We're going to make a japanese steakhouse habachi meal so good, you'll want to have it for two or three days straight.



Lorne Armstrong made a video on his channel called example of my past. In that video, he mentions why he stole 30k from betty, went to nashville and tried to have a sexual liaison with a girl named Kayla Marie. It turns out it's because he got screwed out of three of his favorite dishes. On this episode, we make the $700 mac & cheese for about ten dollars and it's easy and cheesy.


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Liquid Lorne with TCAP Recipes. On this channel, we make recipes based off to catch a predator. We make everything from pepersteak fixed a little bit different way to recipes based off of Lorne Armstrong. But we don't stop there. We also make recipes inspired by wings of redemption, Onision and chris chan. Currently I have 531 subscribers on youtube. I plan to be uploading my library here on bitchute as well. There will be content coming up that will not be going to youtube.