The Vietnam war was planned directly after WW2 ended. This is from a video called Vietnam America's betrayal and treason by Ralph Epperson, it reveals disturbing truths about Vietnam like the Vietcong were funded by American tax dollars and the Gulf of Tonkin event never happened

Military Vehicles spotted at local Walmarts around the country over the last few years, with some reports of FEMA detention camps constructed. What does this mean?

This is a video i made on New Years eve of 2018, talking about the then beginning censorship of videos and speech on Google controlled social media sites

Fight Compilation to the Rezillo's punk anthem

This video discusses false flags and the contrived terror events being staged by our own government to bring in more tyranny

This video puts worth the evidence that the Nuclear weapon is just another psychological operation to instill fear in the public, Were Hiroshima and Nagasaki really bombed with nuclear devices? If so, just like with Chernobyl the radiation levels did not remain half as long as predicted. How come a nuclear war never happened even during the cold war?
You don't we even hear the term nuclear bomb used by the government anymore?

Another great broadcast by Dr William Luther Pierce on why feminism and organizations like LGBTQ are constantly pushed on a country with less than a 5% Homosexual population. Why is there a war against the traditional nuclear family and who has been behind it?

How the social engineers control language by using weaponizing words to push their controlled narrative. How can a people that are a minority population and control every part of society, banking, media, and government be oppressed? How are we the oppressed majority, having our own governments of our own countries wage asymmetrical warfare against us by opening our borders, and pumping out hate propaganda against us with control of the mainstream media 24/7, How are we the supremacist by just resisting our destruction?

This is a compilation pf powerful influential Zionist Jews from around the world openly admitting their plans and nefarious intentions for European culture and society which is unfolding currently before your eyes. Wake up white people, the enemy is within our gates.

This a tribute to James P Wickstrom, a Christian identity Pastor and Anti-communist, who from his fellowship in Linwood Michigan exposed the hidden hand of the Jews and their racist claims of being God's chosen people, along with their numerous crimes against humanity and true Satanic nature. He passed away March 24th 2018, a great loss to the White Nationalist and truth movement

This is a video called the Beast as Saint that reveals a lot of information the public do not know about MLK, like how he didn't have a legitimate doctorate, was trained at a Communist School along with Rosa Parks, was a known philanderer, and sexual degenerate. Has stolen money from the SCLC, and didn't even write the I have a dream speech which was written by Stanley Levinson.

This video discusses the loss of freedoms in America just over the last century. Is America a Capitalist or Communist country? Do we pay more taxes today than we ever have in History? Wasn't the American Revolution fought over less than this?

The worn out argument has been in the truth community, mainly pushed by people like Ustice Mullins and the John Birch Society that Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist Party in Germany during the 30's were a contrived invention and used by the very Zionist bankers that were kicked out of Germany to drive the country to incite war, which Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin seem to have done a good job of themselves. So is there any proof of any of this? To quote Varg Vikerness, "Let's find out!:

Jim Fetzer's last broadcast on Rense radio speaking of what he thinks actually happened on the night of October 1, 2017,When Stephen Paddock allegedly opened fire on a crowd of concertgoers at the Route 91 Harvest music festival on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada.

This is the ugly truth of how the world really works and who is behind it. You will never learn this in school, but you will learn it here. Based on a book by William Carr, narrated by Myron Fagan.

This video goes out to James Fields, Jacob Goodwin and every other political prisoner in America given unjust prison sentences, because of their political patriotic beliefs that go against the current Communist anti-white occupation of America. Please help these guys out any way you can if you are able to do so.

A National Alliance broadcast from William Luther Pierce speaking of the New World Order and how countries no longer have any independence or nationalism.

Hitler's commentary during WW2 that you wont hear in America. Who were the real aggressors during a war responsible for over 40 Million Deaths

The new Dr Who television show is complete SJW feminist multicultural propaganda

Video for Carnivore's song Race War off the Retaliation album


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