UK police complete with gay pride cop car film elaborate tick tock video.

Feminist Vs Running Machine.

Light brown feminist woman of colour vs dark brown feminist woman of colour.

Workman uses ladder to climb invisible wall.

Chinese restaurant owner slaps feminist woman of colour working at his restaurant in front of customers.

Behind the scenes look at Israeli journalists staging fake covid hospital wards.

Boat sails through massive flock of birds.

Feminist rugby tackles blonde friend and smashes her head into wall.

Exploding Manhole cover lands on China man after he puts fireworks in the sewers.

Screeching feminist power slaps man.

Magic China man levitates crystal ball.

Another Man arrested for refusing to wear a Covid 19 face mask.

Man loses his shoe in the snow.

Eels eat a pizza.

Tortoise races hare.

China man puts firework down his underpants.

Wanted man rams cop car in the uk as he tries to flee police.

Man saves duck from the jaws of hungry frog.

Exploding bed prank sends man flying.

Feminism in 2021.

Guy dips iPhone into frozen lake to film underneath the ice.

Delivery man takes a tumble.

Forklift operator drops pallet of cement.
Lucky no body was flattened.

When that degree in artistic feminist dance doesn’t pay the rent.

Shirtless Russian man has kicking fight with two cops.


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