YT, a company in the US hates 1A so why are they allowed to operate in the US?

could tell the future

why are cases surging?

You can not sue the vaccine companies for a faulty or bad product, why would you get one?
There is no long term safety testing for me to get on, my daughter has a vaccine injury so I did some research and found out they aren't as good as they claim

All words are IMHO

Are you a coward?

a video I made a week or so ago

A video I did when all the CONvid started

Off the freeway by Vantage Washington


Trump has respect for Kissinger and thinks this dirt bag is respectable.

ALL words and typings are all IMHO:
Watch either of these if you want to learn the stats
Aren't you tired of being told you are going to die and now you will go to the needle because of the fear and panic the government has caused?
The UN has been wrong on every prediction but sure I am gonna believe them this time. Clean the forests up so we don't have unmanaged forests, my state can't figure out after all the money they have stolen from the tax payers how to make it work.I
You cannot sue a vaccine maker, so even after all the trials and all the stats are in you can't sue them if it harms or kills your loved one or you. to me that says companies either do not have enough faith in their own product and Congress said we agree with you or they just outright don't care about your life.

If 1 life to the corona, you know cold and flu, is to much to lose for us then how many deaths is acceptable for the suicide that has been committed? The abuse where the abuser sexually assault and beat and murdered the abused? How many children are suffering because of this new EXPERIMENT the government has us in? How many people are farther in debt because the government deemed them unessential and shut their entire life down? Their lives don't matter, their loss doesn't matter. is everything that comes along with what they have done to our great and wonderful country is it worth it? Was it worth to harm the economy over made up numbers? Was it worth harming people's lives? Why are we allowing rich, elite asshats to decide these things for us? When did you lose your free will?

Have a blessed day
Jesus is our KING and Savior

please take heed and get stocked up be safe I love you guys.

I gotten woken up by a phone call, TURN THE TV ON, TURN THE TV ON
I saw the second "plane" go into the building but wait, an aluminum nose of a plane would NEVER make it out the other side of a steel building.


Where is the plane? Or the reporters shock from the plane hitting?


What are we really transforming our country into?

It didn't take long to turn our country into a bunch of pussies. In the 80's you had to be tough, you didn't make it if you weren't, you were responsible for yourself and if you wanted to help your neighbor and others that was on you and awesome but now we are being DEMANDED to take care of our neighbor when they don't even want to take care of their own health.


It's all Trumps fault

Is the government right this time???????????

Is this how we beat this invisible enemy?

I was wrong on the death percentage. It's 99.95% survivable not 99.5%

It let me get right under it. The partner flew off and this one was just checking me out and why was I so close. I love these guys, they are fun to watch


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