Even the constellations can lie to us, who in their right mind would be an astrologer? O_o

I'm surprised we can all hold our breath this long in space

And go further beyond... PLUS ULTRA!

Not sure how they can surpass this boss O_o

Not sure if it's because of any particular stat or ability, but we did much better this time.

Finally finish that challenge

Crazy amount of lore in this one

Now I'm just getting paranoid about these riddles

Since we've all got the achievement, we won't be able to test if what is likely the obvious thing we should have done was what we needed to do all along.

Riddles man, they are so meta. But seriously even though I was having a tough time figuring these out and I did complain, looking back it was really imaginative to include them in the game. If a sequel is ever made I hope they do this again. Now that us frail humans were exposed to them the first time, we'll be ready.

Musical puzzles? In my team based multiplayer action RPG?

Lover of narrative mystery games I see.

Cheating money from your fellow things is pure eeeevvviiiilllll~~~

In another world, in another universe, an elite squad of the best men the army has takes on gods and titans for the future of humanity.

(If anyone draws up an actual gender bent version of the furies, let's hope they never post to twatter D:)

Maybe Alex has an affinity for animals. I could really see her as the dog person of the team.

What's the deal with spikes in the underworld? You end up getting so injured that you go to HEE-EL, which is bad enough. But now that you're there, you still have to worry about getting skewered? Not even in death can we rest in peace :/

We didn't think about it until we came back, but I think it was simply a matter of getting everyone to start playing at the same time.

Disclaimer: This video is for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as educational or as a "How to" style tutorial. Considering the length of the video, and how it's a part of a series, I would think that was obvious.

PS: Don't upgrade the stove, it's glitched ;p

PPS: We can upload to Bitchute again!

Will the Furies ever be able to beat this one level? Will they master any other equipment pieces? Will we hear Alex talk like a country bumpkin again? All will be revealed in the next exciting episode of Furies! Metal! Full!

This is the last episode I was able to upload onto bitchute before i kept getting errors for every subsequent upload attempt. As of now (6/8/22) I have several more episodes to upload but this website just wont let me past 4% when i try to upload anything. Hopefully someday I can upload more videos here, but unill then you'll be able to see more videos (including ones that were never uploaded to bitchute on our youtube channel

Feel free to watch videos there if you want, We'll keep trying to upload here but who knows when this site will start working for us again. Thanks o/

So that we can drill the level until it's destroyed in a blaze of fire and blood! That's why!

Trying specific abilities to make this level easier

it's great that we can add bullet hell in the list of genres this game has

In space without a suit, the girls are holding their breaths constantly

We all float up here

in earnest now

Giving the symbols multiple definitions is diabolical

also as of now 6/3/22 we're not able to upload any more videos, we keep getting an error and our video files never reach 100% uploaded. If anyone has an idea how we can get this to work please let us know.


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