Out walking yesterday I noticed the Army helicopters again and this time had my phone with me to record their passage overhead. All year I have seen these helicopters circling overhead near the Elk River. Each time I walk upon others they will say that it makes 5 times the helicopter passed over them which is the exact amount of times I saw one fly over my own house one day from different directions each time. A few months ago the police of 5 States met at a High School here and performed a City Lockdown Drill. They had hundreds of old, unmarked vehicles race down every street in two rows and effectively covered every home in this city in 2 minutes time. They had the Army helicopters in the air then too. Another time I saw a huge old Army Warplane from WW2 Era fly overhead right beside the river. All I do each day is to walk my neighbors dog along the river for fresh air and exercise but I find it very strange to see all this activity from the authorities.

This is my version of the standoff over the treasure of gold in an old Clint Eastwood movie. What happens to a nation when a foreign country moves in and rewrites their Constitution? International Banks have done this. They are traitors to my race, my nation and my Bill of Rights, i.e. my Constitution. How then can a currency law give to one group of people the controls to make everyone a slave? Who has the right to enslave an American National? Until we have a debt-free system of currency one group of people are operating outside of our United States Constitution which is treason and a violation of our Bill of Rights. Yet we can see that since the signing of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 this one group of people has caused hundreds of millions of my race to die, to be imprisoned wrongfully and are operating outside of the Constitutional Laws of this nation.

These are edits from a few videos the last of which is a man showing what Adolf Hitler might see of the world today and what people think of him.

This is The Flying Lizards from the album Fourth Wall and their song called Money. In this nation of America you have to have money for everything but how are you to have any when the police keep taking everything you had away from you? At one time in my life I had acquired 10 acres of land, 5 trucks, a quarter horse, a saddle horse, a riding mule and some donkeys. I raised AKC Registered and Pedigree Akita and had chickens, a Rhode Island Red Rooster, 30 head of goats, a Massey Ferguson tractor and bush-hog and I put up barb wire and regular fences, did tree service work, cut cords of wood, did roofing jobs, cut grass and had everyday responsibilities feeding my animals. All that ended when a cop unloaded his handgun into my truck for no reason and another tried to run me over with his police car. A man may never have the kind of money they want you to pay for your rights in a courtroom in the United States of America but they do not mind taking from you everything you have, locking you up and robbing you of years of your life. These days I care for dogs still and I have a cat but gone are all the years in which I could have had a good life if others weren't criminals, with guns, who can commit any crime they want yet call you guilty of something. I would never blame myself for the crimes others commit and I know that these wrongs go on because of our currency laws. You always have to think of money here, like it is the god of our government but this is wrong and we need a debt free system of currency.

I had made several videos of this song, especially because everything in a courtroom is based upon the money you can pay for your rights. Let us look at where the money comes from, who created the system of currency we have and the power it gives to the Jews who issue it. They do not give the money out but loan it at interest upon every dollar. The cash money you may have in your pocket right now represents for only 3% of the actual "money" in circulation while the rest of the money of this earth exists only as digital numbers on a Jews computer.

I grew up in a good Christian family which was extensive on both sides. My father had 5 brothers and sisters and my mother had about the same and she was the oldest. Everyone played a musical instrument and sang together in family get-togethers and my first song to learn was Jesus Loves Me. Some would play banjo while others played piano, guitar electric or not, clarinet or jug and the family setting was very spiritual to us all. Later I learned to play the trumpet and saxophone. My dad played an old Gibson Hummingbird guitar and sang and wrote songs. He was the President of the First National Bank in Jackson TN and he opened one in Humboldt Tennessee and was Treasurer and Secretary at other banks. He was also an Honorary Captain of the Tennessee Highway Patrol. I have family extending from Paris Tennessee to Texas and down to England but all of my line hail originally from a red-headed woman in Scotland. I grew up to appreciate music from all around the earth and this by Johnny Paycheck is an old and favorite song of mine. Called Old Violin this song is a classic. Adolf Hitler was a good man who saw his nation dying of starvation and it was the banks doing these things to Germany. The only way to free a nation from poverty is to refuse to issue the currency from the Federal Reserve Banks and this, Adolf Hitler did. He created his own currency which brought the nation of Germany to prosperity. A lot can be said of those days but the fact is that he who issues the currency controls the nation.

This is music by the band Skrape with a song called Kill Control from the album New Killer America. Video content shows the religious beliefs of the White Race from more than 30,000 years before Christianity began, a faith which I and many others still follow. We are not Christians, in fact Christianity did not even come from our race. Christianity is an indoctrination created by Jews whose Bibles were printed up and published by Jews. It is merely an attempt to weaken and control our race which is why Whites everywhere stood opposed to Christianity in the beginning. Jews and Muslims ally together when it comes to murdering people of the White race and there is a History of this. You could research The Spanish Inquisition when in the 7th Century Spain Jews came amongst our people pretending to be friends while setting up entire nations of Visigoths for annihilation. The Visigoths were Kings and ruling families across all Europe and even the Romans paid tribute to the Visigoths. Every man, woman and child were murdered by Jews and Muslims fighting together and afterwards the remaining Whites were beheaded if they did not convert to Christianity. Of the religion of the Visigoths, it was the Allfather, Odin, our ancestors believed. The same occurred in Northern Europe where for 700 years the Vikings fought against Jewish armies who were forcing conversions at the point of a sword. You could look to the Persians and the Greeks and see that they too believed in Allfather Odin. This year of 2021 is a mere Christian Era date but not the age of our race upon this earth. We had pyramids in China and World Libraries in Alexandria, we had built Atlantis and enjoyed 22000 years of peace on this earth. It is the Arabic race where all Jews came from, an empire of countries which are the oldest and largest slave empire on earth.

This is a Live version song by No Remorse called Deutschland describing the nation that refused to issue currency from the Federal Reserve Bank. It bought them freedom for 12 years until Jews in America began paying out money to murder these good people. Now we live beneath Jewish Dictatorship in nations controlled by their currency laws. You can expect to see Jews be allowed to get away with the worst crimes imaginable while you and everyone else can be imprisoned for crimes you didn't commit. This is the reality behind the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. What would you think if you knew that each Jewish child was groomed by other Jews for the job position they will have in adulthood? The unlimited access to money is already there for them. What would you think if you knew the ascension rites of each Jewish child at age 12? What would you think of police who do not imprison them for their crimes but will lock you up for manufactured crimes they know you didn't commit? The currency laws allow a lot of crime to go on.

This is video showing people who stood up against the daily conditions of life created by the Jews who issue the currency of the nation. By controlling the currency of the nation they control the people. Virtual slaves now beneath any police officer or other authority who receives their paychecks from these bank owners at The Federal Reserve, people are made to live miserable lives, to suffer hardships which they would not endure if a few people did not create and issue the currency. President Woodrow Wilson said immediately after signing the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 words to the effect that he believed he had been conned by a group of criminals and was scared now because (quote) "I have unwitting betrayed everyone by giving the controls of this nation to a few hard men". This power of those who create and issue the currency was enough to frighten a President!!! This bank then began paying out money a month later to murder 200 million White Christians in Russia. They established a Jewish Regime in Russia by sending an invasion army in and killing the Czar, his wife, 3 daughters and son, next they killed his 30,000 closest advisors, all of the leadership of Russia, replacing them with Jews from around the world who changed their names to Russian names upon arrival. Once done, they were in position to ally with President Franklin Roosevelt through Josef Stalin in War against Ukraine and Germany. The White Race lost 300 Million people at this time, all made possible by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. It was a move for World Domination, this currency law. It is always amazing to me that so many people do not realize how enslaved we really are. I had to go to prison for crimes I didn't commit because of police and court officials who use our laws to send people there wrongfully on purpose. This is a very corrupt nation but when it happens to you, then you will know. The song is called "Eye of the Tiger" and is performed by Survivor.

This is video content of the real heroes who stood up against murderers and lost only because the Jews pay out money to have others murdered. As long as they issue the currency of your nation Jews can get away with the worst crimes unpunished. The fight to end Jewish Supremacy continues to be waged in all nations issuing this currency of the Jews by those who are the real heroes, martyrs and saints. This video features words spoken by Adolf Hitler. The music is a song by Before The Dawn called Throne of Ice from their album Rise Of The Phoenix.

This is a video I made of a song by Silverchair. The World Wars taught me one thing and that is that every human life has value. If you see someone in need of help you give it to them of any race, group, religious or political beliefs. Freedom is what Adolf Hitler wanted for everyone but those who issue our currency want us all to be their slaves. They do hurt us, kill us, imprison us, take our property and rob us of the means to sustain quality lives. We can only be free by having a debt free system of currency.

This is music from Aerospace called Far Off to be found on the album Goa Year 2011 Vol. 1. The content describes History contrary to Jewish versions showing that once Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany he ended Jewish Supremacy and Tyranny simply by refusing to issue currency from Jewish Banks. He had a great love for his race and for everyone in Europe. Europe depended upon Germany to keep them safe after all because for 2000 years Germany had been the leader in civilization for the continent, having Peace Agreements with the surrounding Muslim countries, the Indian countries, the Japanese and others. The nations of England and later, America are new nations by comparison to the continent of Europe. These latter began by people from Europe settling these lands. It was well understood in Europe about how banking systems work but not so much in the new nation of America. In the late 1800's America was seeking for ways to develop this land while maintaining the rights of freedom to all citizens. The Jews had had to release their slaves when President Abraham Lincoln ordered that all Africans be freed. Jews had begun this business of abducting Africans from their homes and selling them as slaves for the previous near 400 years. The only way that citizens can be free equally is by having a currency which is free of debt. President Lincoln created such a currency which he called Greenbacks. Jews had been planning to enslave everyone in America and had been selling Whites as slaves to Muslims for the previous 300 years and so, President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated and this ended the American Dream for everyone to be equally free. Another President was assassinated too, President James Garfield, because he wanted Americans to be free too. By 1897 the Jews were trying to figure a way they could take all of the Oil Fields away from the Muslims who owned it in the Middle East and so, held the first meeting of the World Zionist Organization. Nathan Rothschild figured that if he could con President Woodrow Wilson into signing a Currency Law with him that he could not only take the oil away from the Muslims but also murder 200 million Christians in Russia. He already held the power behind the King of England because he loaned them the money the nation depended upon. Once the Jews were able to go after the Oil they were also able to sever Germany's protection agreements with the Islamic people for which they had Peace Agreements with because the Jews who conned President Wilson into signing the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 also sat both The Balfour Declaration and the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler told America that Germany was their own nation, separate and apart from them and that they only wanted peace and the freedom to live their own lives. President Franklin Roosevelt collaborated with Jewish Mass Murderer Josef Stalin to murder the women and children of Germany in order to reestablish the Jewish banks in Germany that Adolf Hitler had closed down.

This is music by Brian Grainger called Blue Wheatfield. Who can forget all the Germans who were killed because some rich Jews paid out the money to have them killed? We Whites will never forget.

This is a song by the band No Remorse. I made the video content to show the truth of things from the perspective of the Germans who fought World War Two. Jews lie to us everyday in movies and from News Sources that they own and can do this because our system of currency comes from a family of Jews and is distributed through the Federal Reserve Banks, an entirely Jewish creation. Once Adolf Hitler came to power he refused to issue currency from the Federal Reserve Banks and the Jews then declared War against Germany. Jews cannot control a nation unless their currency is issued in it so Adolf Hitler created his own currency. Jews could no longer tell lies in the Newspapers and they could no longer lie and hate against the White race in movies. This was a very important thing to the people of Germany, to end the tyranny and destruction to the nation. Today we see these Jews lying to us everyday in the United States of America through their newspapers and movies, sending the police to confiscate evidences of crimes committed by Jews and they think that just because they have rewritten our History that we will play along with the narrative they tell us. Jews will have to suck it up because we Whites will never accept their lies.

This is a video I did of music by the band called Heart of A Coward, their song "Turmoil 1-Wolves" from the album Deliverance. As you can see in this video, the Jews are lying through their teeth when they talk about a Jewish Holocaust. Hitler wended their power to tell lies in newspapers when he refused to issue their currency and at that point most of them began going to America while hundreds of thousands of others were sent to Palestine by Adolf Hitler. Jews have always been great liars in their Hollywood movies.

This is the last 4 songs from the album ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE by Rush.
(1) By-Tor and the Snow Dog
(2) In The End
(3) Working Man
(4) What You're Doing

More evidence of murder committed by Jews that went unpunished is to be seen with why the British Empire soldiers were in the Ottoman Empire. Britain, a nation controlled by a Jew through the issuance of currency from Nathan Rothschild wanted the Oil Fields belonging to Arab's. Beneath some of these vast desert lands are entire cities made of gold as well as unlimited wealth from the oil itself. All Jews had descended from Arabic fathers to begin with because this is just a word used to describe mixed-raced mongrels so they understood well the wealth they could have if they could take the oil from the people it belonged to. Making false promises to the Arab's for aid in killing everyone who stood in their way the Arabic leaders were conned into believing that they would benefit by alliance with Britain while the British themselves had no intention of keeping their word. These actions of the Jews also brought about World War 1 and results because Germany already had an alliance with the Ottoman Empire. Germany gave protection to these Arab's and they enjoyed together a peace between races. After millions of Arab's were killed and families made to move off their land, the British celebrated with the Jews in their newly acquired wealth. Jews then could move onto the lands that originally belonged to millions of Arab's while they were forced to flee from their homes. The Israel Project just began at this point while the Jews next took all of the gold belonging to Germany and put it into a bank in New York. Look there at Constantinople and how it figured in Jewish plans for the oil. Jews were busy beginning in 1914 to send millions of dollars to murder the Czar in Russia from the Federal Reserve Bank. It was the bank owners doing this, Paul and Max Warburg. The invasion force they hired was so large they murdered 200 million Russians. Now that Jews had killed so many Whites they began sending Jews from America to Russia who replaced the leadership. These Jews then changed their names to Russian names. The greatest mass murderer of the Jews was Josef Stalin who collaborated later with American President Franklin Roosevelt to murder millions of Germans in WW2.

This is music by Invisible Reality, their song called "Visibility (Sunstryk Remix) and I made the video to show the oldest group of Slavers in the world- Jews. All Jews descend from Arabic progenitors and mothers who were abducted from their homes and on ships or coastlines of various races. Jew is a word meaning a group of mixed-raced mongrels such that DNA Tests search for Arabic progenitors. Any Jew claiming to be White is just another imposter lying to you like Jews have always done. Arab's are a brown skin race of people and are the largest and oldest slave empire in the world. Throughout these mostly desert lands were Kings who kept concubines, eunuch's, slaves to do every chore and these nations depended upon piracy for their economy. Whites are a race the same as Africans and the Chinese and Japanese are races but Jews are a mixture of many races from Arabic fathers such that they may appear brown skinned or Asiatic or Mongolian or Oriental and even have skin color as White as or Whiter than any of us of the White race. Jews began as slavers and continue this business today while the laws of most nations forbid slavery, yet because our system of currency comes from a Jew and it is Jews who issue this currency in all nations they are allowed to commit this crime. Jews are allowed by law to get away with the most bestial crimes of murder and genocide because the laws of the land, especially those of the United States of America are based upon The Federal Reserve Bank owners. These banks which distribute a currency designed to place all people into debt with Jews gives them the controls to be able to lie to you in television News Sources and to make movies lying against and hating, other races. In a courtroom a White man can expect to be convicted of any crime he did not commit because the laws are based upon our system of currency and you need lots of Jewish money to pay for your rights. They never have to prove us guilty but may pay off someone to lie against us. Your police and Presidents serve the Jews who create the currency. I think that all Jews should be imprisoned until there are none left on earth.

This music is to be found on the album Goa Year 2011 Vol. 1.

This is music by Pieter Nooten and Michael Brook from their album Sleeps With The Fishes.

This is music by Type O Negative, the song called "World Coming Down" which is also the title of the album. I put this into video to show the people lying to us everyday in television News- Jews. Adolf Hitler was able to stop the Jews from doing this by refusing to issue their currency. Hitler issued his own currency which ended the poverty that Jews had created and brought prosperity and wealth to the nation.

Type O Negative with visual enjoyment of the man who put Jews in prison for Treason after they had murdered millions of Germans and, Declared War. Such an act is treason in any land and Germany had already suffered millions to die of starvation because of currency from Jewish Banks. Adolf Hitler ended Jewish Supremacy and Dictatorship when he refused to issue currency from The Federal Reserve Bank. Hitler then issued his own currency which brought the nation into prosperity far removed from the poverty the Jews had made of the nation so far. Jews had only begun immigrating into Germany after they were expelled from Spain. In Spain Jewish armies had murdered millions of Whites. In each of 109 countries the Jews had been expelled, having been allowed in only because of promises to change which the Jews never kept. Jews kill and enslave other people and this has been the History of Jews for 2000 years. Jews in America brought the African slave over and every Jewish household owned slaves. Jews owned the slave ships and they manned and Captained those slave ships. Jews in other countries acquired the slaves through their sales of drugs and liquor. Whites have always fought to end slavery and we had ended it until the Jews stated that their religion says they can have slaves. Hitler stopped the Jews that were in Germany only but the Jews in Russia now held the authority over the entire Soviet Army because of money sent by the Federal Reserve Banks which paid for the murder of the Czar and 200 million people of the White race in Russia. Josef Stalin was a Jew who collaborated with President Franklin Roosevelt to murder as many Germans as they could get away with AFTER the Germans surrendered. Stalin, Roosevelt and Winston Churchill met together and decided secretly to do this while American newspapers, owned and controlled by Jews, published lies about a Jewish Holocaust to trick Americans into fighting against Germany in World War Two. Hitler is the Hero who stood so that everyone may live free of tyranny from Jewish people. Jews will lie to you everyday in movies and newspapers here in America and are allowed to do this because the Federal Reserve is considered above the laws of any nation to prosecute for their crimes. You are being indoctrinated everyday through these devices and medias they own.

This is Aaliyah and I liked this song from the moment it came out. She has a very good message. The point is that you can change at any time. One doesn't need long prison sentences to make them see the error of their ways nor think that one cannot change and become something better. I tried to make the video to the best of my ability to honor the performers.

This is a song by Deep Purple with video of the river nearby.

Space Frog with video content of what I see at the Elk River nearby.


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I went to prison for a crime I didn't commit and it was police officers and District Attorneys working in collusion together who knew who did do the crime but selectively chose to imprison me without proof of guilt. It taught me a lot and was inspiration for my 1st upload here called "What the police did to me". I was born in Nashville but my family line comes from a red-headed woman in Scotland. I hope that nations can see an end to tyranny and to this end I make my videos. All of those years of my life in prison cells were times when I knew I could be killed any day of the week and I knew that if I did not tell others of my experiences then this corruption which put me there would go unnoticed in future generations. I have never been one to stand before a crowd nor someone who cares to be noticed but a great wrong was done to me by people who are supposed to be fair and honest. My life will have been in vain if I do not speak up and speak out about the wrongs I have seen committed by people of the Law. To understand this corruption and why it continues to flourish one must look at what empowers the corrupt. Money, wealth. The system of currency we have was signed by President Woodrow Wilson on the last day of December 1913 and even he was frightened by what he had done afterwards. Since that time America has declared War against various other countries while demanding its citizens to pay money for their rights. We are, in effect, paying the banks for the privilege to live. Many criminals are never made to be prosecuted for their crimes because our system of currency protects them and the rest of us can be convicted without proof of guilt because we do not have a lot of money to pay for our rights. Nations could all live together peaceably but only by having a debt-free system of currency.