Mannequins get Corona too. SEE SOURCE VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFo5JPIeZ6c

Do the Corona

There is no mistake. Folks need to come into reality. Nobody you know is dying of this fake flu. Get woke. Don't be a dumb dumb.

The phony fake show rages on.

Where are the dead bodies at?

Check the flow. Wow

The Corona testing tent was a bust no one showed

Corona TerribleTim update

Shut down the world so no on gets a cold

A little free styling on various phony fake shows. Some evidence that cannot be overcome and a TerribleTim 9/11 ditty to conclude the presentation.

Starring TerribleTim

TerribleTim breaks down the latests Synagogue fake show

The phony fake show rages on

Get with the flow. All love goes to the Brotherman, not the other man.

The Phony fake show rages on. Peekay and TerribleTim are detractors and critics of the fake news. Folks need to get "woked" Stop the BS.

Get with the flow

And yes I know Dayton was equally absurd. I saw that they mixed the Garlic guy in there too. As I indicated in this presentation. This is a stupidity test on the sinfully stupid dumb people. Most folks are stupid dumb animals who cannot even trust their own eyes.The establishment knows this to be the case. This is a "Reveation of the Method" fake show where they are deliberately showing you it is fake. It is a way of mocking the zombies for being so god damn stupid that they deserve what is coming. Anyone who does have common sense and can trust their own eyes is now considered to be a terrorist. This is beyond preposterous.

Let’s rock!!! Get a load of that crooked treasonous politician congressman Ted Deutch, what a douche. Ted Deutche is a ziocon who is in on the fraud. Ted Deutche ought to be brought to justice in an honest courtroom, if there is such a thing.

A highly celebrated moment in TerribleTim culture starts off this truth and entertainment variety show.

TerribleTim angers irate fireman regarding 9/11 questions. A TerribleTim interviews does not last to long. People do not know anything or they do not want to know anything. They are living in a phony fake faux false fantasy world like the dumb dumd dupe dope sucker sap and third rate hack microphone jester like Dave Hoj who is visibly dumb looking.

This is a litmus test for retardation where the evidence of fakery that cannot be overcome can tell most people nothing. That is how bad it is.

There is no mistake.Everything TerribleTim puts out is provable beyond all reasonable doubt.

A good suggested activity. Hold your local newspaper to account for not reporting actual news and their continued support of the beast system on your local public access TV station if you have public TV in your area. This will be a new segment in my bi-monthly community television where we call out the local media.

The TerribleTim TV show takes it to the full out extent son.

Dave Hoj is a dumb dumb who believes the fake news

Her words are going to save the world


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