Going through some content in the first expansion. Though we are constantly hounded by our immortal adversary.

RWR save got corrupted, so I recorded a one-shot(?). Next week expect more RWR because I cheesed my way back to where I left off.

That's why he splices them with everything.

Never get locked into a giant freezer folks, that's not cool B(

Also, I think it's safe to say everyone who worked on this game was a fan of butts.

Going through the Avengers Tower actually took longer but for some reason the audio desynced. I decided to cut this video short and will use another way to record our commentary for future videos.

I'm not saying the level designers got lazy here, but...

Do you get a personal drone to fly you around and a surfboard too?

Its a little weird to see the girls chime in with their voice lines during normal gameplay given we play as completely different characters. I get it would have been too expensive to have the boys' voice actors to record lines for everything like that though. Maybe we can view the girls as the omnipresent observers of our adventure and thus would comment on everything?

When children debate, the one who uses the fewest syllables and makes the other angrier, wins.

Going through the trials. It's surprising how difficult it is to reach the damage requirements. Maybe level grinding is what's needed.

But the Tengoblin sword is totally not magic.

Did Blew save Bill from his science experiment before or after you did?

Wait! Does that mean we are accessories to (doing something not nice to) children and then trying to bring other kids back to life by stuffing their souls into animatronics???? I'm so conflicted....

Been waiting for the continuation of this, weren't you?

We're going to be jumping from challenge to level as we try to unlock different infinity rift challenges and rewards. This can get tedious to watch so we didn't want these videos to get monotonous. That's why the ending of the last video doesn't match with the beginning of this video.

When you think about it, a flamethrower is the most conspicuous weapon you can use at night.

Or do you hurt after being fused?

...while the girls chat and hang around~

When at the end of their lives, they go right into the middle of the territory of their natural predator.

There's so much to unlock.

I'd like to think it's a rare sight in Running With Rifles.

These are the people who ask if you know who they are, and nobody ever knows who they are.

I really hope I hadn't used this subtitle before.

No one say anything about the map.


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