Tom Hanks on Ellen, Kappy, Rachel Chandler background, her connections, her part in Pedogate,

This was a livestream with a short analysis on Tom Hanks when he appeared on the Ellen show on May 22, 2019.

Interesting that his latest movie was also filmed in New Mexico where Kappy was born and based.

This goes over people in certain industries connected to Rachel Chandler and the evidence of what they are trying to push and how they infiltrate governments.

A Porn star who wasn't awarded custody of her own son, yet had a position in government under the Radical Party.

In 1987 she was polemically elected in the Italian Parliament (Radical Party).

in 1998 when an Italian court ruled that she was "too liberal" to provide for her son's moral education.

Hear the tie in and connections used for the honey pot in the U.S. and how it is done.

#News, #RachelChandler, #TomHanks, #IsaacKappy, #Pedogate

Papadopoulos wife Simone. Mifsud introduced them, Wife works for EU, Why do they have Handler?

Her work with an EU project on Missing and Exploited Children.

Part 1 here https://www.bitchute.com/video/UuDmJyD7DvS7/

#GeorgePapadopoulos, #SimonePapadoupoulos, #Mifsud, #RussianCollusion

Hear Who made Papadopoulos go to Rome. All the people who really contacted him.

Hear about an interesting law firm in London and who they are connected to.

#Papadopoulos, #MuellerReport, #SpyGate

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Here is the steemit link to the article where I put my notes and the timeline.


What the FBI is Really Hiding! Evidence and the admission of What kept them from doing their jobs!

How many times people applauded by the media in the FBI and DOJ have squirmed out of excuses of "not being able to recall."

A certain file they are desperately trying to keep hidden and are in panic mode to do so.

What they knew all along was on a certain laptop. Evidence of blatant lying and where they admitted what kept them from doing their jobs We the People pay them to do.

Part 1 can be found here,

#News, #MuellerReport, #OIGevidence

aleigh Military Exercises with footage and photos. Information on abandoned building and witnesses

This covers what witnesses had to say, footage and photos.
What surrounds the area of the hotel and the history of the hotel.
Parallels to the Military Exercises recently in Long Beach, California.

#MilitaryExercises, #News, #RaleighNorthCarolina

Truth about the emails what's really inside, how those fired and other corruptors kept it hidden

This covers why the Actions by the FBI and
DOJ in Advance of the 2016 Election were Key to the corruption we are seeing take place then and now.

Goes over What they were Really trying to hide and it is far more than laws broken concerning Classified Info. That is the narrative msm wanted people to focus on.

The evidence including that of the people in these institutions not adhering to the laws We the People keep, one law of justifying all of their criminal activity for them and another set of laws for us.

Is there any True Justice anymore?

Covers the connections between the U1 deal and the Clinton Foundation.

Information on the roots of what makes the Clinton Foundation so seedy. Who and what they truly subscribe too with verified information and sources.

That letter the DOJ had found ordering the scrutiny of U1.

The Conflict of Interest with Rod Rosenstein's wife, who represented the Clintons and many people in the DOJ, FBI concerning FOIA requests.

Connecting Q drops.

What was really on that Weiner laptop. This is part 1.





#News, #Emails, #Corruption

Allison Mack Guilty Racketeering Apologized to those exploited in NEXIVM Master of Slave Women Cult

Keith Raniere's alleged son and the Rainbow Cultural Garden Preschools set up to further his and other children's education?

RICO investigation of the bookkeeper, Kathy Russell using loopholes to attempt avoiding responsibility in her part of the NEXIVM cult.

Connections to CF, John of God, Epstein Island.

Kristin Kruek's involvement with NEXIVM.

The connections to Pedogate.

Qanon Proofs and evidence there are No Coincidences!

Connections to Military Exercises, Guatemalan House of Culture and Girardi, Erika Jane's husband.

The real Good Shepherd and why is Bezos vertical launch system called the New Shephard? Complete with a different spelling?

Connections of Obama to Maggie Nixon as a child, the granddaughter of soap creator of As the World Turns.

#NEXIVM, #AllisonMack, #KeithRaniere, #JohnOfGod
What soap was interrupted when it was announced JFK had been shot.

From CBS Sunday Morning channel,





**Agnes Nixon, Who Created Popular Soaps ‘One Life To Live’ And ‘All My Children,’ Dies At 93**

Former NXIVM member says she was branded when invited to secret sorority: Part 1

#NEXIVM, #AllisonMack, #KeithRaniere, #JohnOfGod

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Here is part of the transcript from the senate anon's report I go over in tonights information.

I'm a high level staffer for a US Senator. Both parties are trying to get Trump to bend the knee, and he still refuses. Pence is a traitor, so is Paul Ryan, and Trump has no one to help him drain the swamp. It's high time someone broke ranks and told you what's really going on in DC. Ask questions and I may answer.

(Pence dirty?) His associates run pedophile rings. Indiana is the headquarters of several of these blackmail rings.

The "House Arrest" stuff? Trump is playing games with them. He wants them to think he is isolated and depressed. Reality is, he knows the whole city is dirty and he has no allies.

Pence made him take out Flynn, because Flynn knew about the pedophile rings. Some of the others, like Bannon, were blackmailed. He had no choice.

Yes. The US created ISIS. During Obama's time, the Generals (including Flynn) helped the Russians stop them. Trump has let the Russians finish ISIS off. Israel is trying to save them.

They're trying to push Trump into fighting North Korea. CFR has wanted to reunify the peninsula for years. China is the next host for the globalists' disease.

He was going to make Flynn the VP. The cucks said they would go to war, and Trump wasn't ready to unsheath the knife and backstab all the traitors.



What's really going on in America Anon's info pre Qanon Will Obama, HRC be tried for treason?

#News, #Treason, #GovernmentCorruption, #USA, #Qanon

Here is the C-Vine Website. They have been granted access to cover the military tribunals.


Here is the page I showed you in the report with the cases for the military tribunals from Office of Military Commissions.


Transcript source info and research here,


3 year old boy goes missing as boats claiming to Rescue immigrants are found to be using methods and routs which cause harm, trafficking and death. Should NGO's and the EU be allowed to do this?

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Here is the article with my research and links on this report,


More sources,




True Russian Collusion Texted Evidence, Ohr's Testimony, Who should Steele themselves for Truth

This covers the text messages between a U.S. senator and a Russian agent who lobbied for a Russian billionaire.

See evidence of the text messages and what Christopher Steele really had to say about the information gathered for the Dossier which led to the FISA court application against Carter Page.

Who was trying to connect people in the U.S. with Christopher Steele?

Did those who paid for the Fusion GPS dossier give the FISA court all the evidence they had?

Who paid for the information?

What were the DOJ and FBI aware of prior to the election?

#TrueRussianCollusion, #News, #OhrTestimony, #USA

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Here are my research notes complete with sources and the screenshots of the text messages.


Find the text messages here directly,

A source YT loves with the FISA Carter Page FISA documents,

Bruce Ohr Testimony from Wall Street Journal article (Do you suppose yt will okay this source?)

The Sordid Story of Pence and Ryan Did they Really call it off? Why risk hijacking an election?

An email thread from one of the project managers of a website Pence-Ryan 2016 campaign ticket that was called off after Trump won his second debate.

Who is Mike Pence? Was Trump forced to put him on the ticket?

Trumps trolling and messaging to these Deep Staters.

The Pence-Ryan website, GOP rule 9 mentioned and telling in emails.

#Pence, #Ryan, #Treason, #Traitors, #USA

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Here is my Steemit article with notes and screenshots of these emails. I will also put the main source of them.


archived emails,

Pence-Ryan website

Site domain info for Pence Ryan Ticket 2016

Domain info archived in case it ever disappears from original source

More information on the Blue House here on a board on Voat called PedogateFullExposure.

Feel free to submit your own information you find on pedogate on this board.


Here is the article mentioned of the abused Mother/Wife from Nigeria.

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Military Exercises in Los Angeles, California or a raid? Thomas Girardi, NEXIVM and Miami, FL

This seeks to cover the footage of "military exercises" in downtown Los Angeles.

Two attorneys and all the interesting industry they are connected to.

Girardi's connection as the attorney to Allison Mack who worked with Keith Raniere of NEXIVM.

A dig showing connections to people including a Pediatric Doctor of Infectious Diseases connected to Eduardo Sanchez.

Proximity to the Standard Hotel, connections to Adam Schiff and the information from a Q drop concerning Allison Mack naming names in that area.

Part 2 found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyM5s...

#MilitaryExercises, #Qanon, #Nexivm, #Trafficking, #EricaJayne

This is part 1 of a 2 to 3 part series. Once I started researching. ..finding connections all over the MAP! Everywhere you turn you find a yet another tentacle of corruption. This runs deep with So Many Connections. Couldn't believe this led right to a pediatric doctor for infectious diseases.

Thanks for following along everyone. Please let me know what you have heard and what you think. Godspeed!

Here is the article with all my notes, screenshots and the video with the actual footage.


Covers info on Standard Hotel, that helicopter crash and why Schiff is so shifty

Q latest drops breakdown Helicopter Crash their connections, Why Schiff is so shifty on memo


Covers more info on Schiff and Qanon connections here,


MilSpec Ops Moneky's Twitter thread


Info on Standard H dumping


Jeff Bezos story and family connections/CIA gave $600 million to Amazon/Bezos Space Program, you in?

This covers Bezos real name his adopted father's connections to Exxon and grandfather's connections to Atomic Energy Commission.

Where all the money came from for Amazon and the Capital to fund his Space Program to put people in space to reserve the earth's resources.

The places Bezos worked and the benefits.

Fully sourced.

#News, #JeffBezos, #Amazon, #Qanon, #BlueOrigins

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Here is my steemit article with my notes and sources,


A few of the sources in here include,






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Qanon Feb 17- 21, Smollett set up, Corruptors Crumbling, Scammers Stumbling, Q haters Quacking

Some of the latest Qanon drops and anons thoughts.

An article with evidence on the intentional "dumbing down" of the population.

Evidence of panic!

#News, #Qanon, #WWG1WGA, #JussieSmollett, #USA

Yellow Vest UK Patriot says there are satanic Paedos refers to Hampstead case/ hear evidence of records.

Hear a clip of what the Patriot from the UK says about satanic pedophiles and mentions researching the Hampstead Cover-up.

This goes over some of the specifics of the Hampstead Cover up that can be verified by the doctor's medical records.

See a photo from the Yellow Vests in France where the pedophiles were called out proving the Yellow Vest movements is about more than a gas tax.

#giletsjaunes, #YellowVests, #HampsteadCoverup, #WWG1WGA, #WRWY

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Ephesians 6:12
“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Here is the steemit article which contains my notes and all the links including the medical records. Free to read and No account needed. Just come back here to make comments.

Hampstead Christ Church Satanic Ritual Child Abuse Cover-up - Police testimony of Child 1

60 Minutes on Pedophile Sadistic/Satanic Ring Network

In the face of fear, which satan feeds upon, this song may help and give you the words to speak to God if you're not used to it.

He already knows your thoughts, he created you. He knows what you are thinking Before you can voice it, but He still Likes to hear. The only One he Really Wants to hear All you have to say and does Not grow weary of it, because He really Wants to have a relationship with His children.

GOD HELP ME (official lyric video) - PLUMB

Hear a clip of Ralph Rieckermann talking about what goes on at elitist parties. Why does this sound familiar and similar to eyes wide shut?

What is the elites fascination with human sacrifice and rituals?

The history behind it and some of their bizarre actions.

#Scorpions, #News, #RalphRieckermann, #Qanon, #illuminati

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Here is the article from steemit which is fully sourced and contains the clips used in this report


Here is the Nervous system manipulation patent link,


Let me know your thoughts! Godspeed!

NY Abortion law. Iceland, Denmark and the UK aborting Down Syndrome babies. After birth abortion US

The New York abortion law expands abortion and allows for other medical professionals to abort infants in an effort to protect their right to end a babies life.

This expansion law started in New York headquarters of NEXIVM.

Hear what a celebrity, Patricia Keaton, who played a mother as an actress had to say on CBS saying Iceland was eradicating Down Syndrome.

Hear two Down Syndrome Gentlemen speak on right to life, Conor O'Dowd spoke in Ireland and Frank Stephens from the United States.

Hear what an MSNBC reporter had to say about parents deciding even after birth whether a child should live or die.

#NYAbortionBill, #ConorODowd, #DownSyndromeRights, #IcelandAbortions, #UKAbortions, #USA, #FrankStephens

Thank you to all who Fight on the side of Good daily and stand up for this little voices who Cannot stand up for themselves!

God be with each of you and strengthen you! You are needed by God's most innocent of creation so Keep going! Day by day step by step. Godspeed Fine Patriots, you are doing God's Work. . .it is He that goes before you and behind you!

Here are some sources,









A short clip of Conor speaking,

Save the 8th: Conor O'Dowd at the Disability Voices for Life Press Conference


Another short clip of Michael, Conor's dad speaking,


NEXIVM information,

Keith Raniere of NXIVM and his alleged son/the preschools founded by this cult leader


Qanon drops July 24 and 25 who is Panicking, Q marker and why so Important, NEXIVM arrests


NXIVM Unsealed DOJ Document Keith Raniere Case Docket Allison Mack Child Sex Trafficking


Allison Mack Connection to 7th Heaven Stephen Collins / Remember when he molested a child?



Ralph Northam Keep the baby comfortable after birth, then decide, Truth about the lie of Roe vs Wade

See a clip of Ralph in an interview with WTOP's Ask the Governor.

Why is the NAACP calling for Northam to resign?

The Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004.

The Truth about Roe vs Wade and the lie it was based upon.

An obstetrician-gynecologist speaks on the new law passed in New York affecting infants.

Part 4 of a 5 part series

#RalphNortham, #Qanon, #PostBirthAbortion, #News, #USA

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Here is part 1
NY Abortion law. Iceland, Denmark and the UK aborting Down Syndrome babies. After birth abortion US

Part 2
Update on NY abortion law. Who does it help? Trump speaking about this 2 years ago.

Part 3
Journalist MSNBC when life begins 'depends an awful lot on the feeling of the parents' Transcript

Here are some sources,






Update on NY abortion law. Who does it help? Trump speaking about this 2 years ago.

#News, #NYabortionLaw, #Trump, #Update

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Here was yesterday's video on the Down Syndrome Gentleman that spoke and covered what Patricia Heaton had to say about Iceland eradicating Down Syndrome.

NY Abortion law. Iceland, Denmark and the UK aborting Down Syndrome babies. After birth abortion US


Here is the Natural News link,


Trump speaking on this 2 years ago,


Here is more information from an article I wrote on what abortion service providers have to say,


Document found on old IBM Computer for parts showing Plan of Elites with Proof. Ludlow Massacre

Information showing evidence of social engineering.

Predatory practices of the establishment on working class people as evidenced in the Ludlow Massacre in Colorado.

#News, #SocialEngineering, #LudlowMassacre, #NWO, #Globalists, #WeThePeople

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Here are some sources over the secret document and the article.



Government Shutdown, they abuse the system, no accountability and they work against Trump, Evidence

Connections to a letter from a Senior Official in the Trump Administration that sees all that transpires each day. Evidence of what government employees are really doing backed up by what the employees themselves say about never being able to be fired.

#GovernmentShutdown, #BorderCrisis, #Qanon, #WeThePeople, #News

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Here are the links,


A link as promised on the SES, Senior Executive Service members Not elected, but appointed and they Hold on to those positions Knowing it is Almost Impossible to fire them. No Accountability and if someone dares try. . .they threaten to sue!



Trump's Major Announcement, what happened before, the attempt on POTUS, Patriots Won't Back Down!

Pelosi and democrat leaders Grounded!

Pelosi and democrat leaders irate!

Democrat leaders and cabal signaling and posturing about their hopes as Pelosi is third in command.

What democrat leaders and Pelosi will butt up against!

The Real truth about the Border Crisis!

Braveheart paint, Yellow Vests, Yellow Shirts, Yellow Ribbons, it doesn't matter which. . .We Will Stand if they cross a line!

#News, #Trump, #BorderCrisis, #Qanon, #Qarmy

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Here are some links including the articles from my steemit, which are Always free to read and no account is needed. If you wish to make comments, just come back here and I do read these when I get a chance.

Here is the link for the Live Feed if you missed it of Trump's Major Announcement!




I Posted the portion that had the response to those fed up with the evil and the leaders posturing harm to our Great President!


Donna Brazile tweet,


Trump at the border short clips inside showing the Dem leaders hypocrisy and Trump speaking at the border,


Golden Globes give celebrities vaccines, Vaccines and Companies using aborted cells, Fiji what's up?

Covers how Golden Globes pushed vaccines and made it into a party atmosphere.

Endorsers of vaccines and mockers of anit-vaxers like Dr. Oz, Ellen Degeneres, Jimmy Kimmel and Bill Gates.

A news reporter who mocked President Trump Fired.

The Fiji water bottles, what's the story?

Govt.-Funded News Outlet Finds Most School Shootings in Fed Report Didn’t Occur.

Ohio State University conducts Privilege Workshop saying Only Whites are racist.

#Qanon, #Vaccines, #Trump, #GoldenGlobes, #USA, #News


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A favorite artist of Mark Parker, CEO of NIKE. Qanon and more censoring. Why? #MarkParker, #NIKECEO,#Qanon
I'm sorry I got so tired during this one. Can you believe this stuff? Let me know what you all think. Godspeed!
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