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Were you wondering why some people did not get “covid” when taking care of sick family members, or being exposed at work? Same question applies to flu or any other so-called “infectious” disease which never affect any large percentage of the population and always self extinguish. WHY do ivermectin and vitamin protocols work for “covid”? Are microbes dangerous invisible boogeypersons? Do they or don’t they exists at all? Is there a third option? Can viruses be modified in labs and made into biological weapons? When they “leak” from a lab, why do they cross the road and go to the wet market?

We talked about various big picture questions surrounding the Plandemic and biowarfare unleashed on humanity

I am back on Robert Kennedy Jr's podcast. We speak about the Militarized Healthcare - the lie the Government told the public about covid 19 response and specifically the details about hiding dangerous technology by pretending it is a "vaccine". Here is how the criminal organization is structured.

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We are no longer in a world in which standard pharmaceutical practices and good manufacturing practices apply. Instead, Sasha says, we are in a strange dystopian state of "public health emergency."

From American Media Periscope

Video recording from my presentation at the conference.

I was invited to speak about the DOD involvement in countermeasures, and also comment on the recent Project Veritas undercover video release of "Pfizer manipulating viruses" story.

This is the post-segment from the previous interview. We get into the discussion on "Why would my government do this to us?" and what we can do to resist the Monster.

This is a detailed discussion with Dr. Jane Ruby where we get into the motives of the government-pharma global criminals. We discuss what can be done to stop the atrocities they have been committing.

We discuss the DOD ownership of fake vaccine countermeasures, the legal history of the crime, and potential ways of taking down this criminal enterprise.

Big thanks to JP and Julie Collins, who made this video. The messaging is very clear and great production values! The video is based on the materials from my research and outstanding legal analysis by Katherine Watt. Please visit JP and Julie's channel here:

This is a discussion with Lara Logan (she joins around 15 min) about the role of the DOD and NSC in deploying biowarfare agents marketed as "vaccines" on the US and global population.

We talk about many topics I previously discussed in my presentations, but some new ones too: CRISPR Cas, AI, fraud in science, venture finance, how to move forward rebuilding our society.

1. My materials (and art) will be available in written form at

2. I am speaking at the Doctors4covidethics Symposium on Saturday, December 10, 2022. The symposium will be live streamed at

In this video I discuss recently completed and peer reviewed published primary research study by the lead by Joy Garner. The study is titled "Health versus Disorder, Disease, and Death: Unvaccinated Persons Are Incommensurably Healthier than Vaccinated" and was published in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice and Research:

The study is primary research that collected a substantial random sample of surveys from entirely unvaccinated population in the US (approximately 800,000 people). Results from the 2019/2020 nationwide Control Group Survey of Unvaccinated Americans (CGS) show that those refusing vaccines are thriving while those accepting them are being injured and met with a multiplicity of grave injuries as well as sudden unexpected death. This survey quantified the long-term health risks of total vaccine avoidance against the health outcomes observed in the 99.74% vaccine-exposed American population. Based upon the sample sizes for the controls vs. the exposed population, the p-values and odds ratios evidence the astronomical odds against the innocence of vaccines as the actual cause of well over 90% of the disabling and life-threatening chronic conditions suffered by Americans. The true “controls” (calculated to represent 0.26% of the population in 2020) have established the baseline disease risk incurred by those without exposure to vaccination. The null hypothesis, that no significant difference would be found between vaccinated vs. unvaccinated persons in heart disease, diabetes, digestive disorders, eczema, asthma, allergies, developmental disabilities, birth defects, epilepsy, autism, ADHD, cancers, and arthritis, is rejected with overwhelming statistical confidence and power in every single contrast. Because 99.74% of the U.S. population is vaccine-exposed, published national disease rates invariably reflect the frequency of observed negative outcomes arising from exposure to vaccines. The Control Group comparison graphs lead to the inescapable conclusion, and near mathematical certainty, that vaccine exposure is the actual cause of the observed disparity in health outcomes between vaccinated and unvaccinated populations. Vaccines are NOT moving the population toward better health, as suggested by the World Health Organization and the US Department of Health & Human Services, but rather toward epidemic levels of lifelong debilitating chronic disorders.

This presentation covers the pseudo-legal structure, organizational structure and money flow of this criminal enterprise.
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DOD contracts for "covid countermeasures" can be found here:

Transcript of my conversation with Katherine Watt on November 4, 2022 (video on this channel):

My recent interview with UK column discussing prototype countermeasures injected into billions of people worldwide under the pretense that they are "medicines". There are no medical product regulations that apply to these shots. The shots are produced, owned and distributed by the Department of Defense in the US and other military departments world wide and are property of the DOD until they are injected into people. Do not comply.

Dr. Lindsay is a toxicologist and a molecular biologist with extensive experience in toxicology and reproductive biology research and experience in the development of a vaccine- based contraceptive which ultimately fostered auto-immune ovarian destruction and sterilization, now currently used in animals. She became alarmed by the proposed use of this novel lipid and gene therapy technology as mass vaccination and has been vocal about the danger and the mechanisms of induced auto-immunity which can cause severe reproductive and other harms in people.
She is currently involved in several legal cases against vaccine mandates for the military. We discuss the damage these products already causing to our Armed Forces. The military has involuntarily discharged at least 3400 members due to refusal to vaccinate with emergency use product. Coast Guard is short 2700 members and are currently offering $50,000 signing bonus even for a "culinary specialist" - that's a level of desperation never seen before. Is the DOD trying to destroy our own military?

Maria is a pharmacist and a regulatory specialist from Canada. She has thoroughly reviewed Pfizer's manufacturing documents and identified glaring and unsolvable problems. The product should be considered adulterated. Note that the quality tests described in Pfizer's documents only apply to batches (bulk product) and do not specify any product conformity tests at the dose level (as administered). This is a glaring violation of existing regulations for pharmaceutical products.

Transcript of this conversation and many relevant links available here:

Description: Katherine is an independent journalist and a legal researcher who has created a meticulously cited and sourced reference on her substack (Bailiwick News). Katherine has uncovered specific changes to the US laws that have over the years lead to the current events which she characterizes as a domestic bioterrorism and mass murder masquerading as a public health emergency response. We discuss the key aspects of law that enabled subversion of people's Constitutional rights, use of fear and propaganda and other unlawful acts by the US Government and Department of Defense. She explains that the "clinical trials" or "approval" are not applicable regulatory frameworks in case of the covid-19 injection "countermeasures".

Katherine has created a website as a resource for idividual citizens who want to file complaints or lawsuits on their own called "Five Small Stones""

More information on Katherine's work can be found using these links:

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Other Transaction Authority - more information: file:///C:/Users/latyp/Dropbox/My%20Stuff/covid/Bailiwick/zoom%20meeting%20Katherine/2020.06.29%20KEI%20Brief%20on%20OTA%20KEI-Briefing-OTA-29june2020.pdf

DOD contracts for covid countermeasures:

What we know is explained in the video.

John has done an extensive research analysis and FOIA work on demonstrating excess mortality related to the deaths after injections. I highly recommend to follow his substack:

More information and data analysis can be found here: for the presentation I just did. The slides. for EXHIBIT F and the lawsuit against the state of MA for articles written by Coquin de Chien for short 2 to 3 minute videos on lawful Civil Disobedience

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I am talking with Tessa Lena, a fellow immigrant from the Soviet Union. We discuss all aspects of government over-reach, tyranny and deception related to the covid pandemic and injections. Tessa is not a scientist or doctor but a brilliant writer and researcher who has followed and documented abuses by the government in the past several years.

Ask your doctor wtf they injected into you? Self assembling and disassembling structures, the video is sped up, this process takes place in room temperature over a few hours.


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