I gambled that aliens wouldn't have a self-preservation sense and lost...

This play through will be the last of SoR, unless updates come out with especially interesting things. I've learned a lot about recording and editing that I'll be using going forward. There's just a little more tweaks I can do and can try before I'm right up against the wall of my current technology level.

The big reason why there are so many SoR episodes is because I can tweak my recording methods and compare how they come out. For example I switched from using OBS to record everything to having it only record mic audio while I use something else to record video/game audio. As such I believe I have an idea on how to remove that flickering that's happening and will try the fix for the next episode. Fingers crossed for tomorrow's SoR.

Many people enjoy streams filled with building in these types of games, so why not have it?

And there goes the last of that weird session.

The dart gun is balanced only by its incredible price per shot.

I figured out what was causing the lag spikes and those affecting my gameplay should go away for tomorrow's episode.

Because them aliens are infecting everyone with everything.

I imagine most channels with multiple people have a singular or main recording computer and thus have a more consistent quality to the videos. I'm going to have to get Mr Snarky here to do more mic checks to dial it in.

Hold on, would a blood bag only heal vampires?

In today's episode, we learn how one of the new items works.

The radiation messed up my mic audio, but I think I did fairly well cutting and realigning it.

With bonus player commentary at the end.

Only while editing did I realize I should have had the map active so I could recall out of there at the first sign of trouble.

No usually means no, but sometimes no means maybe show me your dedication first. Search your experiences, you know it to be true.

With the new memory manipulator item, I think it's very possible that if new classes were released, a man-in-black class will be included. I mean, the achievement I'm going after has to do with contacting an alien for crying out loud.

I've been wanting to do this for a good long while, but with the Area 51 raid thing being so big, here we go. This was truly a "how quickly can I go from recording to upload" kind of thing. It came out fairly well, considering.

I'm wondering if there will be a secret fifth region because otherwise the game is finished after we've unlocked the whole Star Fox team.

I don't think we've made a Powerpuff Girls reference in all the time we've played.

We engage in the shortest boss battle ever and we show off how to use wormhole potions multiple times in our quest to go back west.

You feel it all over you.

We really do seem to have an irrational hate for metal gems.

Or I Can't Evade Your Love, Baby

Titles tend to be based on what he says.


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