Pastor Charles Lawson speaks on the 12 steps to Totalitarian Control

just gotta accept that this is a New World Order

South park Corona

Max Igan addresses the CV19 fraud at the Revolution protest in QLD

Ireland nurse explains...

no ability to say no

NSW Health Minister slips up & mentions NWO, then quickly stutters to correct himself

Introducing the digital heath & vaccine passport

The Truth about the CV19 deaths

Dr. Thomas Cowan talks about CV19, also how toxins & poisons create viruses

Guy with a PHD in Virology, Immunology & is a Clinical Lab Scientist explains how the virus is not covid but Influenza A & B

Tom Barnett explains why you cannot catch a virus part 2

Tom Barnett explains why you cannot catch a virus.

Lets see what the experts all around the world have to say.

Watch this!!! Wow

Please watch my last upload before watching this, it is of the QLD CHO explaining how we do not need an exemption from the doctor to be exempt, it is up to the person to decide.

in this video a girl gets harassed in a QLD shopping by a police officer (for not wearing a mask) who plays the victim because she films the interaction.

Dr Jeanette Young talks about mask exemptions

A conducted mask experiment searching for moving Nano bots that react to heat and moisture.

Blonde nurse talks about masks, CO2 & oxygen

video about the vaccine agenda.


World renown vaccine specialist, Geert Vanden Bossche, gave a groundbreaking interview this week risking his reputation and his career by bravely speaking out against administration of #Covid19​ vaccines. In what may be one of the most important stories ever covered by The Highwire, the vaccine developer shared his extreme concerns about these vaccines in particular and why we may be on track to creating a global immunity catastrophe.

Educational video about vaccines via well educated experts.

Educational documantary about vaccine experiences


Educational documentary on vaccine experiences.


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