Two women brawl in an underground carpark whilst a third lady attempts to break up the fight with her car.

Tyrone attempts to take of his hoodie whilst driving and crashes the truck.

Hero climbs out the window of a high rise tower block to rescue a child dangling from the window ledge.

Fight outside a DIY store ends with old guys covered in White paint.

Elegantly dressed trans sex worker looks for potential customers at truck rest stop.

Chinese man refuses daily covid test so CCP covid cops shrink wrapped him and bundle him into a van.

Bearded man sets his head on fire.

Polite road rage fight in Canada.

Smartly dressed black gentleman fights another man of colour who is armed with a plastic shovel.

Karen gets angry when driver films her road rage.

Woman batters bicycle theif.

Little kid is not very pleased with his birthday cake.

Ground opens up and swallowed 5 men and a motorbike in India.

Wakandan Road worker can't spell stop.

UK cop struggles to arrest two drunken woman.

Peaceful religious volley championships.

Covid Karen tries to stop maskless man from using elevator.

Ex girlfriend almost blows herself up whilst setting exs car on fire.

The Chinese have cloned Elon Musk.

Tesla detects pedestrian getting run over.

Chinese Covid cops test fish in the market for covid 19.

Apus flaming haircut.

Motorist attempting to put out burning engine with a Tshirt causes car crash un Brazil.

Girl hits guy.
Guy retaliates.
Everyone attacks the guy.

Footballer accidentally thanks his wife and his girlfriend during post match interview.


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