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Midget strangled by Kangaroo.

Man body tackles cop moments before he is about to shoot man

Armed Urban American gentlemen attempt to break down someone's door during robbery but they get shot instead.

China man, armed with scissors, takes woman hostage bit gets took out with a spade to the head.

Meanwhile in Wakanda.
Military guy fires various guns into his mouth and catches the bullets with his teeth.

Security guard encounters bear in hotel kitchen.

Tyrone meets a robot in the hood.

Bigfoot spotted by trian passengers in Colorado.

Disabled feminist woman of colour tackeld by cop in Walmart.

Sneaky Apu snatches phone from a passenger on a moving train.

Ball of death motorcycle stunt goes horribly wrong in India.

Meanwhile in Wakanda.
Family pose for photo with large Aligator but one lady gets a little to close.

Workmen look on as old lady walks through fresh cement.

Jamal refuses to leave Tyrones abode so Tyrone beats his ass.

Huge tape worm hanging out of a bears arse.

Man tests his expensive new drone. It gets hit by a truck.

Jaguar attack in India.

Guy in wheelchair launches drive by slap attack.

Armed Cops take on tractor driver in the Waffle house parking lot.

UK cops deploy taser after 4 of them fail to restrain large potential doctor.

Flight grounded after China man freaks out and claims he's trapped in a time loop and the plane has crashed 6 times.

Kid makes a homemade Hang Glider and jumps of the roof.Hang glider doesn't work as expected.

2 couples brawl at a festival in the UK.

Blonde female gets road rage.

Trafficked children rescued from the back of a lorry in the UK.


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