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This is a documentary film made by Shannon Joy, a journalist and a podcaster. Shannon travelled to New Orleans and interviewed Judyth Baker, then Lee Harvey Oswald's girlfriend who worked on the CIA program making the biological weapon for poisoning/assasinations that would look like a natural death by cancer.
This film is based on based on Edward T. Haslam’s book "Dr. Mary’s Monkey".
In the summer of 1963, a young girl found herself caught up in a clandestine covert operation to eliminate Fidel Castro. This wouldn't be a shot heard around the world, but rather, a silent shot of super cancer causing poison, derived from a monkey simian virus called SV-40.
This tale has everything from murder, espionage, a tragic love story, to bioweapons and the genesis of gain-of-function research, weaponized in covid-19.

FDA approval issued based on data that was collected for non-investigational use of non-experimental product (EUA countermeasure). We have put together a timeline and evidence from FDA meetings.

Presentations on global covid pandemic scam, weaponization of public health, and globalist takeover of democratic governments by unelected mafia serving private interests. The presentation is now an official government record in Sweden. This meeting was organized by a Swedish parlamentarian, Elsa Widding.

Covid wards are government sanctioned, funded and protected murder wards. I discuss first hand experience with covid murder protocol and what you can do to protect your loved ones. We also talk about gain of function and the real purpose of SV40 promoter in Pfizer "vaccines"

Start at 18 min. Transfection of human and microbiome cells with foreign DNA and other payloads.

Learn how the government mafia burns neighborhoods for "redevelopment" (i.e. steal and transfer to their friends in exchange for funding political campaigns). We also talk about global plan of WHO to do the same on pretexts of "pandemics". We discuss what people can do to protect themselves.

We talk about the history of bioweapons development and what the cabal is currently up to, and what you can do to counteract their evil.

A full length interview on the topic of military countermeasures deployed on Americans and global population

Moderna is a fake pharmaceutical company. This is a front for government/military cartel laundering bio-chemical weapons and cash and killing, injuring and enslaving Americans and people worldwide.

Testimony includes Janci Lindsay, PhD, Peter McCullough MD, Ryan Cole, MD, James Thorpe, MD, Sasha Latypova. Proposed resolution to ban the shots under Idaho bioweapons prohibition laws.

We discussed topics such as who and why are committing covid crimes. Is it murder? Is Bill Gates responsible? What is the goal and the agenda of the perpetrators.

We discuss the data published by Danish colleagues on adverse events related to different batches of Pfizer injections. Intentional toxicity variation is shown in the statistical data analysis.

I am back with Dr. Jane discussing DOD contracts for Moderna. We also talk about Pfizer and the dismissal of Brook Jackson's case.

I recently went to Norway to present at a conference sponsored by the Children's Health Defense and Binders Initiative. Peter Imanuelsen, aka Peter Sweden is an alternative news journalist from Sweden. Apologies, one of the cameras was malfunctioning during this interview.

More details on my Substack:
Were you wondering why some people did not get “covid” when taking care of sick family members, or being exposed at work? Same question applies to flu or any other so-called “infectious” disease which never affect any large percentage of the population and always self extinguish. WHY do ivermectin and vitamin protocols work for “covid”? Are microbes dangerous invisible boogeypersons? Do they or don’t they exists at all? Is there a third option? Can viruses be modified in labs and made into biological weapons? When they “leak” from a lab, why do they cross the road and go to the wet market?


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Team Enigma is a group of international pharmaceutical R&D professionals, academic researchers and data analysts working on analysis of public health datasets with respect to covid vaccines' side effects. Visit for more information.