They both hate human rights and each seeks to use the other to attain their evil goals. Both are also systems where Utopian ideologies are foisted on followers by cynical power-hungry leaders.

You thought it was just one little spy in Dianne #Feinstein's office? Think again. DiFi and the Chinese Communist Party go WAY back:

Turns out that spy wasn't the biggest Chinese operative in Feinstein's office; Feinstein was.

If you watch any video today, watch this one.

#China #CCP #traitors

This video is a mirror. Originally posted by China Uncensored as "How China 'Captures' US Officials". It can be found as part of a broader report here: http://www.chinauncensored.tv/august-17-2018-full-episode/#comment-18406

This needs to happen to the #SJW fash trash that works for #BigSocial, too. #RoundThemUp

Mocking the SJW trash that should be mocked. So triggering, YouTube banned it within an hour!

Mirror of a hilarious CNN parody video. #CNN #FakeNews #Media #News #banana #apple


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