I was perusing speedrun.com for the Kim Possible games that I want to run (I have all the GBA and DS games, along with the PS2 game). And I stumbled across this game. Got it from the WR holder of Any% and I love it. This is so bad, its good.

It has taken me months to get this stupid run down. I went from last to 3rd in a week. I'm crying happily

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On Friday, May 8th, I set out on the ridiculous task of trying to Get Over It. These are the highlights from that stream. IndieTimmie also bought the game for me and made up the rules.

I don't care that I was running around with the rocket launcher for this playthrough. I still had fun with it. Will be doing a NG+ run without the RL at some point

Next episode will be the second Vault

Entire section of Athenas with the side quests. Much quicker than the first go around of Promethea. Promethea Visit Two will be next

Part 2 as promised

Promethea is being broken up into two parts because we had the connectivity issue again with Phunky and Twigy.

Even with technical issues, we cleared the first planet in Borderlands 3 within a few hours. A four man team in the end, we prevailed against the environment of Pandora.

Texan: twitch.tv/texan_red_wolf
SaintWinston: twitch.tv/Saint_Winston

Two minutes from WR. I am getting this bad boi down

got a better PB in the category because of playing the PC version. Going for the WR which is 32:xx

3rd attempt at running Ada NG+ did pretty good. I'm only 15 mins off from the WR pace for RTA. Gonna be grinding this down as well.

It took a lot of grinding, but I finally got WR in this category. Also this video happens to be both runs that were really good. First one I almost had WR and got cucked and actual WR

Previously called Saturday Morning Marauders, Winston and I have switched the name of the stream. Catch it live here (www.twitch.tv/Saint_Winston) every Saturday @ 12pm CST. We talk about hot takes on Twitter, the MCU, and some stuff about predators in this week's episode.

Discord: https://discord.gg/tsuKMy6

Did two PBs last night. This one being the better of the two. I am 2 mins off WR. See me work on this stuff live @ twitch.tv/texan_red_wolf

... Thanks Wario, and LAWL TO YOU, SWEED

Glad to be done this, might speedrun the photography run at some point.

PB'd by 1:01 for the second real run i've done in ages. There are some routing tweaks I can do, gonna be working on it

Finale will be up in a few days

Played through ReMind on stream with cutscenes. I'll be attempting to run it in a bit after I get a better time in Dead Rising 2

Full play of Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It has been a while since I've played it, and DR2 was being finicky, so will finish this up sometime in the future.

Full play of Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. It has been a while since I've played it, and DR2 was being finicky, so will finish this up sometime in the future.


Go to Winston's Channel for Part 2 as there were some issues uploading here

Everything for Borderlands 1 is on my twitch channel as the rest of it was not able to backload over to this page. Please check there for the rest of that Series.

Mainly stuff from Dead Rising 3 speedruns because those always glitch or do weird things


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