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Is the Earth at the center of the Universe? New data from leading scientists suggest that it is and is more than perception. A historical true story of how the scientific method brought today's institutional norms. Then new developments with technology keeps leading us to find that something unbelievable is happening in the cosmology community.

How Judicial Watch has exposed that there is a "2 Tier Justice System". What news about the corruption with the "Biden Burisma scandal"

A report from Judicial Watch President Tom Fintton about how Hillary Clinton needs to answer questions under oath.

Understanding the common law practice in the state of California. Applicable concepts in all 50 states to this day, this 2 part interactive lecture will show you core concepts of being a sovereign human. 8 hours total run time in 2 parts allows the demonstration of enforcing the sovereign's will upon the courts.

Understanding the common law practice in the state of California. Applicable concepts in all 50 states to this day, this 2 part interactive lecture will show you core concepts of being a sovereign human. 8 hours total run time in 2 parts allows the demonstration of enforcing the sovereign's will upon the courts.

Some math to prove overpopulation is a myth.

This cute presentation explores the truth that overpopulation of the human race is not a real issue. Rather it is a made up agenda by selfish rich people who have an overbearing tendency to want to control others. The manipulation of those who think this is true are cursed to not having the joy of parenthood, and entire societies are facing a very real problem of becoming extinct.

How a paradigm shift in farming that takes the focus from nitrogen over to carbon. How today's farmer is more productive by understanding the biodiversity in soils. The best 60 minute documentary to help anyone grow better foods and become a better steward of land.

The concept of change and how man conceived more change with tools. A summery of the previous 9 episodes and a lecture that predicts the future. Issues of the technocratic system of control that envelops the uneducated. How to manage change? What will it to do freedom? How will voting work when the issues are too complex? Learn how to ask the right questions. Learn how to anticipate the next big change.

The story of how map making and distance measurements begat technologies that led to the moon landing. How the Lime Light, The Electric Generator, and the Arc Light kicked of the amazing development in to animation and television. Then a retrospective look at the effect of invention and how history has led the modern culture into a system of mass awareness and collectivism.

The chain of connections that show how today's technologies are nothing new. The amazing innovations in, combat, canning foods, refrigeration, and the storage of gasses.

Transporting bulk freight brings change to the whole world. The finance of lending, investment, and the Insurance contract that made logistics possible. Knowing how to supply ingredients for the production line including knowledge in chemistry to meet demand for needed commodities.

A story about how the combination of circumstance, capitalism, and innovation led to the automobile. From the mid evil ice age to the modern age, James Burke explains how survival from the cold brought inventions that helped build our modern culture.

The computer, the clock, and mass production of common items caused greater access to privilege for the poor. Furthermore the standardization of machine tools, assembly lines, and interchangeability. How everyone can enjoy technology because of improvements in efficiency.

How communications technologies like the printing press and the investment contract brought peace and prosperity causing an evolution of data gathering and organization. Systems management with the combination of key inventions brought surplus then international trade.

Transmission of energy via [electro-static mutual Induction] vs. [di-electromagnetic]. Shown in the original Tesla and Loomis over-unity systems. These electrical designs do not have power supplies, but use the ambient electrical stress in the atmosphere. This introduction of the Tesla Society at a armature ham radio club in 1986. Eric presents a demonstration of the wonders of this censored electrical knowledge. This teaching is compatible with the Electric Universe Theory because it shows how electrical pressure works overtime and distance. Time being expressed in the inverse and transverse detentions. Eric has been on record stating that the Sun is an electrical transformer and not a nuclear furnace.

Understanding technological disruption in culture. The effect of new technologies on: agriculture, capitalization, militarization, and industrialization. How the stirrup, long bow, and gun powder changed our world today. How technology in weapon making created the communications and information revolution that could possibly solve conflict with diplomacy.

A detective story drawing connections through:
the standardization of metals, the lateen sail, celestial navigation, map making, the compass, overseas trade, discovery of magnets, the vacuum, electric spark and lighting. How basic discovery can turn in to a super weapon.

An introduction and story about how the chain of events throughout history led to the modern age. The reality of how fragile our technological network is. Why technology makes us dependent and unable to survive on our own as individuals. Evidenced in a story about the November 9th 1965 electrical power blackout reenactment. The discussion of the technological trap.

How the Globalist consolidate power though intimidation and media indoctrination to sell a lie that the Earth will get too hot.

An analysis of the book and movie the Wizard of OZ. Produced in 720p by Bill Still, this documentary suggests it is a parable story about the Great Depression. It is a great introduction into monetary policy from the perspective of freedom and liberty for the people of the United States of America. Follow Bill Still at

This original VHS 1996 production by Bill Still showcases the history of monetary control. This detailed documentary proves how The Federal Reserve and other central banks around the world are privately owned corporations. Whereas most people think the "Fed" is part of the United States Government but is not. Therefore this corporation operates in self interest and in concert with other central banks thus, extraction of wealth via a hidden tax as inflation. Moreover the money supply monopoly, the ability to control the quantity of currency units in circulation and interest rates, causes a manipulation in perceived property values. This documentary is for advanced studies of freedom and liberty. The Money Masters, focuses on the fight between the un-elected bankers (the plutocracy) and the will of the United States people. Mr. Still currently publishes a news service called the Still Report. His website is

A new example of Electric Universe Theory that proves Mars's topography is the result of a historic electric discharge in space. Discussions and experiments about cosmic thunderbolts, plasmoid, and space bound planetary crust as electrostatic ejecta fill this documentary. The Thunderbolts team is once again contesting mainstream schools of textbook education by challenging: the water erosion theory, Olympus Mons is not a shield volcano, and that Mars and Venus had changed positions in the solar system.

What a commit is, now better defined by the Electric Universe Theory. As the "dirty ice ball" and compositional zoning theory fail due to minerals found in the NASA Star Dust mission. The Thunderbolts team is now able to make predictions as mainstream scientists are surprised. Electrochemistry that explains the presence of water from comets. Explanations as to why comets break apart. A fascinating look at how electrical changes to any body of mass that transits through the Sun's electric field.

A revelation into the parallels of: mythology, plasma morphology, and cosmology. A great introduction into the Electric Universe Theory as the concepts of plasma and electrical discharge between planets are introduced. Artistic mythological archetypes from many cultures around the world depicting unknown meaning for the fist time expressed here as having a consistent and fundamental theme.


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Technician Quest is a project to find truth in science. Curated by Christopher Frampton. Touching on issues that effect public safety and sustainability, this Channel is about the art of good science and technology. As a non-biased observer this channel will get into:
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Technician Quest is a process of learning to seek out the best practices of the evolution in technology and social order.