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As an homage to my slow growth in Gmod Comic-making, and to do a big warm up exercise on gmod fledgling animating skills AND editing skills, i've decided to bring out a little funny Continuity that happened before one strip of the comic, being my Gmod Vore Comic, Goldie Gulped. The page in question of which this video is continuity-wise, as it takes place a couple hours before:

I wanted to make a vicious cycle all my life, and now that i have the tools, and the time to do it, i can make it a reality. It's a big project thats finished and im VERY happy how it turned out. It's an homage to the Vicious Cycle fad, and a homage to Raikujo for making the wonderful fad a reality and the gmodding/tf2/whatever communities that make it a funny thing to revisit over and over for generations on the internet to grow up.
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Unfettered HQ version here:

First time this is like my first Gmod-themed video i made, using the in-game video-recorder, i know it's shit quality, but i dunno any good recording software atm. All i have is some basic editing, and took me a couple tries to get the scenes down, but it's well worth the classic comedic shenanigans. But hey, it took me all night to make this, this a fun thing to make, im very happy how it turned out.

Unfettered version of the video:

After a long-ass wait, here's the second part to this documentary! Sorry for such a long wait, i do promise more archived videos in the future!

The video of this on Youtube ras removed for some unknown reason., thank god i decided to reupload this beauty from Garry's Mod! Hooray for archiving! Technically this is a reupload of a reupload! Don't remember who made it tho...

Old memes, nay fads, are the best kind of memes... remember the history!
Part 2:
Part 3:

Another classic YTMND Meme of old, enjoy the head-banging awesomeness that is this remix!

Watch parts 1 and 2 if you havent, these old memes need a resurgence in today's culture.
Part 1:
Part 2:

Watch part one if you haven't, old memes are the best memes.
Part 1:
Part 3:

Another classic meme on Youtube thats now in danger, i have done the liberty of archiving this for the greater good of humanity on the internet.

A video i found on youtube and Archived due to my childhood watching this vhs tape so many times when i was young. Man this was so amazing back when i was a child and the nostalgia is pretty amazing even today.

Not owned by me, but it has the A S T H E T I C S that i love so much.

Another self-explanatory video thats historical in internet context, the original may be gone by December 10th on YouTube. I as an archivist will work hard in my nich of fair use to archive as many historical videos as i can before the deadline. Enjoy the awesome song and video.


that i like

Another archived video by yours truly. Enjoy the content, and savor the history of the internet.

Enjoy the past as you watch the legendary star wars kid battle the dark side with his awesome pole spinning skills!

Another Aircraft Documentary i had archived. This time on the MiG 25 and 31, this is the first part.

The classic Numa Numa guy of Dork Daily, their channel may be in danger due to the impending purge on December 10th, another archived classic that shouldn't be wasted.

The First Ever YouTube Video is now in danger due to the impending purge in December 10th. I have done the honor of archiving it before it is ever deleted. Jawed, you'll be missed if your video is removed for being "Not commercially Viable"

Self explanatory, Archiving before the Great Youtube purge of December 10th.
Enjoy history being archived.

Do i really need to explain what it is, many of you have probably seen it. A Reupload to archive it's glory since i don't see it anywhere on this site.

Video not owned by me, a reupload from the sinking ship that is Youtube. Enjoy Wilhelm doing a little dance as Germany in WWI does their thing in Europe. Something to make a laugh on this website.

A documentary archive video on the MiG 29, some new content needs to be uploaded on this site and i have an affinity for planes so, have a watch!

An Archived Video about a old cartoon where it uses a rather nice rotographed Lizard "shedding her Skin" for comedic purposes. This video was a diamond in the Rough on Youtube searches, don't worry, it's classic cartoon humor and not NSFW.

Something for my Animation love to take care of.

I made this back during my junior year in highschool as a project for my animation class, i think theres 200-300 frames in this video, it was limited due to how much i can do in class and at school, so i did my best to pad it out. But this was the first video where i learned editing and sound-mixing. Im sure as hell not posting this on YT, you should NEVER post anything on youtube unless your ass wants to get sued by thousands of different companies and the money beaten out of you. But this is the first video i’ll be publicly sharing so... go easy on me, please. Yes this is a Pokemon-based Animation too, i may be posting this to Newgrounds too.

Addtion update! Got a free pass for the unfettered version!:


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Realizing Youtube is going in the toilet thanks to COPPA and new ToS guidelines, it’s safe to say I won’t be successful on that platform if i posted videos there. Instead, i have chosen this Alt-Tech site to avoid getting my ass fined 42k dollars by the government and demonetized the fuck outta me by bots that are useless.

Kid friendly or not, i should straight up say, the content i develop, archived videos i post, and other things i post here or on my other linked profiles are supposed to be regardless of age with the exception of the typical 18+ to specify when it’s designated as such. I don’t have ageism like the FTC has. I hope to god they don’t come here and harm us like they did with Youtube. I should also say that im not a politician or a political analyst. Im just here to post videos of olde and YouTube-like content here. So im not influenced in any way shape or form by these misinformed and radicalized lefts or rights, im just here like probably a handful to thousands of other Bitchuters that DON’t do political content and just do anything else. The categories speak for themselves, really.

But alas, the future of decentralized tech is upon us, will this site survive in the next/today’s decade? You decide it’s fate, HAAAAAAAIIILLLL, BITCHUTE!!!!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the archived content i post, but the original Animations will have the TFD branding on them to denote i created them myself.
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