We keep dying in this difficulty. We must be getting worse at games haha I'm actually a bit surprised at how close Magneto's voice actor sounds like Sean Connery. Crafter isn't that far off the mark. We learn about the Iso-8 system here, there's so many systems in play here its really fun.

And I thought the camera in Ultimate Alliance 3 was wonky.

I apparently didn't notice when I used my ultimate. Oops. Also sorry for the echoing in our commentary, that headset I'm looking to get are expensive haha I honestly like how the characters are introduced in this installment, that and the voice acting really shows the high production values.

Or To Wrangle An Angler From The Jaws of Jaws.

I haven't seen a native since we've arrived on the island, so it's less stealing and more archaeology.

We want to go back to playing through the other Ninja Turtles 2003 games eventually, That series of games was one of the first we planned to let's play together all those years ago. Hopefully we can go back to it sometime. Also I found the headset that might very well be the best for us for creating let's plays together. The Audio-Techinca BPHS1. It keeps from picking up other people's voices even if they're sitting right next to you.

I wonder how many channels have played through Mercenary Kings. Then I wonder how many are split screen, let alone multiplayer.

The highest difficulty is a challenge but it's still fun

Travelling through the night probably wasn't the best idea.

You ever look back on a video in review, assuming you make videos, and regret not making a joke when you had the chance?

Didn't know Spider-man was so destructive. Not much new to talk about here, still using our old headset mics.

If we were four separate channels, one would have no content, one would post content daily and have no subscribers, one would post monthly and have the most interesting videos, and one would post weekly and have the most subscribers.

Trying out uploading smaller videos. Our audio seems to bleed into each other's mics though. If anyone has suggestions for high quality headsets that cancel background noise (particularly from people who happen to be sitting next to the wearer) excellently, please let us know in the comments. They have to be headsets too, since we wouldn't want to have to sit forward all the time just to keep our mouths right next to a yeti or snowball mic.

In this episode we talk about our own video plans as well as fight the expert eye of chuthulu in the worst way possible.

I think this boss illustrates how players learn from their encounters to defeat them through visual experience.

Not sure if people want hour+ long videos. Maybe I'll try to break them up into smaller chunks. Lots of new characters this time around.

If this was an anime game, you just know the opening cut scenes would have taken over half an hour before I got a chance to play.

I don't know why the game allows players to interrupt the in game dialogue. Could potentially make players miss out on a lot of voice acting. I thought I was able to sync the game and our commentary audio properly, but it looks like I was a bit off. I might have to use the syncing procedure twice per session from now on.

The inevitable happens courtesy of the Crafter and we then set our sights on better weapons and armor.

You know, I'm beginning to think that retired lady who helped Atma do taboo stuff is the real evil here.

Does this game look into your soul? I'm unmoved, but I'll still destroy everything to get what I want. If I was an anime character, the American fans would hate me, I'm sure.

This game has a very "tutorial" feel to it. The puzzles aren't particularly difficult, but give the impression there's a much bigger game coming up.

It's been so long since we played the first Ultimate Alliance way back on Wii. Seeing Nintendo bring this franchise back with Team Ninja was a huge surprise. The camera is pretty unwieldy but other than that the game is really fun. Especially the co op attacks. Looking forward to seeing what else is in store.

Do you think he pecks you with his beak when he's angry with you?

You learn cursive to write your name and then hardly use it for anything else ever again. Don't look at me.


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