And early specimen of the SJW was found lurking in the late 80s in Arsenio Hall's studio audience. Watch how Arsenio TAKES OUT THE TRASH. This is precisely how we all should deal with SJW trash, which has no place in America. Shame them, mock them, shout them down, and chase them out. SJW thought, SJW feelings are illegitimate.

Among the crimes against humanity too numerous to count here but which include its torture and murder of Falun Gong, Christians, Muslims, gays, etc. and other horrific things imposed by the Chinese Communist Party, the CCP is also known for its open racism against black people, which the NBA is totally cool with, as this Chinese ad shows.

Originally titled, "WARNING YouTube Might Kick YOU Off", the host of the China Uncensored Channel (a very popular channel devoted to human rights in Communist China) describes a constant campaign of harassment by YouTube staff that has included shadow-banning, forced unsubscriptions (even China Uncensored staff have been force-unsubscribed from their channel), demonetizations, and outright censorship. Make no mistake, Google is in a treasonous relationship with Communist China and acting with full cooperation against the West, against #humanright, and against you and me. Both the Chinese regime and Google must be destroyed and its leftist employees held to personal account.

Very recent interview about the Technofascists, public colleges allowing ISIS clubs, and the anatomy of far-left fake news.

All's fair in love and war and we need to come to the realization the left is at war with us, which means all rules get tossed aside. We need to take a page from the playbook of our great warriors - Pershing, Eisenhower, Sherman - and start throwing everything at the enemy until we destroy them.

It's them or us.

They both hate human rights and each seeks to use the other to attain their evil goals. Both are also systems where Utopian ideologies are foisted on followers by cynical power-hungry leaders.

You thought it was just one little spy in Dianne #Feinstein's office? Think again. DiFi and the Chinese Communist Party go WAY back:

Turns out that spy wasn't the biggest Chinese operative in Feinstein's office; Feinstein was.

If you watch any video today, watch this one.

#China #CCP #traitors

This video is a mirror. Originally posted by China Uncensored as "How China 'Captures' US Officials". It can be found as part of a broader report here: http://www.chinauncensored.tv/august-17-2018-full-episode/#comment-18406

This needs to happen to the #SJW fash trash that works for #BigSocial, too. #RoundThemUp

Mocking the SJW trash that should be mocked. So triggering, YouTube banned it within an hour!

Mirror of a hilarious CNN parody video. #CNN #FakeNews #Media #News #banana #apple


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