Epstein Island FBI raid, now concerned about whose connected to Epstein, ABC reports owned by Disney

Remember how Disney Cruise Lines stopped at Epstein Island called Little St. James?

What Attorney General William Barr had to say about the irregularities surrounding the Metropolitan prison center the night Epstein was supposed to have suicided and those connected to Epstein.

Evidence found in the unsealed documents released 24 hours before Epstein was found suicided.

Evidence of pedophilia by those who partied with Epstein as young as 12 years old.

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Report from yesterday,
Disney Security Officer told Not to report to the U.S. the molestation of a child


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Disney Security Officer told Not to report to the U.S. the molestation of a child

How Disney told a security officer who offered to report to the police department she had worked for a child molestation case while waiting for passengers to board.

Disney members in charge refused to wait to take care of the child molester and even paid for his trip home to India.

No charges brought against the molester.

Source, https://www.clickorlando.com/news/inv...


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Rachel Chandler alleged child Handler for Epstein, Ghislaine, Michael Aquino, modeling's pedo normalization.

Some of the scrubbed photos from Rachel Chandler the child handler's wedding and events.
Other information on a See Handler.

Found a photo of those tennis shoes with the cut off soles (souls) on what appears to be a child model.

How the military back in the day was infiltrated by satanists in the same way the infiltrated many churches.

Bases that have been used for programming and facilitating child sex trafficking.

Those who knew and tried to stop it, where are they now?

Evidence pedophile normalization was going on in the modeling agency and Hollywood circles for years.

A child model connected to Duran Duran and Andre Balazs the hotelier and owner of the Standard Hotels.

What Andre Balazs did to Justin Bateman's wife.

See the connections between the elites.

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Epstein and the Disney Connection, Ghislaine Maxwell, disturbing art collections of Disney leaders

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This covers a summary of how the shooting started and what transpired, information on how facebook is censoring those trying to share out news in real time and a historic drug bust at the Philadelphia Port in June of 2019.

Will give the links that were done live during shooting in comments.

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We all need to ban together to get this information out far and while to help wake up the others. Thank you to All of you Guardians of Children who have been actively doing this. God bless each and every one of you. I continue to pray for you and these victims.

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Where is Epstein?

Was there a body double that looked like Anthony Bourdain?

Why did the NY Attorney General, the Brooklyn Borough President and the former chief of internal affairs for the Bureau of Prisons make statements like. . .

“Something doesn’t smell right – and it’s not his dead body,”

“My understanding is that he should have been on suicide watch and the people on suicide watch are placed in a type of jumpsuit that wouldn’t allow them to hurt themselves or others?"

"Beyond me” why Epstein was taken off a 24-hour suicide watch following the July 23 incident, especially given the steady stream of humiliating news reports about him."

They're right about that! Now Why were prison officials violating normal procedures by leaving Epstein, 66, alone without a cellmate and not checking on him every 30 minutes the night before he was found?

Why were both of the guards overseeing the unit working overtime, (Wouldn't they have been on top of this or was it the foundation for an Excuse) with one on his fifth straight day of extra hours and the other forced to remain on duty?

Names of Politicians are named as being predators of Giuffre and other children One being former Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson who was integral in an espionage case connected to Los Alamos National Laboratory in connection with giving secrets away to the Chinese. He also did a deal with Richard Branson who owns Necker Island close to Epstein's islands.

Evidence and documentation and a reminder of Rachel Chandler, some samples from the Standard Hotel, Boom, Boom Room, her instagram, Tumbler and the models being sought after. Even a photo of John Green, an author from the Crossroads of America, who resided where Pence was Governor. . .Remember the Pence Fence? John photographed with Waris Ahluwalia at a party in one of Chandler's portfolios.

Who's Next on the List? Is it one of the Bill's or a different predator? Time will tell! #TicToc For now let's just hope as Avicii would say, For a Better Day!

Please pray that more of the Dark from this self professed group of counterculture will be brought into the Light and justice carried out in order to spare more child victims. Godspeed!

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Is it Game Over for Mueller? Down with the Old Guard JFK knew did Trump and JR?


The speech that got Trump elected,

4th of July Battle Hymn of the Republic

Pre-Inauguration Battle Hymn of the Republic which was a favorite of JFKjr's uncle, Robert Kennedy

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Harsh Truth about Shirley Temple, Alice training, Epstein footage

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Epstein's girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell her org Terra Mar and association with Milk Studios

Background of Ghislaine's father
Terra Mar in LA, New York and a Terra Mar, Florida
What is being signaled and attempts to normalize an agenda

Epstein backed virtual software for gaming and sophia dolls link between pedophilia and AI

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Q drop 6/27/2019 Empire City Trump from 1999 A Committee Formed, Empire City and prophecy

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Royal Order of Police and child sex trafficking arrests, a NYC Judge, Police Captain convicted

This article seeks to cover. . .

Retired New York Supreme Court Justice Sentenced to Prison for Sex Trafficking

A former Lockport Police Captain and former Law Clerk also convicted

Verified info girls as young as 13 years old

some of the history of the Royal Order of Jesters connected to the Shriners

A cursory look at some of their symbolism, what do you suppose it entails?

look at a tax case against them that exposes their true intentions and how they are concealed

Info on their link to child sex trafficking, tie into NEXIVM and prostitution issue that has gone on for decades.

Fully sourced.

#News, #ChildSexTrafficking, #USA

Tom Hanks on Ellen, Kappy, Rachel Chandler background, her connections, her part in Pedogate,

This was a livestream with a short analysis on Tom Hanks when he appeared on the Ellen show on May 22, 2019.

Interesting that his latest movie was also filmed in New Mexico where Kappy was born and based.

This goes over people in certain industries connected to Rachel Chandler and the evidence of what they are trying to push and how they infiltrate governments.

A Porn star who wasn't awarded custody of her own son, yet had a position in government under the Radical Party.

In 1987 she was polemically elected in the Italian Parliament (Radical Party).

in 1998 when an Italian court ruled that she was "too liberal" to provide for her son's moral education.

Hear the tie in and connections used for the honey pot in the U.S. and how it is done.

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Papadopoulos wife Simone. Mifsud introduced them, Wife works for EU, Why do they have Handler?

Her work with an EU project on Missing and Exploited Children.

Part 1 here https://www.bitchute.com/video/UuDmJyD7DvS7/

#GeorgePapadopoulos, #SimonePapadoupoulos, #Mifsud, #RussianCollusion

Hear Who made Papadopoulos go to Rome. All the people who really contacted him.

Hear about an interesting law firm in London and who they are connected to.

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What the FBI is Really Hiding! Evidence and the admission of What kept them from doing their jobs!

How many times people applauded by the media in the FBI and DOJ have squirmed out of excuses of "not being able to recall."

A certain file they are desperately trying to keep hidden and are in panic mode to do so.

What they knew all along was on a certain laptop. Evidence of blatant lying and where they admitted what kept them from doing their jobs We the People pay them to do.

Part 1 can be found here,

#News, #MuellerReport, #OIGevidence

aleigh Military Exercises with footage and photos. Information on abandoned building and witnesses

This covers what witnesses had to say, footage and photos.
What surrounds the area of the hotel and the history of the hotel.
Parallels to the Military Exercises recently in Long Beach, California.

#MilitaryExercises, #News, #RaleighNorthCarolina

Truth about the emails what's really inside, how those fired and other corruptors kept it hidden

This covers why the Actions by the FBI and
DOJ in Advance of the 2016 Election were Key to the corruption we are seeing take place then and now.

Goes over What they were Really trying to hide and it is far more than laws broken concerning Classified Info. That is the narrative msm wanted people to focus on.

The evidence including that of the people in these institutions not adhering to the laws We the People keep, one law of justifying all of their criminal activity for them and another set of laws for us.

Is there any True Justice anymore?

Covers the connections between the U1 deal and the Clinton Foundation.

Information on the roots of what makes the Clinton Foundation so seedy. Who and what they truly subscribe too with verified information and sources.

That letter the DOJ had found ordering the scrutiny of U1.

The Conflict of Interest with Rod Rosenstein's wife, who represented the Clintons and many people in the DOJ, FBI concerning FOIA requests.

Connecting Q drops.

What was really on that Weiner laptop. This is part 1.





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Allison Mack Guilty Racketeering Apologized to those exploited in NEXIVM Master of Slave Women Cult

Keith Raniere's alleged son and the Rainbow Cultural Garden Preschools set up to further his and other children's education?

RICO investigation of the bookkeeper, Kathy Russell using loopholes to attempt avoiding responsibility in her part of the NEXIVM cult.

Connections to CF, John of God, Epstein Island.

Kristin Kruek's involvement with NEXIVM.

The connections to Pedogate.

Qanon Proofs and evidence there are No Coincidences!

Connections to Military Exercises, Guatemalan House of Culture and Girardi, Erika Jane's husband.

The real Good Shepherd and why is Bezos vertical launch system called the New Shephard? Complete with a different spelling?

Connections of Obama to Maggie Nixon as a child, the granddaughter of soap creator of As the World Turns.

#NEXIVM, #AllisonMack, #KeithRaniere, #JohnOfGod
What soap was interrupted when it was announced JFK had been shot.

From CBS Sunday Morning channel,





**Agnes Nixon, Who Created Popular Soaps ‘One Life To Live’ And ‘All My Children,’ Dies At 93**

Former NXIVM member says she was branded when invited to secret sorority: Part 1

#NEXIVM, #AllisonMack, #KeithRaniere, #JohnOfGod

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Here is part of the transcript from the senate anon's report I go over in tonights information.

I'm a high level staffer for a US Senator. Both parties are trying to get Trump to bend the knee, and he still refuses. Pence is a traitor, so is Paul Ryan, and Trump has no one to help him drain the swamp. It's high time someone broke ranks and told you what's really going on in DC. Ask questions and I may answer.

(Pence dirty?) His associates run pedophile rings. Indiana is the headquarters of several of these blackmail rings.

The "House Arrest" stuff? Trump is playing games with them. He wants them to think he is isolated and depressed. Reality is, he knows the whole city is dirty and he has no allies.

Pence made him take out Flynn, because Flynn knew about the pedophile rings. Some of the others, like Bannon, were blackmailed. He had no choice.

Yes. The US created ISIS. During Obama's time, the Generals (including Flynn) helped the Russians stop them. Trump has let the Russians finish ISIS off. Israel is trying to save them.

They're trying to push Trump into fighting North Korea. CFR has wanted to reunify the peninsula for years. China is the next host for the globalists' disease.

He was going to make Flynn the VP. The cucks said they would go to war, and Trump wasn't ready to unsheath the knife and backstab all the traitors.



What's really going on in America Anon's info pre Qanon Will Obama, HRC be tried for treason?

#News, #Treason, #GovernmentCorruption, #USA, #Qanon

Here is the C-Vine Website. They have been granted access to cover the military tribunals.


Here is the page I showed you in the report with the cases for the military tribunals from Office of Military Commissions.


Transcript source info and research here,


3 year old boy goes missing as boats claiming to Rescue immigrants are found to be using methods and routs which cause harm, trafficking and death. Should NGO's and the EU be allowed to do this?

Thanks for watching and much appreciation to all of my Subscribers.

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Here is the article with my research and links on this report,


More sources,




True Russian Collusion Texted Evidence, Ohr's Testimony, Who should Steele themselves for Truth

This covers the text messages between a U.S. senator and a Russian agent who lobbied for a Russian billionaire.

See evidence of the text messages and what Christopher Steele really had to say about the information gathered for the Dossier which led to the FISA court application against Carter Page.

Who was trying to connect people in the U.S. with Christopher Steele?

Did those who paid for the Fusion GPS dossier give the FISA court all the evidence they had?

Who paid for the information?

What were the DOJ and FBI aware of prior to the election?

#TrueRussianCollusion, #News, #OhrTestimony, #USA

I appreciate your time in tuning in And your Dedication with perseverance in spreading the Truth far and wide Fine Patriots! All of you inspire me Every Day, Keep it up! Keep #FightingTheGoodFight

Here are my research notes complete with sources and the screenshots of the text messages.


Find the text messages here directly,

A source YT loves with the FISA Carter Page FISA documents,

Bruce Ohr Testimony from Wall Street Journal article (Do you suppose yt will okay this source?)

The Sordid Story of Pence and Ryan Did they Really call it off? Why risk hijacking an election?

An email thread from one of the project managers of a website Pence-Ryan 2016 campaign ticket that was called off after Trump won his second debate.

Who is Mike Pence? Was Trump forced to put him on the ticket?

Trumps trolling and messaging to these Deep Staters.

The Pence-Ryan website, GOP rule 9 mentioned and telling in emails.

#Pence, #Ryan, #Treason, #Traitors, #USA

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Here is my Steemit article with notes and screenshots of these emails. I will also put the main source of them.


archived emails,

Pence-Ryan website

Site domain info for Pence Ryan Ticket 2016

Domain info archived in case it ever disappears from original source

More information on the Blue House here on a board on Voat called PedogateFullExposure.

Feel free to submit your own information you find on pedogate on this board.


Here is the article mentioned of the abused Mother/Wife from Nigeria.

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