The music is Moonchild. Please don't be too harsh (I self deprecate enough already lol) it is just one take unedited only mirrored. Flow expression of LOVE to counter all the grumpiness in the world!

Endlessly writing and dream weaving away... perhaps you will know my name... one of these days.

Fromm, Erich. To Have or to Be? Harper & Row Publishers Inc., 1976. First Edition

Reading this passage is done so with the intent of being an educational experience and to illicit debate so please feel free to do so below as individuals.
If you managed to make it through this hour of intellectual entertainment... then you can pat yourself on the back knowing you have an attention span larger than that of a goldfish! Kick ass humans and keep learning, growing, changing!

LOL & Lots of Love
-The Oak City Pixie-

A piece of Sun Tzu's timeless strategy.

Written wisdom in an attempt to grow myself. I'm open to any and all suggestions.


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