Feminist woman of colour tries to steal shoes from injured elderly white male whilst beating him with a belt.
Members of the public step in and kick her arse.

Cops in the Netherlands make arrests after they discover shipping containers converted into hi tech sound proof torture chambers.

Feminist jumps from roof into pool.

Black lives matter protesters block old mans car.
Old man drives straight through them take some for a ride.

Straight white male batters four potential doctors.

Elegant trans lady gets into heated disagreement with couple outside pub.
Woman comes over and pulls his/her wig off.

Left wing supporting man attempts to sit down and enjoy a beer.
Breaks fence.
Falls down stairs.
Spills drink.

Father of the 8 year old little girl who shot dead by black lives matter rioters in Atlanta speaks out.

Racist cops disrupt Tyrones shopping spree.

Bikini clad blondes trampoline pool jump goes wrong.

Looters in Columbia plunder crashed fuel truck.
Truck explodes.
Many dead.

Agresive man took out by reverse elbow to the face.

Feminist cooks dinner.

Man executed in front of his child on the streets of New York.

Man stops car to attack 13 year old street performer.

Man trapped in bear enclosure in Poland,jumps into water to escape.
Unfortunately for him the bear jumps in after him.

Human hamster knocks himself out cold on giant hamster wheel.

Forklift operator lucky to escape unharmed when shelving smashes him in the face.

Man on a scooter bumps into two bears in a dark alley.

Lockdown is over in the UK.
The residents of Southampton spent the weekend enjoying the many benefits of cultural enrichment and diversity.

Made in china

Man uses car to break mass brawl in Chille

Man almost flattened by flying trampoline.

Farmer comes across a running bride followed by 50 plus naked men in a field in Russia.

Dentist pulls maggots from patients cavity.


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