A three-minute video demonstrating how to load birdshot shells on the MEC 600 Jr press.

Music - Sunday Plans by Silent Partner

A five-minute video on how to make your own FBI-standard ballistic gelatin for testing ammunition.

9L Boiling Water
2L Gelatin Powder

Music - Some of you by Text Me Records/Grandbankss

A two-minute video on the recent deletion of casting & reloading videos by YouTube as well as the best and largest alternative sites to find firearms-related content.


Music - Decay Tower by roljui

A four-minute video demonstration and review of the new Svarog Zveroboy Russian shotgun slug mould.

Other videos on these new moulds:


Music - Home by Letter Box

By popular request, I've produced a second version of this punch tool to for producing full size, 12 Gauge shotshell wads measuring approximately 0.738" in diameter.

Price is $65USD plus $15USD for shipping with insurance to anywhere in Canada or the United States. International shipping also available on request. Email [email protected] for purchases or inquiries.

Music - Rocker by Audionautix

A six-minute video discussing the in's and out's of substituting different projectiles using the 'Load by weight' method of developing custom shotshells. Not for the faint of heart. Music - Oman by Max McFerren

A four-minute video demonstration of Mica Wad Slick including velocity and pressure tests.

Control Group:
•Federal Plastic w/ Paper Basewad
•Winchester 209 Primer
•25.5gr Universal Powder Charge
•Claybuster CB1118-12/WAA12 Wad
•1 1/8oz Lead Shot
•Cardboard Overshot Card
•Fold Crimp

•Winchester Poly-Formed w/ Plastic Basewad
•Winchester 209 Primer
•22gr Universal Powder Charge
•Claybuster CB1118-12/WAA12 Wad
•1 1/8oz Lead Shot
•Cardboard Overshot Card
•Fold Crimp


1,250.5 FPS
8,167 PSI

Mica Wad Slick:
1,225.50 FPS
8,083 PSI

25FPS/2% Velocity Reduction
84PSI/1% Pressure Reduction

1,174.90 FPS
7,774 PSI

Mica Wad Slick:
1,147.50 FPS
7,711 PSI

27.4FPS/2% Velocity Reduction
63PSI/1% Pressure Reduction

Music - Cold Funk Funkorama by Kevin MacLeod

A four-minute demonstration on the finished version of my 12 Gauge Shotshell Filler Wad Punch.

I am now accepting pre-orders for the first 100 units. Price is $65USD plus shipping; payment via PayPal or EMT. Estimated shipping date is mid-August. Inquiries and payments can be sent to [email protected]

Music - Awakening by Silent Partner

A three-minute video discussing the results of a year of testing cast bullet hardness.

All the bullets in this experiment were cast one year ago in the same session using the same mould and wheel-weight alloy.

Music - Sunrise Drive by South London HiFi

A four-minute video review of Frankford Arsenal's Platinum Series Case Trim & Prep Center.

Music - Manchester Dream by Bruno E.

Finally built some shelving for my reloading bench. Take a look at the new setup in this two-minute tour of my setup.

Music - On The Table by Silent Partner

An eight-minute review of the RCBS Chargemaster Lite automatic powder dispenser.

A four-minute review of Lee Precision's Deluxe Power Quick Trim kit.

Music - No Good Right by Freedom Trail Studio

A three-minute video on the importance of trimming cartridge casings when reloading ammunition.

Music - Summer Heat by Coyote Hearing

A two-minute comparison of Lee Precision's PaceSetter and Ultimate Rifle die sets.

Music - Lucky Duck by Silent Partner

A four-minute review of TruGlo's Triton 1x28mm sight.

Music - Crushin by Audionautix

A three-minute video demonstrating how to identify which style of grip will fit your revolver and how to properly install it.

Music - Silver by Riot

A three-minute demonstration and review of a budget-priced Chinese shotshell carrier from eBay.

Music - Back In The City by the 126ers

A five-minute video demonstration of how to perform a caliber change on a Dillon Square Deal B progressive reloading press.

Music - Some of You by Text Me Records/GrandBankss

A five-minute video explaining how 3D printing can be used in the design and prototyping of casting and reloading tools.

Music - Nimbus by Eveningland

A three-minute video review of Lee Precision's 6-Cavity bullet moulds. Music - Old Friend by Silent Partner

A four-minute review of High Standard's HSA-15 rifle.

Music - Remembering Her Face Silent Partner

A four-minute review of TriStar's Cobra Tactical shotgun.

Music - Cool Rock Take the Lead by Kevin MacLeod

A six-minute review of Caldwell's Ballistic Precision Chronograph.

Music - Macaroon 5 by Audionautix

A three-minute review of Weatherby's PA-459 tactical shotgun.

Music - Medium Rock by Audionautix


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