one - the voice of reason or the voice of revenge?

pair of disgusting naked low-lifes ridicule me as they commit an illegal act of fornication in public. As with the previous pair of immoral and amoral gangstalking f*cks these two timed their sickening behaviour just as I came into view. Sickened as i was confronted with this licentious display the voyeur in me it has to be said was hypnotised by their sexy street skit which was of course just for me.
Do note the same use of trigger words to place my memory to the time the other sick duo committed their crude carnal exhibitionism which was over two years ago. This couple are very hairy which under normal circumstances would have me gagging and then vomiting but unusually I wasn't quite so nauseated and horrified by this unlawful coupling

This spooky or surreal video can be viewed from a few different angles. If you, like me are not prone to out-there theories of the paranormal or supernatural you will look to tomorrow's technology in use today, highly classified technologies to explain what you'll witness in this video. If other dimensions and realms are to your liking and aptly explain the content of this video then who am I to deter you from your particular viewpoint. A divergence of opinions as to the who should not detract from the main question of why? Why am I able to record disembodied voices in the flat and in the block I live? If you are aware of this, my Youtube channel you'll know I have been secretly selected as a guinea pig or lab rat for an illegal targeting programme for at least ten years in which the 'system' (Police, MSM, Intelligence agencies(?), private contractors(?) and others) actively take part or collude to silence and suppress those of us trying to expose these crimes of the state. Those involved will be aware of my channel and so far futile attempts to expose the sinister stalking, surveillance and harassment operations. They will also know I often record to obtain evidence and yet they appear to be OK with my capturing these disembodied voices heard in this important video. Why would they allow this if not to help me expose another highly invasive element of this illegal targeting programme? That in essence is my take on this truly surreal part of my targeting and I am in awe (not in a good way) of the technology being used but also that I'm able to capture this outrageous invisible spying on me when I'm in the flat and block though wouldn't rule out such tech covertly watching me in the car where I sleep. Am I seen in the bathroom and on the toilet?
Who am I? I am a very special and unique person because I'm a lab rat experiment of the state being tested for my mental and physical resilience against not only the psychological aspects of this sinister programme but also the unseen physical tortures being covertly used to harm me and disfigure me and other targets here in the UK and around the globe who are experiencing very similar tortures. This programme is a no-touch torture programme designed to have the target kill him or herself; hurt or kill others or be sectioned in a mental Hospital indefinitely. Some targets have succumbed to these extreme options because of the accumulated stresses and pains caused by these illegal operations and the hardware used to invisibly physically harm and often psychologically damage

The organisations and twisted people running this deep state targeting programme want the target to know he or she is being watched, tracked and tortured. These psychopaths, like some of the useful sadistic neighbours that are actively engaged in spying on you and torturing you derive a perverse pleasure knowing you are unable to expose these crimes of the state. You are rendered impotent because the organisations one would normally expect to help not only don't but are complicit in this targeting programme. The police, mainstream media, Intelligence and the military are all considered culpable by actively participating or providing the means to aid the various elements of the targeting namely the stalking, spying, harassment as well as suppressing or remaining silent.
In this video a phrase ONLY used in the flat is repeated by someone in a passing car. This is no coincidence. You are being informed that your flat is bugged, not that I didn't already know this fact and my previous video on classified technologies demonstrates this extra fact.

My Spring & Summer collection not in the shops now

Before talking about this it occurred to me that some people might conclude my mobile phone is being used as an instrument for these various (disembodied) voices. I rarely take my mobile out (once or twice a week at best) and most of the time it is in the 'living' room (just another torture chamber) so I'd rule that out as one possible explanation.
My video will prove there are classified technologies in use to spy on me within the flat and block (the torture chambers) I exist here in Peckham south east London. These technologies are incredible and are highly invasive and creepy and are a surreal addition to the more typical methods used to covertly destroy my life as part of the extrajudicial operations I and others around the globe are experiencing and trying to deal with as best we can.
These unlawful operations use secret surveillance, multi-person stalking and various forms of no-touch harassment and torture and various agencies and organisations are involved by actively talking part, by suppressing and by remaining silent. The surveillance aspect is quite mind-blowing and I have no way of explaining how the covert spying is accomplished. That I am able to record the various voices - and not all are insults or threats - is miraculous enough and I believe someone or some people want this to be exposed and that is how I am able to capture some of the voices speaking to me, about me and around me!
I do understand why some will believe this has a supernatural origin but given the stalking and harassment I receive and obtain evidence of outside and also recordings of neighbours partaking in the harassment and covert spying (Negash Teshome and his family, being one such neighbour) the supernatural theory is not one I will readily accept....for now.
PS. Trivial as this is when understanding what's going on in my life and other targets of these illegal operations I realise I used the word 'contrition' instead of 'contraction' as text on the 'fugly man' video clip which irks me yet shouldn't.

I am able to record disembodied voices in the flat, leaving and entering the flat and within the block. Those spying on and listening to me will know I am recording and yet they allow it. Why? Is it because someone wants this intrusive and all pervading technology - classified technology - to be exposed?
The continued silence and suppression from those organisations one would hope and expect to take notice is something I have now accepted as the norm which is not something I would in a past and more innocent life and mindset have ever believed.

I have now added a second (secondary) Playlist to my channel. The primary one is my GANGSTALKING EVIDENCE playlist. This new playlist is about the Police tactics of psychiatric reprisals and their suppression of the gangstalking programme which is real and will be proven so at some point in the future - hopefully while I'm still around to see the state abuses of power be exposed to the wider population instead of the minority that are fully aware of what's going on.
On a lighter note I have included my civil partner Mrs Dovey in a few of my channel videos as a riposte to the incredibly nefarious tactics used by the police to pretend I believe "....vehicles and a pigeon..." are talking to me!!!!!!!
It's my considered contention that this outlandish and ridiculous statement about vehicles and a pigeon is in fact the Police's cheeky way of trying to help me and thereby expose these crimes of the state

ADDITIONAL gangstalking evidence of the character assassination and one of the weirder aspects used in my targeting.... disembodied voices speaking at and about me when I'm in the flat or in the block that i exist. I cannot rationally explain how these voices are present other than some technology - probably of a classified nature possibly one that Julian Assange has spoken about as part of the Internet of Things.

a riches to rags tale as my life of mingling with the great and the good in all spheres of life; jet-setting around the globe; enjoying the finest things in life and leading a selfish and futile existence was pulled starkly and criminally from under me by our deeper states extrajudicial operations known as gangstralking.
This Louis Winthorpe III scenario mixed with some Truman Show is my new and continuing existence but unlike those two movies I am living the reality as are others here in the United Kingdom and around the world who have been secretly chosen to have their lives covertly destroyed via a panoply of tactics making use of the latest and classified technologies to spy, track and harass.

Unsure whether any other person has mentioned this but some of those targets of gangstalking - genuine or not though they seem as genuine as I am able to discern - have disappeared. Where for instance is the author of the excellent website? Where are fellow Youtubers trying to expose the gangstalking programme: Wayne Daniels, Robert Rivera (Youtube channel firstamendmenttotheunitedstatesconstitution) and Janine Newman (Janine triumphant Individual)?
I posted my concern on a female target's channel in the comments section some days ago asking whether she might in an upcoming video wish to talk about this but as there hasn't been any mention yet and she has published a few videos since I've decided to upload this video on gangstalking's missing persons

This video attempts to show a Police cover-up (London's Metropolitan Police but also the British police's collusion) of the extrajudicial operations known as gangstalking. The phrase gangstalking might be one inserted online by one of the Intelligence agencies but it has become the main term used to describe these unlawful covert and ultimately corrosive operations. The Police might be the main suspects involved in the cover-up but mainstream media, the legal profession, mental health organisations, universities and even Human Rights organisations are complicit because of their silence, inaction or suppression of this illegal programme targeting many ordinary people.
My civil partner Michael has some evidence relating to a few elements used in this torturous programme and they are the character assassination and his being tracked. More sinister elements related to the covert surveillance and harassment is difficult to prove. Please watch and listen very carefully to Michael's video and audio evidence. Headphones will be essential.

here's a selection of clips with strangers coughing, snotting, farting and making a bit of a racket sometimes as I sleep in the loaned car. My question for you is on balance are these incidents COINCIDENTAL or DELIBERATE?!AmStmDpR5xEIiTvdMIzR2JkkkRWc?e=Dm4dOQ
I should have added the above link to the previous 'AN APPEAL TO...' video so here's a belated addition which should be used with section C which is 5 minutes 49 seconds in. It's a WORD document stating the timeline of each insult or phrase directed my way from passers by on foot or via a vehicle. The link is at the top of the Description and also here

Very short film - a mere snippet - of part of today's T.I.Day (targeted individuals of the gangstalking programme) held outside the BBC London headquarters in Portland Place 29th August 2019 (my brother's Birthday!) and apologies for the 'dead air' from 2 mins 37 to 3 mins 3 seconds. My editing managed to miss this and though I would want to rectify it, it would mean the comments made on this video would disappear. The turnout was quite good and far better than the one last year but will the BBC or any mainstream media news organisation investigate or provide balanced and unbiased coverage of it? I doubt it. I didn't introduce myself on arrival and felt sure I came under suspicion as I began recording with my camcorder. Was I a cop? MI5? Hired infiltrator? Who knows what some of those attending today's TI rally actually thought. I spoke to just a few people before leaving and didn't ask them if they were suspicious of me though one did give me a grilling of sorts on what I thought of certain people online who claimed they were targets of the organised stalking, surveillance and harassment operations.
Mark Williams did a very good job trying to convey our experiences to those working or visiting the BBC headquarters and anyone within earshot of his megaphone. Shane's (Shane Gibbs) banners helped attract inquisitive people to seek what this rally was about and lots of leaflets were handed out to passers by but will anything come of this attempt - one among many - at exposing the Stasi styled programme used upon us selected targets of our depper state?
All msm (mainstream media) organisations will have to account for their deliberate ignoring of those of us having our lives stealthily and surely destroyed via a sinister mix of elements that include being tracked, harassed and surveilled. These so-called news media outlets are propping up and colluding with what is in effect a Stasi regime within the UK where the police and others are also involved.

When failing epically to alert the sheeple of the extrajudicial operations that comprise the gangstalking programme via my web (, my Youtube channel (condemned), flyers, emails, letters and in a few instances by personally handing a letter or two to a person I naively thought would be an ideal person to expose this (fuck, how wrong was i Mr James O'Brien of LBC radio), i have also designed a few images and text on T-shirts. This is my latest failure.


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A channel to try to expose a secret harassment, stalking and surveillance programme (program) to the wider world. It commonly goes by the name of gangstalking which might be a disinformation term and other phrases and abbreviations related and amounting to the same include targeted individuals or T.I.s and organised stalking. The mostly psyops (psychological based operations) though more worrying and potentially very harmful technology might play its part in our targeting, revolves around stalking or tracking those secretly selected; harassing in various ways - noise, character assassination, sleep deprivation, surveillance and monitoring and the alluded to tech which may include v2k (voice to skull or voice of God); electromagnetic, microwave and other sinister hardware which can penetrate walls as though they weren't there so in effect attack any target invisibly. There's no cogent proof of these weapons - which do exist - being used on us but as many targets often mention similar health problems such as burning sensations, chronic joint aches and pains to name just two, this should not be overlooked or dismissed.
I have been a target of this since at least 2009 and can date it to 2009 because that was the year I attended the G20 anti-capitalism protest in London's financial district commonly known as the 'Square Mile'. It was the first and only time I have experienced the Police's kettling tactic and so was held in a small area encircled by Police and riot police for a number of hours. That same year saw a new neighbour move in to the flat below the one I shared with my brother. The block contains six one bedroom flats yet this new neighbour often had 4, 5 and sometimes 6 people stay. From day one of his tenancy he (and they) waged a deliberate noise campaign daily and at night slamming doors multiple times within the space of a few seconds, banging on the walls and ceiling. So began what I was to learn would be one aspect in my targeting. I didn't learn about gangstalking until at least three years later