A four-minute demonstration on the finished version of my 12 Gauge Shotshell Filler Wad Punch.

I am now accepting pre-orders for the first 100 units. Price is $65USD plus shipping; payment via PayPal or EMT. Estimated shipping date is mid-August. Inquiries and payments can be sent to [email protected]

Music - Awakening by Silent Partner

A three-minute video discussing the results of a year of testing cast bullet hardness.

All the bullets in this experiment were cast one year ago in the same session using the same mould and wheel-weight alloy.

Music - Sunrise Drive by South London HiFi

A four-minute video review of Frankford Arsenal's Platinum Series Case Trim & Prep Center.

Music - Manchester Dream by Bruno E.

Finally built some shelving for my reloading bench. Take a look at the new setup in this two-minute tour of my setup.

Music - On The Table by Silent Partner

An eight-minute review of the RCBS Chargemaster Lite automatic powder dispenser.

A four-minute review of Lee Precision's Deluxe Power Quick Trim kit.

Music - No Good Right by Freedom Trail Studio

A three-minute video on the importance of trimming cartridge casings when reloading ammunition.

Music - Summer Heat by Coyote Hearing

A two-minute comparison of Lee Precision's PaceSetter and Ultimate Rifle die sets.

Music - Lucky Duck by Silent Partner

A four-minute review of TruGlo's Triton 1x28mm sight.

Music - Crushin by Audionautix

A three-minute video demonstrating how to identify which style of grip will fit your revolver and how to properly install it.

Music - Silver by Riot

A three-minute demonstration and review of a budget-priced Chinese shotshell carrier from eBay.

Music - Back In The City by the 126ers

A five-minute video demonstration of how to perform a caliber change on a Dillon Square Deal B progressive reloading press.

Music - Some of You by Text Me Records/GrandBankss

A five-minute video explaining how 3D printing can be used in the design and prototyping of casting and reloading tools.

Music - Nimbus by Eveningland

A three-minute video review of Lee Precision's 6-Cavity bullet moulds. Music - Old Friend by Silent Partner

A four-minute review of High Standard's HSA-15 rifle.

Music - Remembering Her Face Silent Partner

A four-minute review of TriStar's Cobra Tactical shotgun.

Music - Cool Rock Take the Lead by Kevin MacLeod

A six-minute review of Caldwell's Ballistic Precision Chronograph.

Music - Macaroon 5 by Audionautix

A three-minute review of Weatherby's PA-459 tactical shotgun.

Music - Medium Rock by Audionautix

A four-minute review of Browning's Buck Mark Stainless Camper pistol in 22LR.

Music - Cipher Electronic Light by Kevin MacLeod

A two-minute video documenting an experiment to determine whether or not cast bullet hardness changes six months after production.

All the bullets in this experiment were cast six months ago in the same session using the same mould and wheel-weight alloy.

Music - Pink Lemonade by Silent Partner

A four-minute demonstration and review of RSI's Pressure Trace II firearms chamber-pressure measurement system.

Manufacturer's Site - https://www.shootingsoftware.com/

Music - Macaroon 5 by Audionautix

A demonstration of the new 12 gauge shotshell filler wad punch kit I designed and manufacturered for use with my reloading press. In this video we'll take a quick look at the prototype unit and how it works.

Music - Pilots of Stone by Audionautix

A four-minute video discussing some of the biggest ripoffs in brass case cleaning media and chemicals, and where to find alternatives on the cheap!

Testing my prototype 12 gauge shotshell filler wad punch kit with several view-requested materials including cardboard, cracker-box, plastic blister-packing, craft foam, 1/8 cork roll and 1/4 cork tile.

Music - Scrapbook by Silent Partner

A four-minute video discussing YouTube's anti-conservative, hunting and gun politics and an alternative platform called VidMe.

Link to us on VidMe - https://vid.me/TATVCanada

Music - Talky Beat by Twin Musicom


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