Be sure to de-grease your bodies of water at home everyone.

Sometimes the travel story quests will appear in the quests list and sometimes the star will just be on the map. Inconsistent, but goes to show how much RPGs have changed in the last couple of decades.

As much as the unfair enemy boss level spikes popping up are the game's failure at balance, you can't discount your own blame when you pump the enemy numbers and end up getting yourself killed either.

So we got the monster manual and found out our GM unfairly buffed his boss encounter far beyond our levels because he wanted us to die.

Ever fought an unwinnable battle in an arepeegee where you ended up exhausting your supplies for no reason? It's different from the "actually you lose" cutscene type, but certainly has comparable frustration.

I pronounce it as "Eh?" but the "E" is silent. Also, this DM made no real plans for his campaign, did he?

Funnily enough, it wasn't until the end of the previous session where I thought I'd continue this series. Before the king, it felt very MMO-ish in the "beat this monster and collect this item they drop" simplicity of the questing.

Pretty sure the game auto-saves, so the save and quit button does nothing at all.

In an hour of playing, I read what the star quests were, I confirmed what they were, and then proceeded to forget and wonder what they were.

Can you imagine being at a table where you have to pay the DM so you could allow another player to join?

Somehow I've pushed back Chroma Squad for another RPG. A series of RPGs since I've got KoP&P2 as well as the sci-fi entry.

Anyway, welcome to the new series. Let's see where this one takes us.

Now we come to the end of our session. So what do you think? Want to see us play more Caveblazers together in the future? Tune in tomorrow for a new series. Until then, take care.

More or less. There are so many poison blobs around and it takes only one drop to completely undue the cleric's healing. I wonder if that healing should be buffed for group's because it's almost useless with its single digit health restoration.

The easiest boss, but half the group never fought her. Overall we did pretty well.

They really are the worst enemies. They go right through barriers and everything.

Because I am. I cast the spells that keep the people from falling down. They find ways to do it anyway though.

If we were a party of clerics, we'd be so broken.

It would be helpful if potions were identified for everyone and kleptomaniac NPCs didn't take whatever anyone dropped.

You know this game is not for kids because of all the blood everywhere. There's even a magical item that rewards you for keeping all deaths within a limited area. Make pool of the dead for yourself, if you will.

Which means I get all the good stuff. And then have to give up my healing sword to the most death prone among us.

Four players makes it essentially a whole different series, so that's why it's Caveblazers #1 for a third time.

Because the mace and lightning blessings keep stealing away the 1000% damage strikes from my crimson sword.

I just realized I should have been using OBS to record this since I'm intending to use that for when we do the four player recording...

And I feel fine. So I looked it up and there's only one ending to the main game. Good thing too because I had already started playing through it again and had the brilliant of killing everyone who ever got on my train. I think I was trying to see if I could get a really bad ending. Anyway, I did have fun playing the game, despite so much story being ripped away during the train segments. I also learned there was DLC that plays with a stronger survival angle and something about "survivors affecting the endings slightly" so I look forward to that someday. I think I'll even record it, so look forward to that. Until the next game, take care.

That train was like a father to me. I loved it like a son.


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