This was a hard fought battle at Mohd Zai. We rush in and take it right away but, we lose too many tickets trying to hold it.

Guardian joins MrK and me for some Siege coop. MrK has a good run.

I stick around with SuctionGoat and Spectre for a fun round on Fool's Road. I was sure I had done better.

We end up in the middle of a hot battle around our FOB.

A few rounds of Siege to make Guardian and me feel Better.

...too bad it was it was teammates. I did get Angel, though. :)
This was not my best night.

Angel does a great job of covering, while I futz around and get a few frags.

Angel takes out a BMP as we run in to take Nikola.

Guardian_Bob, MrK, TarJeh and almost Truko; run through some Siege coop.

Vella and me take a run at a few chapters of Vermintide 2.

MrK and me take a look at the new Siege update and Operation Grim Sky.

We just rolled over the other team in this round.
We start off building a human tower then, we do a full court press. It was like a great heathen army rush.

Full squad tonight. Nice to see everybody out...except for Mike.
We capture and defend Mohd Zai. I get a nice 11/1 /13 k/d/i

Cid and me take up the mortars and have a pretty good round of it.

We run into enemy right away. We take out a squad and find their rally and radio and take those out. It gets better from there.

MrK and me tear up some Siege.

I spawn in at Village and stay to cap. I then go to Stepne and get my only frag.
My OBS was starting to act up a bit and I think it may be the map.

I missed recording most of this round. Probably my best round of the night. Oh well, I did get the last few minutes and the scoreboard.

MrK and me are joined by SuctionGoat and later Truko, for some Siege terrorist hunt.
Nice to see you out Truko.

MrK had a good night and Vella was having a good night. I kept getting too close to the breather/bombers. SuctionGoat shows up and joins in on the fun.

Vella and me run through the beginning of SRT3 and a few of the early missions.

MrK and LadyVella help me get rid of some Sunday boredom.

I get together with MrK, Guardian and Muck for some good old shoot 'em up Siege coop.
This is the edited version of the stream from tonight. I'm still playing with my stream settings. This is a little better than settings I had been using.

My first round of the night. Not a great showing but it was a quick round.
The O.G. FC.

Guardian, U-Go 1st, MrK and Vella join me for some Siege coops. -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/tarjeh


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