Just a simple guy reading his bible book. Try having an herb garden in your window this year. Grow things. Watch and care for them. Light some candles for god.Do some thing you have put off for to long. Please pray for everyone.

For those who can not sleep tonight. Stay hope filled and pray for god to heal our lives. Rest your mind and spirit. Breath deep and be in the moment more often. Treat your town as you want to be treated.

Hello, just a guy reading his bible. I have cloud footage today as a background. Be strong and walk with the lord. Times are hard, give your wife a day off. Honor your family. Talk to them and listen. No agenda. Be what they need you to be. Give everyone emotional strength with what you have around you.

I have snow fall and ducks this time for the back ground. I Hope your staying positive and calm. Hope, love and real faith will show us all the way. Make a good home meal for your family. Talk to friends and family, maybe write an email or a real world letter.

Just a guy reading his bible. Your welcome to join. This is a new year for peace and unity. No more allowing others to speak for you. Be humble. Do what you can, with what you have. Think about it over a nice bubble bath.

When sticks and stones break your bones remember, words will never hurt you. Even if surrounded by lies, I will walk true. In the valley of the shadow of digital death, I will fear no evil. May all traps fail and uplift your servants. Never give up when times are hard, come to god and know him.

This did not load right last night. oops somewhere. If you feel anger. Today, is a good day to let it go. Find a way to help bring people you know by name closer together. Clean house at home. Is love or fear the king?

Just a guy reading his bible. Join me today. A honey bee visits four thousand flowers to make a teaspoon of honey. So, let your works on this earth be like the bee.

I used some old fish footage. Old school camera. Please remember to not entertain angry or upsetting thoughts. Reject those thoughts and give in to love. Create with your hands, a meal made by you. Set the table and call everyone to dinner. Smile and soak in the warming presence of your family. Maybe a room mate in stead. Listen and feel a part of their lives with purpose. Guide and be guided.

Just a guy reading his bible, and praying for peace and unity. Not a preacher or wise man. Just feel compelled to get closer. Use what I have and begin. Hug your kids and call some one who could use a friend. Chapter 15 is short.

I am just a guy reading his bible and sharing it with you. I love a good rescue story. Remember stay positive and pray.

I felt people should hear it again. Maybe hear it twice. Always find peace and community where it is needed. Be a light when times are dark. Remember hurting yourself is not an option. Call some one and let them know your in need of a friend.

Stay positive and stay in control of your emotions. God can help. Just a guy reading for another day.

I got this footage during twenty twenty. Got some turtles, frog eggs, cat fish, and ducks.

Just some guy reading with you. I have lightning shots I got over the last couple of years. This part of the bible takes a while. Hope the heavenly light show keeps you happy.

Just some guy reading his bible. I like this part of the bible.

I got more in last night. I might do more again, with no rain sound. Just a guy reading the good book. Keep hope. If your thinking of harming yourself please call the hot lines.

Genesis chapter three of the holy bible. Just some guy reading and sharing.

Second chapter in The Holy Bible, in the book of genesis.
Just a humble man reading his bible and sharing. My footage and music.

The Holy Bible. I am just some normal guy reading his bible. If you want to join me, that is fine.

I got the fish spy cam and fish food. Let us see who is home.

Filming in the same spot. Great shots of a mud sucker or Hog nose.

I film fish and wild life and love it. I want to share my hobby with you and got more videos coming.


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I film fish and underwater wildlife. I also read the Holy Bible. Wanted to share with everyone. I want to give more to god and learn a whole lot on this journey.